Hii… everyone…!! I am back with my next episode…!! I am going to reveal out letters matter…!! It’s might be little illogical in connection to before episode..!!As a writer…I can’t say it out..!!Please read at your own risk…!!And if you didn’t find it out… then I am saved..!!! 😉 😛


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RECAP: Swara childish behaviour in drunken state..!!! Sanskar finds out some letters which shocks him…!! He checks her study table and and gets much more shocked..!!


Opening my eyes slowly and forcefully… I couldn’t find anything except white…because of which I immediately closed again..!! I could feel the pain in my head and all over body…!! At that time someone made me sit and lean to a wall making me comfortable..!!

Slowly I was made to drink something…perhaps lemon juice… which I understood when I am slowly coming to my senses while drinking…!! This time when I opened my eyes… I could see some colours even though it was blur…!! Within few minutes…I completely came to my senses…!!

“OMG…!! It’s 3pm??!!! How come I have slept this much time???!!” I shouted panicking as soon as my eyes landed on wall clock…!!

“Are you fine now??!!” I heard some voice from my left side…!! I turned and got shocked seeing him in my room…!! ‘How come he is in my room??!! Wait a minute…!! First of all
How did I reach home??!! I am actually in party right???!! What happened to me??!! Why don’t I remember anything??!!….’

As my brain is busy in questioning… he said “Don’t worry…!!Nothing happened..!! You got drunk last night…and you had a hangover…!!That’s why you slept this much time…!!”

Me(panicked): “What??!! I got drunk??!! How??!!”

I started observing myself… as some movie scenes have flashed in my mind… and found that I am still in same saree… which is neatly pinned..!! Thank god..!! That means nothing had happened…!! I let a deep sigh immediately..!!Thanks to my senseless brain for creating a doubt like this…!!

Suddenly my mind struck me ‘Did he see my room completely??!!’ I turned and looked at him who is observing each and every action of mine from the start…!!

Perhaps he understood it seems… and immediately said… “Yess…!! I saw your room completely and checked that study table even…!!”

He slowly placed some letters in front of me saying… “And actually… I accidently came across these too… which you yourself had given to me in your dizzy state…!!”

I am horrified seeing them in his hands…!! Till now nobody knows about this….!! I didn’t understand what to do…!!

Sanskar(folding his hands) : “I understood you are an archaeologist…!! And I want clear explanation of all these letters and offers you got…!! I want you to explain about everything related to this in your life…!!As far as I know you studied engineering right??!!”

Me(serious and covering up) : “Why should I tell to you??!! It’s my wish… and It’s none of your concern…”

Suddenly he shouted at me interrupting my speech saying… “It’s my concern…!! And you should explain me…!! However and whatever you feel…right now I am your husband…and I have rights to know it…!!”

For an instance…my hair on body stood straight… with goose bumps covering all over on it… because of getting scared hearing his shout…!!! I never saw this side of him…!! I found no words coming out from my mouth to reply him back…!! Silence prevailed in the room for few minutes…!!

I decided to tell him everything… and he has right to know it… as he has seen them now…!! By spitting out truth my guilt of leaving him in future too would become less…!! So I opened up my mouth and started speaking…!!

Me: “It all started after I joined in IIT …!! As even you know… there we will have freedom in external activities… I got attracted to this field… and started my secret research in this area… spending my free time on it..!!

I did many online and offline interns too under Archaeological Survey of India…!!I used to visit the monuments possible and did work with them during my holidays…!! Neither my parents nor Ragini knew about this nor have I told them… scared that they won’t allow me further…!!

I shifted far to Bombay and joined in Core Company… so that I can still work on my passion secretly… without getting known to parents…!! I started doing online interns in arts and archaeological Universities of Egypt and Europe…!!

I worked under famous Egypt Archaeologist Zahi Hawass…and visited Egypt 2 times too…!! All these years I maintained my work confidential…!! These letters are all the job offers which I get every year from our India, Egypt and Europe… but I never joined in them…!!

My parents would never allow me in this unorthodox job….that too with less salary… and sending me far would be out of expectations…!!”

Meanwhile he interrupted asking… “Why won’t they allow??!! You should have given a try once…!!”

I gave a sarcastic smile and said… “Do you think I wouldn’t have??!! I tried to understand their reaction by telling about this research using my friend’s name… and their response was completely negative..!!

In fact you tell me… You are interested in doing job naa??!!But… are you able to convince your family about this??!! They still want you to join business right??!! Being a boy… if you have problem in convincing your parents to work on your interest… then how come are you expecting me, being a girl… to convince my parents for this odd job??!!”

I further continued saying… “As far as our marriage is concerned… I thought it would provide a way to work for my passion…!! Neither I am interested in it…nor never thought to give a try to our relationship even…!!

Considering my parent’s pressure and Ragini’s future…I decided to prove my parent’s decision of getting me married is wrong… by giving divorce to you after Ragini’s marriage…!! In that way I would become independent in taking my own decisions… and Ragini’s life too will get settled by that time..!!

It would help me in joining in Europe or Egypt… where there are more facilities for these types of research…with my parent’s support by that time…!!”

I said everything… whatever has been in my mind…and waited for his reaction…!! But he said nothing and seems like lost in his thoughts…!! “SANSKAR…!!” I called him slowly… but still he didn’t respond…!! “SANSKAR…!!” I raised my voice little bit while calling and held his hand… making him come out of his world…!!

Sanskar(serious and dull) : “So… you married me so that you will get freedom after our divorce to work for your passion??!!”

I simply nodded in agreement without speaking…!!

Sanskar(sadly) : “Till now I thought you never trusted in Enduring relationships and that’s why you are behaving like this…!! But I never thought you are this much selfish…!! Have you ever thought of me??!! Have you ever thought of my feelings??!!”

I saw his eyes becoming moist while speaking…!!

Me(concerned): “SANSKAR…!!Yess… It’s true that I had never trusted in these long-lasting relationships…and it’s also another reason for leaving you…!! I am really sorry… for what I have done to you…!! I know I am selfish…and I used you for this even…!! But I am not completely responsible for this…!! It’s your mistake to marry me…!! I warned you many times not to marry me… or else you will regret in future…but you never listened..!!

Even till today… I kept on warning you to stay away from me… considering your future only…!!”

Sanskar(crying and shouting with anger): “Yess…!! It was completely my mistake of marrying you…!!Thank you soo much for the punishment you are going to give me in future…for this…!!Leave about me and my family…!! But what about your family and your sister??!!!

Have you ever thought about their feelings??!! Did you ever thought how much heartbroken they would be when they see their daughter getting divorced??!! For your dreams and stupid thoughts… you are playing with all our feelings and emotions…!!”

I couldn’t take anymore… and I started shouting..!!

Me(shouting): “Stop it…!! I said stop it…!! I had listened enough…!! So what are you telling me???!!! Are you telling me to leave my dreams and force myself into this stupid unwanted relationship which will be nothing but a misery at the end??!! You are talking about my parents right..??!! Should I spoil my whole life for them??!!

Suddenly…I found out… I was shouting… and stopped speaking…!! Slowly tears started coming out from my eyes too…!!

I started speaking with low and understanding voice while crying…!! “You found my thoughts stupid right??!! But this is the truth…!! Right now… no matter how much assurance you give… about us spending together happily in future… it’s completely uncertain…!! We can’t confirm for sure that we will be happy forever…!!

But my decision of living my free independent life… working for my passion…having satisfaction in it… is better than this current unpredictable life…!! I am sure that… I would spend each and every moment of my life happily and contended…because I will be living my own life with no one’s influence…!!

And coming to my parents and Ragini… they would be definitely unhappy about my broken relation… but eventually they would forget about it… seeing my happiness…!!

The only wrong I have done is using you…for my selfishness…!! And I am really very very very sorry about it…!! But I never intentionally tried to play with your feelings… !! I tried my best to keep you as far as from me…so that you will move on easily after our divorce…!!”

After listening to this… he clapped his hands thrice… and started laughing madly…!!! He started walking towards me and said “Are you saying that you never played with my feelings??!!!”

He held me tight on my shoulders and pinned me to the wall and shouted on me “Are you saying you never played with my feelings haa??!! Tell me..!!”

I looked into his eyes… and sensed his anger on me…!! I am unable to answer his question in that shock…!!

Sanskar(still holding): “You said that one can’t love someone for a long time right??!!! Then what about me who has been loving you for 7 years??!! You said that you never played with my feelings right??!!Then what about the feelings which I got on you since 7 years??!!According to you these are all trash right??!!

When I met you after 7 years… I thought you have become matured, understanding person than before…!! But I never thought that you were a stupid girl with non-sense thoughts and selfish about your own life…!! I am regretting myself for loving such a person in my life…!!

But I am not a selfish person to force you into this unwanted relationship…!! Unlike you… my love is self-less which always wants only your happiness…!! I will give you divorce soon…!! Thank you soo much for enlightening me about yourself at least now…!!”

Saying this he want away from the room slamming the door…!! I immediately fell on to the floor… sliding on wall…!!

‘what about me who has been loving you since 7 years??!!’

‘what about the feelings which I got on you since 7 years??!!’

All his words have been continuously echoing in my mind…!! Is he really in love with me since 7 years??!! No..No… he can’t…!! Anyways he can’t love in the same way like now in future…!!

And he accepted to give me divorce right??!!Even I wished the same thing to happen…!! But why am I still crying??!! Did I do anything wrong??!! I don’t know..!! I wanted all these things to happen… but not in this way…!! I told everything to him… but why am I still feeling guilty??!!

If I hadn’t married… things might not have become this much complicated…!! He is right…!! I am a stupid and selfish girl…!! I am stupid and selfish enough to marry and use him… making our both lives miserable…!! And I don’t deserve forgiveness from him… for messing his life…!!

Tears have been continuously rolling from my eyes… and I have been sobbing like anything…!! Only thing I can do right now is to simply wait for the time to pass…!!

***Guys… I tried my level best to make you people understand…!! I don’t know whether you got it or not..!! If anyone… still didn’t get clear idea…about swara’s reason of leaving sanskar…. please read the short description in comments section…!!

PRECAP: Swara missing??!!!

If you understood before reading the comment only… please comment that I expressed it good and you people understood it before reading..!!

///////////////// HALF PART COMPLETED…!!THIS IS THE INTERVAL OF MY FF..!!//////////////

Yoo…Guys…I completed half of my story…!! And I hope…You people… enjoyed up to this journey..!! :D:D

I think most of have felt weird after reading about this letters..!! 😛 I think none might have thought like this…!! I know now everyone are angry about our stupid swara character..!!

As a writer it’s my duty to enlighten her about relationships… and as a reader pray to god to make swara’s brain bulb glow..!!

But still… don’t you feel swara is somewhere right??!! I mean… now-a-days we can see how people have been taking divorces because of lack of love between them…!! According to me… we really can’t assure that our marital life is going to be happy…!! If our partners are not good… definitely we will face tortures..!!

And may be after few years… we might even get bored of our life… but still continue our relation just for sake of society and our children..!!

But I would definitely agree that our Swara is dumb enough to see self-less, eternal love in sanskar…!! But in real world… those type of sanskar’s would rarely exist…!! 😉

Please comment your views about swara’s character this time…. and I am ready to face all positive and negative comments unlike last time…!! 😀

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  1. G.Chandu

    Once again I am explaining… that swara works secretly in Archaeological field…!! She never tells to anyone and not even Ragini…scared that her parents might stop her if they come to know..!!
    She never believed in long lasting relationships too…as she feels that love for someone would decrease with time…eventually leading to unhappiness and dissatisfaction in their relationship…!! She wants to enjoy her life independently and happily…!!
    She agrees for marriage so that route for ragini’s marriage gets cleared… after her’s..!! After ragini’s life gets settled she thinks to break her relation by divorcing with some excuse…!! By this way, she thinks that she would get freedom to take her own decision of going and get settled in foreign for research… and her parents also will support in that condition..!!
    I explained once again because I don’t know whether you people understood that in the episode or not…!! If you understood before reading this only… then please do comment that you understood before … so that I would feel happy that I conveyed properly in episode..!! 😀 😀

  2. Rosey

    uff too much emotional n swara has such stupid thoughts i never know that

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you Rosey..!! 😀 😀
      Even nobody knew it… except me..!! 😉 😀

  3. Wooooooo…..feeling bad fr sanky….but somewhere swara also right…..its up to you…….whether unite them or not……but i want to say dont separate them dr….
    Epi was awesome dr…….

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you Madhu..!! 😀 😀
      No..No.. I would never seperate them..!! After all they are my favorite couple too..!! 😀

  4. Tamanna

    Nice… Yeah you describe everything nicely… I understand swara’s reason…..but please make swara realise sanskar’s love…and make her fall for him…..
    Update next one soon

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you Thamanna..!! 😀 😀
      Yeah… I will definitely make it out…!! 😀

  5. Arshi

    Its really superbly expressed dear…. no meed to even have a look af the comment box….. and yeah its reaaly a cute chappy…

    Ankys anger was mind blowing… the dialogues u used were superb….

    And abt the love in relafionships…. i must say…. if u r living in fantasy world.. seeing films and serials… u guyz will surely end up holding ur relation for society sake…

    For me…love s the respect u give towards each others decision.. each others presence… fitghts r really common.. the way to console afyr fight…. s the love… simply.. love s dependant… i mean.. aftr mrg.. u will have love for 7 years.. even 15 years.. like sharuk vala love… aftr tat.. it will become ur habit.. like.. u cant live wothout tat…..

    For me… divorce s non existence…. i mean.. if u know tat there s divorce option… only aftr tat u guyz will create a big issue out small thing .. which will end up in divorce… if u dont know abt divorce… either of u should adjust…. and which will reallly end up in healthy relation…

    I would like to give grand pa amd grand ma example… they r still having understandong towards eachother.. whi shows their love…. and my mom dad… omg .. the way my dad consoles my mom after each fight… tats the reason my mom fights with dad??

    I think my comment got big and also a bored one… but still i feel… divorce s next to impossible… if u guyz have determination to hold ur relation.. no issues cam seperate u..or else no issues cam reduce ur love towards ur partner…

    And chandu dear… i just hope aftr reading this.. u may get another view for long lasting relationship…???

    1. G.Chandu

      Woww Arshi…!! Your thoughts and ideas are really amazing..!! 😀 😀
      I felt everything of what you said is true…!! By reading your comment I felt like… you could write and express this concept and this ff… much more better than me..!! 😀
      With your opinion… you gave me some more ideas to my ff…!! And I hope you won’t mind if I use them…!!
      Thank you soo much Arshi for your encouraging and elated comment…!! 😀 😀
      With lots of love…!! 😀

      1. Arshi

        Ofcourse u can dear.. i m hapoy tat my comment s helping u in ur ff… and one more thing i wanted to tell tat…. pyaar ko paane ke liye pyaar karna padtha hai.. (note.. aftr mrng?)
        I mean… to put blame tat he has no love for me anymore… tat makes no sense… even though he gets busy in hus work for making our futur secured… u should shower love to tat extent tat ki vo majboor ho jaaye thume pyaar karne ke liye???

  6. Yeah…I understood b4 reading your comment…. NYC…waiting for next chappy…post asap..plz

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Avan…!! 😀 😀

  7. Till today u find people like our hero, my hubby is like him he loved me when we were in seventh standard….he….he…he…, and waited till I completed my llb, I was also leaving him for my career but he taught me to love and believe in love, today we are happily married for fourteen years with two lovely kids, and. Today I love him more than my life he is my sanky guys, swara will soon understand, and don’t say sanky doesn’t exists now a days, they are, selfless love is there just you have to find. Love you guys.

    1. G.Chandu

      Woww…!! Arati…!! I think you had a wonderful love story…!! Feeling soo awesome… to know about your love from 7th standard to till now…!! I mean… I really never expected that people will be waiting from 7th standard for their love..!! And I really appreciate your Jodi…!! 😀 😀

      I just said that these sanky characters are rare… and I am really amazed after knowing your story… that you got one of them…!! I must say then you are really lucky to get your sanskar..!! 😀 😀

      Thank you soo much for sharing your experienced story…!! 😀 😀

  8. Swara is somewhere right bt not everywhere….bt waiting for next?

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much vidhi..!! 😀 😀

  9. Heltej

    Emotional ? and cute

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much dear..!! 😀 😀

  10. first time commenter on your ff…..and wow, I really like your story 🙂
    its entertaining but has a seriousness at the same time.
    I’ve read from the beginning and I really enjoyed it…..
    Well I really get the reason why Swara kind of runs from the marriage idea, but in live when you reach a point where you think what’s best, you just give it a go, same as her…
    You unraveled the mystery in this eps., it’s so astounding…..
    I look forward for the upcoming eps, tc 🙂

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo soo much rosh…!! 😀 😀
      This first comment of yours really mean a lot to me…!! 😀 and I am sooo happy…!!
      Keep reading and loving my ff..!!
      With lots of love..!! 😀 😀

  11. Abirsha

    Awesome dr….. Very nice…. Swara is right in her pov….. Love between the couples will decrease as time passes…. Many couples are together just for the sake of their children….. So i dont think wrong in swara’s thinking…… Sanky’s anger is justified….. Very nice dr…. And i dont want to read ur comment to understand dr….. ?

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much shan…!! 😀 😀
      I felt happy that finally I could be able to show up those things understandingly… in the episode itself… after reading your comment…!! 😀

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you dear..!! 😀 😀

  12. Hi chandu… 🙁 🙁 🙁
    my heart also break like sanskar.. 🙁 rly while reading this my heart pain…
    swaras pov is gd.. u amazingly write it drl.. rly gd.. ill gv u★★★★★
    if I ws swara ill try 2 convince my parents.. she ddnt even try properly.. & abt evry1s feelings I rly fell bad 4 evry1 who trust her. If she is me im gonna sacrifice my dreams 4 them.. bt I know if I would tell my parents and convince them they gonna accept my dreams & help me 2 achieve my dreams. & abt everlasting love.. I think it’s exist. In dis wrld husbands may nt perfect like sanskar & we gonna never gt a hsbn like him. Bt evry1 hv gd thing. If we accept them and love as much as we cn it will be perfect life.. if v fight or our thoughts ddnt match dsnt means we ddnt love each other.. bt v shd listen 2 eo. I dnt say if ur hsbnd toucher u or gonna harm u u shd be silent… no1 hv right 2 harm any1 even a small ant.. then we surely shd gv divorce.. If it is a small prob we hv 2 be patient. Here swara is rly selfish. Bt in her heart she knows she doing wrong with evry1.. I think she gonna repent abt her deeds.. sankys anger is rly justify… aww my poor sanky. 🙁 ; ( :'(

    Did I talk soo much f nonsense na.. I ws in a serious mood after reading dis… hee hee plz dnt mind me.. I always talk soo much.. sry 4 bore u.. and thnkx 4 reading dis stupid cmnt..
    plz check ur last chappy if u cn… I reply u for that..

    and heey heey wait wait….. wt ws dat haaaa?????
    wt did u mean by dat this is ur half story…????
    Hey dnt dare 2 end dis ff sooo soon.. im surly gonna kill u..
    plzzzzzzz im ur sweet lil poor die heart fan na.. soooo accept my request. ( big puppy eyes)

    Keep writing dr..
    be happy always
    lv u alot. ♡♡♥♥♥

    1. U know wt nw im bit jealous abt arshi.. her cmnt is rly gd.. rly hw she write dis much nice comment?? Is she’s a writer..?? If she is ask her to gv me her ff link also.. I wanna read it.. 😉 🙂
      & sry 4 my typos.. I write so much hurriedly cz here docs & nurses cm evry tym 2 check me.. urrrgggg…. I think nw my body hv no blood. Nt bcz f dengue. They took my all blood like vampires 2 check ups. hee heee… lols…
      Im always talk rubbish. Dnt take serious abt any of my wrd in upwards…. rly I said those things 4 laugh… dnt be angry…

      next epi asap.. plzzzz….. or plz say when u gonna update nxt epi…

      I lv this epi.. u write it rly vry well dr.. evry thing is just wow.. I want my sankys pov also abt dis.. keep it up dr..
      lv u..

      1. G.Chandu

        Are you in hospital??!! And you got dengue??!!!
        You became more stupid than my swara’s character…!!
        Instead of taking rest why are reading ff’s and commenting… that too at mid nights…??!! And you are saying you don’t have blood too…!!
        I am really angry on you…!! I would stop writing my ff… if again I see your comments on my or other ff’s at mid nights… instead of taking rest…!!
        It’s my final warning…!!
        and get well soon…!!

      2. Arshi

        And you r sufreing from dengue… really feeling sad yaar.. take care pls… mein dua karoongi…. and get well sooooooonnnnn plssss….

    2. G.Chandu

      Yoo.. chanuu… Thank you soo much…!! D: 😀
      Your 5 stars rating is making me dance here..!! 😀
      Even I feel mostly same as what you thought… and I can’t say out exactly… as it was required for my further writing…!! 😉
      Don’t ever think that your comment is boring…!! It encourages me a lot…!!
      It’s just half of story over…!! There are still another around 20-25 episodes more…!! How could say that I am going to end??!!! It’s really very long dear…!! And it’s not at all soon…!!
      Thank you sooo much for your encouragement dear…!! 😀
      With lots of love..!! 😀 😀

      1. Awwww thanks 4 da concern drl… I lv u..
        dnt dare 2 stop writing it…
        bt wt 2 do dr.. here nly im free at night na… 🙂 cn u plz understand me…if I ddnt read ur ff ill surely gonna sick. Nt physically bt mentally. Ill die here bz f bore… ok ill nt cmnting at evry ff.. bt ur ff!!!Hw cn I stop dat??? 😮
        I know u r writing more 20 epis.. bt I want more… ok 😀 at least write more than 100 epis.. plzzzzz

        See nt our names r same bt our thoughts r also same.. hee heee hey dnt spoil ur ff by ading my stupid talks..

        & I always take rest na.. and after reading such a lovely reply my blood also increase. 🙂 thank u once again..
        lv u ♥♥♥
        keep writing & be happy always.

    3. Arshi

      Oh god… wat a comment yaar… u know wat??? Aftr reading her update… i alwayz read ur comment… right from when u said ” our names r same… chanu and chandu one letter s diff” from there i used to read ur comment… its lil cute convo btwn u two…

      And i really felt happy as u mentioned my comment…. and yeah i do write one ff.. and it has crossed 160 epis…

      A treat to ishra and arshi fans…

      There s swasan too in my ff…

      I know it will be boring to read this much epis… if u have time u can have a look at my first epi….

      And link for all my epis….

      Hope u like my ff tooo….

      1. G.Chandu

        OMG!!!! 160 episodes…!! I saw your ff from your profile already and kept my date on sunday to read them all…!!! But I didn’t see that there are actually 160 episodes..!! From your comment I felt that you are an experienced writer… but your experience is for 160 episodes..!!! Really hats off to you, your work and your dedication for it…!! For 20 episodes only I felt lazy in writing… !!
        Looks like I need to dedicate my saturday also for completing your ff…!! 😛 😀

      2. Hi arshi… did u read our comments??? 😮 rly dnt mind my words dr.. I always talk rubbish.. did I hurt u in my cmnt.. if it is im rly vry sry dr.. 🙁 .. chandu ddnt mind my wrds cz she know im a crazy grl.. if u cn be like chandu.. 🙂

        Wooohoooo is that u who wrote dat ff..?? Then im gonna surely read that ff.. and thankx 4 adding swasan their. Tnkx 4 da link dr.. I think I cn read whole epis bz im free whole day.. yaay yaaay..
        & thank u soo much 4 ur concern dr..
        ur & chandus concern means alot to me.. rly.. im vry thankful 2 u gyes.. lv u..
        bye.. 🙂

  13. Vyshu10

    awesome….emotional ep. Well written!

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Vyshu…!!!:D 😀
      Keep reading and loving my ff..!! 😀

  14. Anniya

    Awsm part, so emotional …
    Don’t right too much emotional one I start crying after reading that what to do I am so much emotional…
    Just kidding…
    I really love this part..

    1. G.Chandu

      Don’t worry… just one episode more… I won’t make emotional until last 5-6 episodes…!! 😛
      Thank you soo much Anniya…!! 😀 😀

  15. Mica

    aaahhh… thought the letter was bout instruction to make a boom, hehehe…
    about marital life…it’s depend on 2 thing:
    1. value of marriage.
    2. their feeling.
    -some ppl more respect to value of marriage, the bond of marriage, they put the respect of value and respecting the God over the feeling.Moreover, if they have children.
    -some ppl choose their feeling over the bonding of marriage, i can understand them, because it’s bout their happiness, but i can’t tolerate home wrecker in any cost.
    for swara,, for some point, she is rite, but playing with someone’s feeling is totally wrong.
    she shouldn’t marry sanskar if she has her own plan.

    1. G.Chandu

      Even I agree with you that swara did wrong…!!
      Thank you soo much for sharing your view mica…!! 😀 😀
      You have given me a different angle of thinking…!! Thank you soo much for explaining it…!! 😀
      With lots of love…!! 😀 😀

  16. Rekha

    Amazing and emotional… waiting 4 nxt update…

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Rekha..!! 😀 😀

  17. awesome.. emotional and nice.. please make her fall in lovewith him.. dont seperate them..

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Anu..!! 😀 😀
      I won’t separate them… don’t worry..!!
      Keep reading and loving my ff..!! 😀

  18. As usual awesome part dear…emotional too. Just now feeling sad for sanskaar…

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Pramudi…!!! 😀 😀
      Don’t worry… we will make him happy..!! 😀

  19. Hi chandu… Im Sri ur new fan. I read whole epis today. The story was realistic. I love it. In my opinion love is not a problem to fulfill our dreams. Anyway today epi is awsm. Looking forward fr next epi 🙂

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Sri…!!! 😀 😀
      I am soo delighted after reading your comment…!!

      1. G.Chandu

        Thank you soo much for liking my ff…!! 😀
        And even I agree you about love and our dreams…!! But our swara has some other opinions..!!
        Keep reading and loving my ff..!!
        With lots of love..!! 😀 😀

  20. Nice

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Afra…!! 😀 😀

  21. AnuAnn

    Awesome part dear.. Both swasan r right at their pov

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you aoo much Anu…!! 😀 😀
      With lot of love..!! 😀 😀

  22. Astra

    I understood everything. No confusion…. I never thought this was the reasin?? nice update chandu… U have cleared all the doubts. But eager to know what happens next….

    1. Astra

      Even I like archeology…. But happened to study other subject…
      Ur thoughts and expressions are simply awesome…. What ever you said is 100% truth…. Keep it up chandu…

      1. G.Chandu

        Thank you soo much Astra…!! 😀 😀
        Ooh…!! Even I like archaeology…!! But I got interest after joining in my engineering…!! Soo… reading interesting articles about it is my hobby…!!
        Thank you soo much for your encouraging comment astra..!!
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