Hii everyone..!!I am really Sorry for being late..!!It’s really difficult for me to post during week days..!! But I will try my level best..!! Thank you sooo much guys… for loving my ff.. and my characters..!! I hope everyone including me… will get a husband like Sanskar in my ff… 😉 😀 !! Let’s get into my boring episode..!!


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Link for previous episode: Episode 16

PRECAP: Swasan’s house hunting..!! Sanskar came to office to meet swara..!!


As I promised her…I found a new house… and decided to shift by this weekend… thinking about Swara’s safety…!!! Last time… some drunkard tried to misbehave with her..!! Offcourse… he was the one who became victim finally…but still… I can’t take risk… even though she was strong and bold..!!

The house owner was an old lady…who stays along with her paralysed husband… in the lower portion..!! We are going to stay in the upper portion… which consists of two bedrooms along with attached bathrooms, a common hall… and a kitchen with a balcony attached to it..!!

We made our entry before sun rise..!!She did some Pooja…and made milk overflow by boiling on stove…!! Later she started making kheer…!! My mouth started watering as soon as I got smell..!! She came out of kitchen with that and kept as Prasad in front of God… and prayed again..!!

As I am eagerly waiting to have it…she just gave a spoon to eat and started moving away taking whole dish along with her…!!

Me(surprised): “Heyy…what is this??!! I am not a small kid to have this much amount..!! Temple people give more amount of Prasad than this..!!”

Swara(smirking): “ Thank to God… that at least I gave you that much amount…!! If I had not kept as Prasad in front of God naa…I wouldn’t have given that much also…!!”

Me(disappointed) : “Please… I really wanted to have it..!!”

Swara: “Ooh..!! Sorry Mr.Darling..!! Don’t expect too much..!! Neither I am giving you a chance to eat this nor giving you chance to get me into troubles further..!! You have messed my life soo much till now..!!

I am not going to listen to you anymore..!! If you dare to poke me… I am going to show you hell…!!”

Saying this she went to her room and started unpacking..!! As I am still disappointed for not having kheer… someone knocked the door..!! I went and opened and found our old lady owner standing..!!”

Owner(happily): “Hello beta..!! How are you??!! Is everything ok??!! Just came to ask you if you people need any help or anything..!!”

As soon as I saw her… something popped into my mind… and started speaking..!!

Me(smiling): “Good morning Aunti ji..!! How are you..??!! Come inside Aunty… It’s your house too…!! Please have a seat..!!”

Then I shouted… “SWARAAA…!! Come outside once…you can unpack later..!!”

“Why the hell are you shouting and disturbing me again…” She came out with irritated face saying something…and stopped seeing aunty sitting in hall along with me..!!

Owner: “Sorry…beti..!! I think you are busy..!! I didn’t want to disturb you..!! I just came to see and talk to you people..!! It’s ok we will meet later…!!”

Swara: “Aree… Aunty..!! Nothing like that..!! Please sit..!! We will have this work always…!!”

Sanskar(interrupting): “Common Aunty…!! You are like our family now..!! First time you came to meet us..!!What would you like to have??!!Oooh… haa..!! Aunty… why don’t you have Kheer..??!! Just now only Swara made it…and even I am waiting to eat that only…!! SWARA… go and bring two big bowls of kheer for us both..!!”

Swara(shocked and angry): “What???!!Kheer for you…!! no way..!!”

Sanskar(acting sadly): “See Aunty…!! She got angry because of a small argument…!! Tell her naa Aunty..!! Please swara…!! I am soo hungry… night also I didn’t have anything…because of this shifting work…!!”

Owner(concerned): “What beta…??!! You didn’t eat at night even…!! Swara…!! Go and bring food fast…!!”

Swara(shocked): “But Aunty…!!”

Owner(interrupting): “I understood you are angry on him beti..!! But… see he didn’t have food even at night…!! Misunderstandings and quarrels are common between husband and wife…!!He was your husband…!! You should take care of him naa??!! How come you didn’t make him eat last night??!!”

Sanskar: “It’s ok Aunty…!! She was not at fault..!!She don’t know that I didn’t eat…!! But now I am soo hungry…!! Please Swara…!! Bring Kheer naa???!! Or else I will die..!!”
I started holding stomach and presented my best action skills all the time….and winked at her secretly…!!

Owner(worried): “Swara…!! See his condition…!!Please stop showing anger…and go and bring food fast…!!

With no option left… she went inside..!! After 10 minutes she came out happily… with 2 bowls…One is bigger than other..!!

Swara(worried): “I am really sorry sanskar..!! Please have it..!! I bought a big bowl for you… because you didn’t eat anything at night even..!! Aunty… have this one…!!! Taste it and tell me how it is…!!”

I immediately took the bigger bowl and started eating like a beggar…and said… “It’s soo awesome Darling..!! Aunty will definitely love it..!! Hai na Aunty??!!”

Owner(after tasting): “Woww..!! It’s soo delicious beti..!! Really… you are a great cook..!!Sanskar beta..!! You are soo lucky..!!”

Sanskar(happily with double meaning): “It’s all because of you Aunty..!! Don’t worry… whenever you want to have Swara’s food… come to us..!! Swara will cook for both of us..!! Will you Swara??!!”

Swara(hiding anger): “Sure.. Sure..!!”

After 10-15 minutes of chit-chat… she left us…!!

I don’t know why… As soon as I bolted door … I felt cyclones and hurricanes in my stomach..!! That’s it… I immediately rushed to washroom..!!


It’s been 2 hours I have been continuously using my washroom…!!! God listened to my prayers it seems… and finally I felt relieved..!! I immediately fell on bed… as I have no more energy left now… and simply started starring the roof..!!

“How are feeling now Mr. Maheshwari..??!! I think your stomach is empty even though you had food it seems??!!”She said mischievously as she came to my room..!!
I turned and saw her questioningly…as I don’t have energy to speak even..!!

Swara(smiling): “Mr. Maheshwari!!! If I know how to mix sleeping tablets…then Don’t you think I would know how to mix loose motion tablets in kheer too??!!”

I looked at her with horrified expression…!!And she further continued..!!

Swara: “I have warned you giving a special treatment on our first night..!! But your brain didn’t understand it seems…!! Now it’s again time for you to listen to my words and get them completely to your brain..!!

Till now… you have poked soo much into my life..!! I calmly bared… hoping you would understand… and stay away..!! But not anymore..!! As it is an independent house… I think I just need to act as a typical wife in front of owner only..!!

So… now onwards… we both will be living separately… and none will interfere in each other’s matters..!! I just showed you a trailer by mixing motions tablets of very less dose… so that you will suffer for just 2 hours..!! Next time I will mix poison… and send you directly to God… if you again do your show off…understand…STAY AWAY FROM ME..!!”

She went away saying this… and came back in 5 minutes with a water bottle, jug and some packets… and kept them on table..!!

Swara(seriously): “These are oral packets…!! Mix them in water bottle and have it now..!!.And after some time drink this butter milk…!!And haa… don’t worry… I didn’t mix anything this time..!! Have them and take rest…if you want to recover quickly..!!”

And she went away saying this..!!

Oooh God…!! I think she has split personality disorder…!! She mixed tablets get me into this condition…. and now again… she is giving all these… to make me get out of this condition…!!


It’s been two days… we started living like strangers staying in our separate rooms…!! We both go to our works and come back at late evenings..!! I would at least utilize hall to steal glances of her… and for my office work..!! But she always sticks to her room with closed door and kitchen to cook for herself..!! I don’t know why… but sometimes I feel that she is doing some secret work in her room..!!

I think… I might be the only husband in this whole world who is having this condition right after marriage..!! Having a beautiful wife… but still can’t see her… even though staying with her…!! Having a wife…. who cooks amazingly… but still depends on outside food..!! And the list goes on…!!

Finally… today evening… God showed some sympathy on my love..!! As I was busy in doing my work… Swara knocked my room door… and entered in to talk to me..!!

Swara: “Woo..!! Can I come in??!! I need to talk to you..!!”

Me(happily): “Offcourse… Darling…(but suddenly I saw her angry look on face listening this)…I mean Swara..!!”

Swara(hesitantly): “Actually….My boss has invited both of us together to an official office party… this Saturday…!!”

Me(doubtly): “So??!!”

Swara: “He called us both…!! So you should come with me to party..!!”

Me(taunting): “I think someone warned me not to poke in other’s matters..!! So I think it’s better to reject the invitation…!! Thanks for telling me… and say thank you and and sorry to your boss too… from my side.. !!”

Swara(seriously): “Look..!! It’s not the time to joke..!! It’s not an invitation… it’s actually an order from my boss..!! In fact my whole office wants to meet you..!! You made all this mess by getting exposed to them… coming to my office..!! So… you should come with me..!!”

Me(acting serious): “He is your boss…so he ordered you..!! But you are not my boss to order me..!! So I won’t come..!!”

Swara(seriously): “So you won’t come??!!”

Me(confidently): “Yess..!!”

Swara(suddenly disappointed): “But why??!!”

Me(with attitude) : “First of all… you ordered me..!! So…I am not going to come…You should please me…!!”

Swara(serious tone): “Sanskar…!! Please accompany me to party..!!”

Me: “Baby..!! If you add ‘please’ in your dialogue… it won’t become in a pleasing manner..!! So please me…in such a way that I should accept it..!!”

She took a deep breath and said “Sanskar…!! Please accompany to party na??!!! Please…!!”

Me(with attitude): “Good..!! You almost reached it..!! Now add darling in your sentence to call me… and again plead me..!!”

Swara(irritated): “What the hell??!!”

Me: “Ok… baby..!! I am not coming..!! Now leave my room..!!”

Swara(worried): “No..No..No..!! Let me try..!! I will… I will..!!”

She took one more breath and said “Sanskar Darling..!!! Please accompany me to the party naa??!!! Pleaaaase??!!”

Me: “Woww…!! fantastic…!! You made it..!!”

Swara(happily): “So you are coming..!! Thank you soo much..!!”

Me: “When did I say??!! I just said you pleased very well..!!”

Swara(shocked and irritated): “So??!!”

Me(Attitude): “I will come with you..!! But I have soo many demands..!! You should fulfil them..!!”

Swara(controlling anger): “What are they??!!”

Me: “My first demand…!! Make kheer for me… and bring it right now…!! You know I am soo hungry..!! And Ha..!! Don’t dare to add anything this time..!! Hehe.. I know you won’t too..!! After all It’s your need now to get your work done right??!!”

Swara(angry): “What nonsense??!! I think the dose I have given to you is not sufficient..!! I am not going to make anything for you…!!”

Me(smirking): “My dear baby…!! Are you warning me… coming to my room??!! It’s you who came here…!! If you can’t… then get lost…!! Next time… enter my room along with kheer made by you… if you want this work to be done…!!”

She stamped her foot and went out…!!


PRECAP: It’s better not to give…. because I am not following it..!! 😉 But by the end of this Sunday… I will make sanky heart broken..!!

Sooo… guys…!! Now time has come to make sanskar rock amd swara shock..!! 😀 I think even you people want the same thing…!! I have 1-2 things in my mind..!! I would like to know if you people have any demands to make sanskar irritate swara and take his revenge…!! Please give your suggestions..!! I will try to add them..!!

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  1. Ameera

    OMG! its more than awesome chandu, this epi rocked. awesome. amazing, fantastic, fabulous. u r just fab. please do continue, loads of love and hugs,
    keep smiling 🙂
    love ya

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soooo much Ameera…!! 😀 😀 I thought it was boring..!! Thank you soo much for liking it..!! 😀

  2. Abirsha

    Awesome chandu feeling bad of sanskar….. Oh no heart broken of sanskar???? But make him happy soon….. Whether laksh is entering??? Do no dr….. Post next part soon

    1. G.Chandu

      Don’t worry shan…!! Wait for next episode…!! Yeah he will be happy…!! Untill then just go on reading..!! 😀 😀 Laksh entry will not be now..!! It will take time… after things between swasan gets sorted out..!! Thank you soo much for liking it..!! 😀 😀

  3. Tamanna

    Hey… It’s nice…please make swara fall for sanskar….. Waiting for next one… Update soon…

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Tamanna..!! 😀 😀 Don’t worry… Sanskar is soo good..!! Everyone will fall for him..!! Let her take some time…!! But she will fall for sure..!!

  4. Hi chandu… I ws waiting 4 ur update…
    its soo gd as always.. ☆ ☆ ★ ★
    My poor sanky… he always suffer bz f swara.. & nxt his heart gonna brake. 🙁 🙁 :'(
    ok ill try 2 make my mind cz in finally u gonna make him hpy.. bt my sanky heart broken… 😮 hw cn I see that… 🙁 :'( dnt let him suffer by his heart broken state soo long.. make him normal withing 2 or 3 epis.. heee heee I always say u 2 dnt mind my wrds.. u write wt u want.. wt ever hppns im nt gonna leave dis ff.. 😀 😀
    yaaaaaa.. u r right. I also want a husband like sanskar.. is that such a lvly wndrful husbends r exits in dis world???? sooo lets do 1 thing.. we cn make clones… soo theyll all like our saanskar na.. heeee heee lols… 😉 😉 :p hws my idea?????
    & angry swara is back… hee hee his revang is soo gd… I dnt hv any ideas… ummm ah in the party they shd be like a real cpl na. So I thnik sanky gonna do lots f things wich may irriate her.. 😉 😉 lols
    nxt epi asap..
    keep writing dr..
    be happy always
    lv u.. ♡ ♡ ♥

    1. G.Chandu

      Hiii Chanuu…!!! 😀 😀
      Hehe… Sanky is an ideal husband..!!Nobody ever exists like him..!! Your idea of making clones is soo good..!! If we are able to do it.. definitely we will become Gods..!! 😛 😛
      Don’t worry about sanky heart broken… it will end in 2 episodes..!! Yup.. he is going to irritate…!! Keep reading..!! You will get to know more…!!
      With lots of love to my fav.commentor…!! 😀 😀

  5. Mica

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      Thank you sooo much Mica…!! 😀 😀 Keep reading..!!

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    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you sooo much dear…!! 😀 😀 Not only you… I am also there for him..!! 😉

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    1. G.Chandu

      Hehe…Don’t worry dear..!! Even she want sanky to hate him..!! That’s why doing all this..!! Once she becomes close to sanky… you will start loving her too..!! 😀 😀

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      Don’t worrry vidhii..!! Thank you soo much..!! 😀 😀

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    no demands or suggetions… you are giving very nice updates… go on with it…
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    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Astra…!! 😀 😀 I updated already..!! With lots of love..!! 😀

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    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much Anu…!! 😀 😀 Don’t worry..!! and keep reading..!! 😀

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    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much dear..!! 😀

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