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PRECAP: Sanskar making Swara come back to his flat… and make her stay with him..!!


If you have found the most precious thing of your life… which you thought have lost… will you again loose it??!!! No right??!!! Same is my case..!! I have found my LOVE, my most precious thing…. after 7 years…!! And how will I let her go away from me??!!

I know she don’t love me… But I need a chance right??!! To make her fall in love with me… I need her to be with me…!! That’s what I did… by simply blackmailing her..!!

Sitting on chair… since morning… I am trying to concentrate on my work…but I am unable to..!! Her angry face, while shouting at me… her tempting lips, which I saw while I was feeding her… and mostly… her cute face with tightly closed eyes… having scared expression… when I was about kiss her… all have been flashing in my mind..!!

I don’t know how time passed… finally I completed my assigned work… and left office early… taking permission… to search a new home..!! She already called and informed me to pick her up at the bus stop near her office..!!

I reached there on bike… and we both started searching together…!!She started ignoring me… like anything..!! Even though I irritate and disturb her soo much… she started controlling her anger and moving away from me as if nothing happened..!! I am missing my angry devil now… 🙁 !!

Still I never left chance to become close to her..!! And nights… were really fantastic… sleeping beside her… even though we have our own pillow fence arrangement..!!

Two days passed… no sign of finding new house..!! All credits goes to me… as I am secretly spoiling the deals even if she find one..!! Finally fed up… she started shouting and expressing her anger that night on me… for which I am dying to face … and said that she won’t accompany me and search by herself… a house for us..!!

Next day…as usual… I again left office early for house hunting… and called her..!! But she cut it… for 2-3 times..!! Finally she lifted call… and shouted “What do want???!! Why are you disturbing me??!! I told you already naa… that I will search house by myself…!! Don’t dare to call me again..!!”

She cut again… without listening to me..!! So what… if she won’t listen to me on phone… she would listen to me directly..!! I went to her office and asked the receptionist about her..!!

Me : “Excuse me..!! I came to meet Mrs. Swara Maheshwari who is working here..!! Can you just call her..!!”

Receptionist: “Mrs.Swara Maheshwari??!! Who is she??!!”

Me(shocked) : “What do you mean who is she??!! She is working as one of the Assistant Project managers of this company..!! Don’t you know her??!!”

Receptionist(thinking) : “Assistant Project Manager??!! (Suddenly remembering) Oooh…Miss. Swara Gadodia..!! Ooops…sorry sir I forgot…!! She got married recently… and actually we don’t know her in-laws surname…!! So we still call her as Gadodia only..!!That’s why I couldn’t make out..!!”

Me : “It’s ok..!! Just inform her about my visiting..!!”

Receptionist(dialing) : “Sure sir..!! Hello.. Miss. Swara Gadodia..!! I mean Mrs. Swara Maheshwari..!!”

Other side: “Hello..!! How do you know my in-laws surname??!! I didn’t tell anyone right??!!”

Receptionist: “ Actually Mam… a person came to meet you..!! I think he is your relative..!! He only told me about your surname??!!”

Other side : “My relative??!! Ok… Tell him to wait until I come…!!”

After keeping phone… receptionist asked… “Sorry Sir..!! Forget to ask you..!! How are you related to Miss. Swara??!! I mean Mrs. Swara??!! I have rarely seen someone visiting her..!!”

Me(being cool): “I am her Husband… Sanskar Maheshwari..!!”

Receptionist (surprised): “What??!! You are her husband??!! But she told everyone that her husband lives in Kolkata only… when we asked her to make us meet him??!!”

“Wooh..!! actually he was there in Kolkata at that time..!! Today he came to see me Radhika…!!” replied someone to receptionist from my back..!!

I know who it was..!! I turned back and saw her being worried seeing me…and walking towards us..!!

Swara(covering tension) : “Hi.. Darling..!! When have you come here to see me??!! What a surprise??!!!!”

‘Is she calling me darling??!!’ I thought..!!

Swara(shy) : “Darling..!! Stop staring at me like this..!! Everyone is around..!!”

I understood she was acting… and I started my husband acting..!!

Me : “I have come just now darling..!!What to do dear??!! You look soo beautiful…and I am unable to take off my eyes from you!!”

Receptionist: “Awww..!! Soo… cute couple..!!! You husband surprised you by coming from Kolkata??!! I must say Madam… your husband is really a good man and handsome too…!! Even I want someone as husband like him…!!”

Swara(excited): “Oohhh.. really..!!! You want him??!! You can make him husband..!! I don’t have any problem..!! I will leave him..!!”

I got soo angry on her… because I saw genuineness in what she said now..!! How come she can think like this…!! I angrily pushed her towards me and said…

Me(angrily): “What the hell are you saying??!! You will leave me??!! How come you can say like that??!!”

She was shocked seeing this reaction from my side…and immediately she covered up and said by playfully hitting my chest…“I am just kidding darling..!! How will I leave you??!! Don’t be serious..!!” and side hugged me …!!

Receptionist (happily): “Woww.. Mam..!! Really… such a good husband..!! You are really soo lucky..!!”

Swara(acting happy) : “Thanks for your compliment Radhika..!! Come darling…!! we will talk in visitor’s room..!!”

She dragged from there to a room… where there is no one..!! She bolted the door and started shouting angrily…“Why did you come here??!! I told you not to disturb me naa??!!”

Me(being cool) : “What to do… you didn’t listen to me on phone..!! So I came directly to meet you..!!”

Swara(angrily) : “So… you will come to my office without informing me??!!Because of you… my office colleagues will again start their nuisance..!! You are such a trouble maker..!! ”

Me : “ It’s your mistake… of not listening to me !! I don’t know that you are lying to others about me naa??!! Anyways it’s for good only..!! If I meet your colleagues once.., I will come to know about them..!!”

Swara: “Shut up..!! It’s none of your business…and don’t poke into my matters…!!And quickly tell me what you wanted to say… before anyone sees you..!!”

Me : “Nothing… I wanted to tell you about our house searching..!! Being your husband… How come you are expecting me… to leave you alone on roads at nights for this work??!! So…I came to take you with me..!!”

Swara(irritated): “ Stop your non-sense..!! I am not going to come with you..!! I feel myself unsafe…being with you…rather than being alone..!! and moreover… I know it’s waste of time to search with you..!! I will better do it myself..!! Just get lost from here..!!”

Saying this she opened door and went outside..!! Even… I went out following and calling her..!!

Me : “Swara… wait..!!”

Meanwhile… someone else too called Swara seeing both of us..!! He has an age of my father…I don’t know who he is… but Swara is shocked seeing him..!!

Someone : “Swara…!! Who is he??!!”

Swara(shocked): “Good… good morning..!! I mean…Good evening boss..!!”

I understood he was her boss… and I started speaking..!!

Me : “Good evening sir..!! Actually I am Swara’s husband…Mr. Sanskar Maheswari… and I came to meet her..!!”

Swara’s Boss(happily): “Ohh..!! Nice to meet you gentleman..!! But Swara told that you are living in Kolkata only??!!”

Swara got heart attack listening this..!!

Me(looking at swara) : “Actually… I came to meet her from there and give surprise to her..!! I got a job here only… and I will be staying along with her in Mumbai…!!”

Her face became paler… listening to the last sentence..!!

Swara’s boss(happily): “Great surprise gentle man..!! Even I used to give small small surprises to my wife… when I am young..!! And Swara… How are you feeling … when you came to know…that your husband is going to be with you… from now onwards??!!”

Me(interrupting) : “See her face sir..!! She was still in shock..!! I am soo happy that my surprise was a success..!! Am I right Swara??!!”

Swara(trying to smile) : “Ha.. ha.. great surprise..!!”

Swara’s Boss : “Swara..!! I know I have given you lot of work..!!Since your husband came from Kolkata to see you…I am giving you permission… go and spend your time..!! You can complete work later..!! Enjoy dear..!! And Have a great day Gentle man..!!”

Saying this he left..!! She looked at me angrily… and I gave a smile to her…!! As soon as she went inside, I went outside and started waiting for her… sitting on bike..!! Within 5 mins… she came out with her hand bag..!!She silently sat on my back… and I started bike and drove away..!!

After 10 minutes she asked me to stop… and I did it..!! She got down… and started walking away on footpath..!! I didn’t understand anything and started following her… and calling her by name..!! But she is simply going away… ignoring me..!!

I parked my bike aside… ran and held her hand… to stop her..!!

Me: “Heyy… why did you get down and start walking??!!”

Swara(angrily) : “Leave my hand Mr. Maheshwari..!!

But I didn’t..!! Suddenly she shouted… “Don’t you understand??!!! Leave my hand Idiot..!!” dragging whole crowd attention towards us..!! I left her hand immediately… and she started walking again…!! I went back to my bike… to avoid creation of further drama in public..!!

When I turned back… I found her nowhere..!! I started searching… and kept on calling her..!! Damn..!! She is cutting them..!! It’s almost becoming night now… and finally I have found her…roaming in one of the streets… and searching houses!! I kept on following her secretly… for her safety..!!

After 2 more hours of secret following…I saw a drunkard… going towards her… in a deserted street..!! He started misbehaving with her… holding her hand..!! As soon as I observed this… from far end of street… I rushed my bike towards them..!!

To my surprise… as I reached half of the distance… I found her spraying something on his eyes… and started beating blue and black..!!

I reached near them and heard her shouting…. “There… my husband is torturing me… and here you came..!! What does everyone think of themselves??!!! A hero?!! And you…you found me hot right??!! You messed with me naa??!!! Let me show my complete hotness to you…!!”

I gulped seeing her anger… and felt pity for that drunkard..!! I immediately got down from bike… went her and stopped her from beating him..!! I held her hands tightly from her back… and she started using her legs… kicking him..!! He immediately started running from there… as soon as he got freed from her hands..!!

As soon as I left her… she picked a stone from ground and threw at him… which hit him while running..!! Finally… he went out of our sight..!! As soon as she calmed down… she looked at me angrily… and started her walk again..!!

Me(worriedly): “Hey.. wait..!! Enough of your searching for today..!! It’s already night..!! Let’s go back to our home..!!”

She stopped and said angrily… “It’s not our home..!! It’s your house..!! And I don’t want to stay there..!! I won’t come back until I find a house..!!”

Me(trying to convince): “Are.. it’s already late..!! You won’t find… even if you roam now..!! Understand..!! Let’s go back..!! And haa… I promise you that I will find a new flat by this weekend… if you come back now…!!”

She(angrily): “We are unable to find a vacant house since 3 days and you are saying to find it within this weekend??!! Just shut your mouth and go away… before I kick you..!!”

Me(convincing): “Yaah.. I know it’s difficult..!! But don’t worry… it’s my promise..!! But for now… please sit on bike… we will go back..!!”

Swara(angrily): “No..!! I am not coming with you..!! I will come seperately…!! You get lost..!!”

Me: “See… It’s already late night…and it’s not safe…!! It will become more late… if you come separately..!! and moreover… you have office tomorrow..!!

Swara(angrily) : “Stop giving your lectures about safety and all..!! I already told you… that I feel unsafe… being with you..!! And don’t worry about my office..!! I will manage…!!”

Me(worried) : “Aree… what will others think… if we come separately to our own house..!! We should act like a husband and wife in front of everyone right??!! Now please… get on to the bike..!!”

After a lot of convincing… we both left together..!!


I found her…facing up… deeply thinking without sleeping…on bed… as I turned to her direction to have a look at her face… before I sleep…!!

“Swara..!!” I called out for which she didn’t respond..!! Then I shouted her name… making her come out of thoughts..!!

“What” she asked me being irritated..!!

Me : “Nothing..!!What are you thinking??!! Is there anything which is bothering you??!!”

Swara: “It’s none of your business..!! Don’t disturb me..!!”

Saying this… she turned to other side… and hided herself completely under bed sheet..!!

But I understood…. that there is something for which she is disturbed..!! And May be… I am the reason..!! It’s just that I want her… to give a chance to our relation..!! Even though I make her annoyed, I always want her to be happy…… no matter finally she accepts me or not..!! And It’s my promise… to take care of her…!!



You know what… IGNORENCE… is the best technique to make anyone leave you..!! I decided to ignore him… so that he would finally fed up and leave me..!!! But the thing is… IGNORING became a difficult task to do…when this person is continuously irritating me…!!

For two days… I tried my level best to control my anger on him… and in addition to that… this idiot isn’t even helping me in hunting new house..!! Finally I shouted on him last night…unable to control myself..!!

That night… I slept peacefully… as I became free from all my stored emotions on him..!! I decided… I would search house myself..!!

I always used to strongly oppose people’s thoughts of getting married… in my office..!! When my office staff came to know that I got married… they started making fun of me..!! To avoid their further taunting … I lied saying them that my husband stays in Kolkata itself… and still I am enjoying my single life…!!

But…this stupid fellow has come to my office… and got exposed to everyone… making my office life too complicated..!! Finally… I let out that frustration also… on some unknown poor guy… who unintentionally tried to misbehave with me… in his drunken state..!!

I still remember… how I used to ignore him before marriage… when he used to follow me..!! But…I don’t know… why I am unable to ignore him now..!! Why his presence is affecting me??!!

Most of all … why am I feeling soo bad… thinking about his future when I leave him??!! As I am thinking about all these… he suddenly called me… and I asked him “what??!!”

“What are you thinking??!! Is there anything which is bothering you??!!” he asked me with concern..!! I answered him sternly… and turned my face away and slept..!!

Woww… what a great concern showing on me..!! He is main reason for everything…till now whatever has happened to me… and he too knows very well about this..!! Still how innocently he is asking about my tensions??!! May be… really he is concerned about me…But I don’t care….!! I am selfish about my life… and I am completely determined to leave him..!!


PRECAP: Party time..!! Swara revealing her complete truth…of leaving sanskar..!! Sanskar…heart broken..!!

Sorry for repeating same precap again and again..!! I tried to cut short and add it… but I am unable too..!! Next time I will reveal everything..!! I know there is nothing in this episode..!! But keep waiting and guessing about swara’s truth until next episode..!! Bye bye..!!

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