MY LOVELY BIWI…AND HER LOVE STORY!!!- swasan FF (EPISODE-05) (Swasan meet)


Hellooo everyone!!! I am back with my special episode…!!! And I saw your comments regarding Swara’s crush!!! Except Shan…all of you have guessed it as sanskar or his friend!!! But you all are wrong….!!! And this is my clue to find him out 😛 !!! I hope… now atleast few people might guess!!! If you can’t, I will give one more clue on swasan’s marriage episode!!! This secret guy…his entry will be very late… even after swasan’s marriage…!! and I want you remember him untill then…!! I think I have given another clue even 😉 !!!

Actually I didn’t expect sanskar’s name…!!! Because he is M.Tech batch and swara is and Swaras’s crush is a senior!! So, sanskar can’t be a senior to swara.. because of different batches…!! May be few of your opinions might be different and that’s why told sanskar’s name… But we never considered our M.Tech batch in our institute as our seniors…our world is different from theirs!!
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PRECAP: SWARAGINI’S Conversation!!! Swara decides to meet the guy without knowing any details of him…!!!


After knowing about her… every night became sleepless…every day became restless..Since one week, I have been waiting for this day…my day!!!

My mother talked to their parents and I met her sister once… Since then, she has been contact with me through social media!!! During my chat with her, I felt that she is little bit worried about this meeting and I don’t know why…!!!

Finally my big day came…I reached the hotel and started moving towards my booking table excitedly…and I saw a figure sitting there…. facing her back to me!! Suddenly, something struck to my mind, as soon as I see her… and all my excitement had been converted to tension..!!

‘What if she recognised me and got remembered that Diwali food stall incident??!! Will she start fighting with me now??!! And finally… what if she doesn’t accept this proposal for that??!!’ I stupidly scolded God, for not giving me proper brain to think about this before…!! Finally, keeping all my confusions aside… I reached the table and said “Excuse me?!!”

Then she turned her head back and looked at me. Her expressions changed from blank to confusion, shock, surprise and finally happy!!! And she got up from her sitting position saying “Hey!!! You…!!!”

But I didn’t paid any attention to all these, and all I just did was simply staring at her…!!! ‘OMG!! She has changed a lot…She is no more boyish now!!!She is exactly like a model with perfect curves…looking soo stunning in her formal dress…her hair tied to a pony…with a small strand of hair falling on side of her face increasing her beauty …and her black kajal eyes… surrounded by peculiar shaped eye lashes… her pink rosy lips…in a tempting shape… and I am unable to stop the word coming out of my word “s***y”!!!

“What??!!!” she asked me as she didn’t hear it properly…!! I cursed myself for thinking like that and uttering the word infront of her…!! I covered myself saying “nothing..nothing… seeing you after a long time..”

Swara(happily): “ Yahh!! Me too…Common..!!sit down!! 🙂 ”

I obeyed her order like an innocent child still looking at her…and we both settled down!!

Swara : “ Sorry to say… I do know you…but I forgot your name… But just give me few seconds time..!!!”

Me: “But I remember you!!! You are ‘SWARA GADODIA, B.Tech batch..”

Swara: “Woww!! You know my name..!!!That’s great…Haa..!! I remembered..!! You are Sanskar Maheswari, handsome hunk of M.Tech batch during our college time right??!!”

I looked at her confusingly after hearing about my-self from her mouth… but my heart is dancing inside as she gave me a compliment!!

Swara: “Oops!!! Sorry… I got it in a flow… But my friends used to discuss like this only about you, in front of me during gossips!!!”

“ people used to talk about me!!!!” I said amused…!!

Swara: “Off course… we are girls!!! We discuss each and every secret , gossips, hot news etc…etc..!! It’s common for us.”

Me(surprised) : “What??!! Even you used to indulge in those girly talks??!!! I thought you are so boyish!!!”

Her face colour slowly changed listening to me and I literally felt like slapping myself for uttering those words…!!!Suddenly, her lips curved into smile making me tension free again!!!

Swara(embarresed): “Yaah.. I used to be like that before..!! But I got changed with time…!! I was an immature girl at that time..!!!”

‘What she said is absolutely correct!! She has become an understanding, matured lady now..If she was that same swara… then my head would been cut into 1000 slices by now!!!’ I thought…!!

Me: “Offcourse!! I still remember our fight during diwali festival at food stall…!!” I said making her further embarresed…!!

Swara: “I am really sorry for that time…!!! I have beaten your friend so hard even!! I still remember that incident…!! You know what…. If I would have found you at that time during my college days, I would have really smashed you…!!”

I thanked myself for not daring to show her my face during those 2 years in my college after listening to this statement!!!

Me: “It’s Ok!! Even I am sorry for that!! Actually , I did wrong!! I came to apolozise you even, but, you were not in a mode to hear me at that time…!!! Anyways, It’s past..!! It was one of my good memories in college even!!”

Swara: “Even for me too!! Soo… Have you come here for any purpose??!! If you don’t mind..are you free now??!!”

‘What!! Why is she asking me like this??!! I came to meet her right??!!’ Then reality struck me!!…Ragini has already told me that she don’t know any details about me…!!! ‘So, till now she has been talking to me thinking I met her accidentally!!!’ I thought…

Swara: “It’s Ok..!! Don’t think too much… I just thought of asking you to do me a favour if you are free!! I am sorry!!”

Me(coming out of my thoughts) : “No..No!! Nothing like that…!! Actually I am free only..!! Before doing a favour to you, even I would like to ask you something!!”

She looked at me confused… and asked “what??!!”

Me: “Nothing to worry about!! Just Friendship!!! Will you be a friend of me??!!”(asked forwarding my hand)

She thought for sometime little seriously and finally said shaking her hand with mine smiling…“Ok… Friends!! But just friends!!”

Me: “Sooo… in celebration of our friendship, as my treat… what would you like to have??!!”

Swara: “Ooo please… Nothing… Just a favour for me..!! I will be really thankful to you if you do this help..”

Me: “Ok fine.. tell me..what do you want me to do??!!” I asked drinking water..!!

Swara: “ Actually, a person is coming to meet me now!!! I would like you to act in front of him as my boyfriend!!”

I spitted water, which I am drinking from my mouth listening this and said “What???!!”

Swara: “I will tell you exactly..!! I got a marriage proposal.. and that guy is coming to meet me!! I am not interested in this now!! So, I want him to refuse…!! For that I need your help. If you act as my boy friend in front of him…Then this proposal will be cancelled!!”

I simply just kept looking at her!!! Then she continued…

Swara(little bit worried) : “I know this is awkward for you!! Just now becoming friends…then acting as a boy friend and all… But I am admitting right now… that I made friendship with you…infact, I started talking to you, right from the start…for this help only 🙁 !!! You can call me selfish or whatever… I don’t mind..but please help me for this..”

Me: “Then you could have bought your friend or some else naa??!!! Why soo sudden??!!”

Swara: “Actually, I asked one of my colligue for this… but he gave hand in last minute!! Then you came to me at that time…!!Sooo” (she gave me pleasing look..)

‘Wowww… God is really great!!! That’s why he is on my side in helping me to get her’ I thought!!!

Me: “Ok..I am ready for this!!! But who is that person coming to meet you??!!!”

Swara(angrily): “Don’t know!!! Some blo*dy idiot!!!”

I chuckled listening this…What a name she has given to me!!! How much ever she has been changed… but still,.. she is having same short temper and bubbliness as she used to have before which I love the most!! I couldn’t stop myself in admiring her angry and pouting face…which looks much more cute than normal!!!

We further talked little things about our college…!! and I told her how others used to think about her and her nature for which she felt embarrassed again…!!

She told me how her friends used to admire me and my features during their gossip…!!! She also said that she might be only one person among their batch, who had hated me because of that food stall fight… but now she accepted again that everything has changed…

Then I thought to ask her something useful to me…!!

Me: “But Why are you not interested in marriage?? I mean.. Do you love someone??!!”

Swara(chuckled): “Love and marriage!!!! Both have least importance in my life!! As I am not interested in both…!!”

Me(curious) : “But why??!!”

Swara: “ I am sorry!!! But I can’t share my personal views with someone who has just met accidentally some time before!!!”

Me: “ don’t consider me as a friend??!!” I asked hoping that she would open up to me!!! But she was really a hard nut… to crack!!

Swara: “I had already told you, why I made you friend before…!! and honestly saying… I didn’t consider you as a friend till now 🙁 !!!”
I felt bad after listening this… but she said something later which made me lit up like a lamp!!

Swara: “But you are not a stranger to me even!!! I hope you would understand!!”

I again fell in love with her honest and frankly speaking nature now!!

Me: “It’s ok!! I understood!! It would have been nice if you have considered me as friend”

She just gave me a smile as a reply…

She finally looked into watch and said: “I think that Idiot doesn’t have time sense or forgot about meeting!! We have been talking since 1 hour and he didn’t come till now… I think It’s better to leave now!!”

Just then I got realised about time…!! 1 hour!! I never talked to anyone for this much time…!!

Me(worried) : “But what about that person and my acting??!!”

Swara(angry): “Why should we think about that stupid fellow!! It’s his fault not to come on time!! We have already waited for 1 hour!! It will be good for me if he doesn’t meet me..!! My proposal will get cancelled 😉 ..”

Swara: “Ok.. fine bye..!! Thank you for accepting to do me help!!”

Me(sadly): “When shall we meet again??!!”

She looked at me confusingly and said: “If we meet again somewhere accidentally like today…”

Me: “Can we atleast exchange our phone numbers” (I asked with a ray of hope)

She chuckled and said : “Sorry, but I can’t give you!!! If it is destined… we will meet again!! Untill then keep waiting….!!!” and went away!!!

‘We are already destined dear!!! That’s why we met again after 7 years!! And this time I am not going to leave you!!! See you soon…’ I thought!!!


After these many years even… My love for her has never changed!! Infact… It increased much more, after meeting her today by her understanding, mature and honest nature…!!!

I told my parents my decision but didn’t tell anything about our meeting… and I am surprised after hearing from them, that even Swara was ready for this marriage!!! How can this be possible???!!! While I have been in lot of dialemaa… my phone rang and I lifted my phone..!!

Me: “Hello…”

Other side: “Hello.. I am Ragini!!!”

Me: “Ragini??!!! What a surprise…!! You always used to chat with me…!! Now you called me..!! Even I am thinking to talk to you once…!! What a coincidence!!!”

Ragini: “Actually, My sister said she didn’t meet any one today and no one came in the evening…!! But just now my parents said that you have agreed for marriage..Soo..”

Me(cutting her) : “ I understood dear…Actually I met her but she didn’t know me and It’s a long story….” and I told her everything…!!

Ragini(after listening everthing) : “So did you like her??!!!”

Me: “No..!!! I didn’t like her… But I love her!!! Yess…!!! Not since today… but from 7 years…!! I can’t explain you …Why? …how?… Or anything now!! I will tell you when we meet personally…!! But believe in me..!! I promise you that I will never make you disappointed regarding your sister’s life…!!”

Ragini: “Thank you soo much…!! Till now I have been soo worried about my sister..!! But now I am feeling good!! Actually, my sister didn’t say yes to this proposal…!! It’s my parents who said it!!! So, I thought to ask you about the meeting and tell this to you…”

Sanskar: “Thank god!! Even I am thinking how come swara can say yes to the proposal!!! So, except swara… everyone in your family accepted me right??!!!”

Ragini(happily) : “Offcourse jijuu!!!”

Me: “jiju??!! Woww!! You started calling me even…Don’t worry about your sister now!! But I want your help in making your sister fall for me…Understand??!!!”

Ragini(laughing) : “It’s impossible my dear jiju..!!! I bet for that even!! But haa… I am ready to help you in every possible way I can..”

Me: “That’s fantastic!! Now first thing you people need to do is, not to tell anything about me and this marriage to her …. Untill I tell you..!!! Ok??!!”

Ragini: “Yess!! Sir!! So our Mission starts now!!!”

PRECAP: Sanskar on his love mission!!

Done with my 5th episode!!!! I don’t know what I wrote…!! But I completed it finally…!! Don’t forget to comment your views about this meeting…!! I hope I made it special…!!! and keep on guessing the crush name 😉 !!! I won’t be posting my ff for 3 days… That’s why I wrote a long episode as a compensation!! Sorry for this..!! But I have a work to submit in my deadline…!! 🙁

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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