Hii…everyone..!! I am back..!! I hope you didn’t forget my ff..!! Thank you soo sooo sooo much everyone… for commenting and encouraging my ff..!!! I couldn’t reply to anyone at that time..!! Really sorry for that..!! And Chanu… I just want you to check my reply to your comment… which contains a top most secret.. 😉 !! I just replied to it now..!!

Let’s go to the episode..!!

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RECAP: Swasan going back to Bombay..!! Swara decides to stay in her own flat separately…until sanskar finds out a new two-roomed flat… and leaves sanskar..!!!


Finally… I am back to my normal life…!! Only difference is having a teeka on my forehead and mangalsootra on my neck..!! Anyways it won’t affect me for now…!! I am really missing my cute bed for sleeping… especially after having sleepless nights on a couch…!!

Paying the taxi driver… I entered the lift with my luggage..!! As soon as I got out from lift…my eyes which have been half closed because of sleeplessness… have been completely opened up… seeing the scenario in front of my flat..!! ‘HE WAS HERE!!!!!!’

Yess…!! He was here… talking with the owner of my flat… laughing… and my flat door opened..!! They didn’t see me yet..!! Several thoughts are running in my mind… and I didn’t understand anything..!!

“Swaraa… you came..!!!” shouted someone from my back… making me come out from my frozen position…!! I turned back and saw my owner’s wife coming to me happily….!! She took my hand into her’s and made me move towards them along with her..!! They both saw us… and my owner started speaking..!!

Owner(happily) : “Congratulations Swara..!! You got married and you didn’t even tell us..!! This is soo bad dear..!!”

I don’t know what to say in that state… and just looked at my soo called husband… who is smirking behind him..!! Then he started speaking..!!

Sanskar: “What to do uncle…!! Everything happened soo quickly…and we didn’t get time to inform anyone in Bombay..!!”

Owner’s wife: “It’s ok beta..!! We are soo happy for you swara…!! You really got a good husband..!! He is such a nice guy…!! God bless you both with a beautiful child soon…!!”

She blessed us keeping her both hands on our heads..!! My mind is really unable to digest these blessings… that too in this shocked state..!! Why does these elders always wants children from us??!!!

Sanskar: “Thank you soo much Aunty ji..!! But first… she should be with me naa??!!”

Owner’s wife: “Haa..haa.. beta…don’t worry..!! I will talk to her..!! You go and pack her stuff inside flat..!!”

Sanskar(Happily): “Thank you soo much Aunty!!!”

Saying this he went inside along with owner…!!

My heart stopped beating… listening their conversation..!! Did he tell everything to them now???!!

“Swara..!!” Owner’s wife called me..!!

Me : “Ji…Aunty!!”

Owner’s wife: “What is this beti??!! I really didn’t expect this from you…!!”

Me(tensed): “I didn’t do anything Aunty..!! It was his fault..!!He only..”

Owner’s wife(interrupting) : “Whatever… you should not do like this..!! He is really such a sweet guy… that’s why he is still bearing you..!! If anyone is there in his place… your situation would have been different..!!”

Me : “I really didn’t do anything Aunty…!!”

Owner’s wife: “See swara..!! After marriage… initial days should be sweet..!!If you start arguing with husbands right now only… he may leave you… and your future might get spoiled…!!

‘Even… I want the same thing…!!! That’s why doing all this..!!’ I thought..!!

Owner’s wife(continuing) : “I know… that you want to live with him in a big flat..!! But right now…it is difficult for him to search for it..!! You should understand and adjust with him naa??!! How come you can quarrel with him and leave him??!!”

That’s when I understood that he didn’t say anything…!!

“Yess.. Aunty!! Even I am saying the same thing..!! In this big city…It will take time naa aunty..!! I am not saying ‘no’ to her..!! Just asking some time to adjust…!! That’s it..!!” He said coming out… and placed his hand on my shoulder lovingly..!!

I gave one angry look to him… which is observed by Aunty even!! He quickly removed hands from my shoulder… and said…!!

Sanskar: “See Aunty..!! She is still angry on me..!! Darling… Please Maan Jaao naa..!! Please baby… come with me!!” He said pacing his hand on my chin..!!

“Why won’t she come??!! She will come…!! Because… she is going to have no other option now..!!” Said my owner… coming out of flat and joining our conversation..!!

Me(confused) : “What are you saying uncle??!!”

Owner: “Yess…swara..!! You have no other option other than staying with him..!! Because… you are going to vacate this flat..!! It’s our order..!! And that’s why I opened your flat with spare keys which I have… to pack stuff..!!”

Me(shocked) : “What???!! How…come you can say like this uncle..??!! Soo sudden…!! I payed advance too..!!”

Owner(giving money) : “Take this… your advance..!! And haa… we are not throwing you suddenly on streets..!! You have another flat to stay with your husband..!! So…no fault from our side…and Sanskar beta… take care… bye… I am going!!”

Sanskar(happily): “Thank you soo much Uncle..!! Bye..!!”

Owner’s wife : “So, Swara… now enough of your angriness on him..!! See… such a nice husband you have got..!! Trying to convince you…!! You are soo lucky..!! Go and pack your stuff beti..!!”

Saying this she too left… leaving both of us alone…in corridor..!!

This time… whatever… I am not going to control my angriness..!! I immediately pushed him on to a wall and started pressing his neck with my hands..!!

Me(pressing his neck) : “How dare you??!! I am not going to leave you..!! You married me forcefully and now created a big drama here..!!”

But he quickly turned me and pinned me to the wall… and blocked my hands with his..!!

Sanskar(huskily): “I pleaded you at airport..!! But you left me… and so I have to come up like this..!! You have no option left dear..!! You should come with me…!!”

All this time while speaking…he being soo close to me… pressing his whole body against mine…and releasing his hot breaths on my face while speaking… is making me numb again…!! I am unable to find words to speak even..!!

Me(stammering): “I..I..wi..will go my friend’s!!”

He laughed like an evil and said… “Oh…really..!! Don’t forget you are married now..!! I will come there too….and make a scene like this..!! What will you do then???!! So… stop wasting your time… and complete packing…!! I have done almost everything…. except one room… as it’s keys are with you only…Now go fast..!!”

He left me and went away after saying this…!!! But still… I am unable to move because of his effect…!! I had no option left now… other than listening to him..!!


This is the most disastrous situation of my life…!! Since 3 days I am having sleepless nights… and this morning this Idiot has made me homeless… and now making me stay in his pathetic flat… where there is only single room… of size… fit for only a single bed…which contains his bed already… and a small kitchen…which has same size as bathroom… and a small balcony attached to it…where only one person can stand..!!

In addition to that… his flat is looking like a complete mess… with all qualities of how a bachelor’s flat generally looks like..!! Clothes and inners every where… shaving set openly on table… and THANK GOD!!!… There are no posters of any models or heroines..!!!

Me(angrily) : “What is all these non-sense???!!! How come you thought of bringing me here???!!!…. and you are saying me to adjust???!! You are the most stupid person I have ever met in my life…!! ———–”

I kept on shouting at him until I loose all my energy..!! I stopped and started panting heavily…observing him…!! That’s when he took out cotton balls from his ears…indicating that he didn’t listen anything…!!

My anger increased much more… but I am unable to shout… as I have no energy..!! He offered me a water bottle saying… “First drink water… and get settled..!! Then you can start your shouting session again..!!”

I immediately took it from him with a force…without argument… as I am thirsty too and started drinking it..!!


I am feeling soo peaceful now… !! Why not??!! I got a good sleep…for which I have been longing for many days..!!Wait a minute..!! Am I sleeping??!! How???!! Where???!!

I opened my eyes forcefully… to have a look of my surroundings..!! I found myself on bed… and saw him… sitting on chair beside me… sleeping like a kid..!! I tried to get up…But
I am unable to..!! Why??!!! I turned side to see my hands..!!! They are tied..!!! I AM TIED…!!!!

“AHHHH…!!” I started screamed… for which he woke up immediately and covered my mouth with his hands..!! We both had an eye lock..!! He slowly removed my hands and signed me not to shout..!! I started remembering him… in this same situation… which I had done to him on our first night..!!

“Don’t worry… I don’t beat you like you did to me..!! I am really a good man you know..!!” he said… understanding of what I have been thinking..!!

Me(still confused) : “How come I am here??!!”

Sanskar(smiling): “What are you thinking..!! Mixing sleeping tablets is an art only known to you??!! Even a small child knows it..!! So just mixed in water bottle dear..!!”

Me(angry) : “How dare you??!!! You stupid… idiot..!! Untie me..!! I will show you whom I am..!! ——–”

I was shouting at him whatever comes to my mind…and he kept on signing and pleading me to lower my voice…and…all of a sudden…he pecked on my lips… making me statue..!!

Sanskar(being cool) : “Why do always shout and raise your B.P??!! It’s not good for health..!! And what I did is for you only…!! If I had not done… you won’t even sleep today also..!!”

Me(angry): “You are worrying about my health??!!! I will blast you head..!! My health, mind everything got affected the moment you entered into my life…!! It’s all because of you…!!stupid fellow…”

OMG..!! He again pecked on my lips now…making me shocked once again..!!

Sanskar : “You look soo cute while shouting you know..!!”

Me(angrily) : “Shut up!! you..”

Meanwhile he kissed on one of my cheeks..!!

Me(shocked) : “You..”

And again he pecked on other side of my cheeks…!!

Finally… I shut my mouth completely… because I understood, the more I speak… the more he is going to do all these..!!

Sanskar: “Now it’s time for you to listen to me and accept whatever I say..!! Understand???!!”

I simply nodded…scared to open up my mouth..!!

Sanskar: “Since you are my wife… you should stay with me..!! If not…whatever drama had happened today… it will happen every time..!! I don’t have problem in shifting into a two roomed flat…if you share rent!! But you should also search for it… along with me..!!”

Me(angrily) : “I am not going to help you…”

He pecked my lips making me shut my mouth once again..!!

Sanskar(happily): “Oooh…!! You liked here to stay with me… sharing and sleeping on same bed..!! Then it’s ok..!!”

Me(worried): “No..!!”

Sanskar: “Then you should do this…!! The more you help me in this work… the faster we get shifted to a new house..!! Until then you will be in this flat..!! Acting like a typical wife..!!”

I don’t know what to say also..!! Further he continued..!!

Sanskar(continuing): “Don’t worry..!! I physically won’t force you anytime..!! No matter whatever happens between us… I want everyone to see us like a wife and husband…!! So, you should accept this..!! If you don’t act as a wife…I will start over acting as husband in front of everyone… which you can’t tolerate even..!!”

I thought for some time..!! Whatever he said is true..!! Everyone should see me like a good wife of him..!! Then only… I can get away blaming him in future..!! So I nodded…indicating yes to him..!!

Sanskar(happily) : “Now one more thing is left..!! Your dinner..!! You slept whole day and hadn’t had your food..!! Now have it and sleep again..!! Tomorrow you should go to office also..!!”

Me(controlling anger) : “No..!! I am not hungry..!! First untie me..!!”

Just then… my stomach started making sounds… which is heard by him even..!!

Sanskar: “Ha… understood how much hungry you are..!! And I am not going to untie you until you eat..!!”

Me(angrily) : “Then how will I eat??!!”

Sanskar: “I am there naa.. darling..!!”

He made me sit on bed without untying me…and took the plate containing food… which is kept on the side of a nearby table..!! He mixed the food and started feeding me..!!

I want to resist it… but as soon as the food reached near my mouth… I involuntarily opened my mouth and ate… unable to control my hunger..!! At first … I concentrated only on food… but don’t know why… after sometime… I started feeling for his hand touch… on my lips and in my mouth…as he is feeding..!! I looked at him… and found him too… looking at my mouth continously… while eating..!!

The fan rotating sound in that silence… as a background noise for this situation is adding some effect too..!! As soon as food got completed… he cleaned his hand with water in plate… and rubbed my mouth with that wet hand..!!

He cleaned it… but still…he started touching it sensually… with his thumb..!! I saw him…staring at my lips..!!Still holding my lips… he slowly started moving towards me..!! I know… what’s going to happen..!! I am trying to shout and speak… but I am unable too..!! I don’t why…his touch is making me speechless..!!

As soon as his head touched mine … I jerked back immediately and closed my eyes… tightly… scared to see him..!! I can still feel his closeness…!! Then I felt him pecking on my forehead..!! After some time…I felt my hands becoming loose and free..!!

I opened my eyes… and started starring at him…while he was busy in untying me..!! He saw me and said… “I know I am handsome..!! If you stare me like this… I will complete my job which I stopped now…!!” and winked at me..!!

I immediately turned my face… and he went away with plate..!!


With no other option left… I slept on bed along with him… and pillows separating us…!! But sleep is far away from me now…may be because of rest taken already since morning…!! I turned and saw him sleeping…with smile on his cute face..!!

I kept on thinking about him… his behaviour..!! Even though he irritates me… he always makes me comfortable..!! The more I tried to make him stay away from me… the more he is getting on my nerves..!! Why does he still tolerates me and want me… even though I don’t like him??!! Does he seriously love me???!!

If he loves me… then definitely it’s his mistake…!! I can’t kill my dreams and love him back..!! More ever… this love… which he is showing on me now… won’t be the same in future too..!! He is really such a good guy..!! I hope he would move on in his life, when I leave him..!!!


PRECAP: New house searching..!! Party time..!!

How was the episode??!!! Have you people expected swara to return and stay with sanskar??!! And what about Sanskar using the same technique of tying her to bed which is used by Swara once on him??!! Did you expect this to happen??!! Sanskar has started showing his power naa??!! 😛 😛

Wrote a long episode..!! Please do express your views about it..!! It’s really important..!! I don’t know… but I feel something is missing in this..!! May be because of trying to write in SWARA’S POV..!! From next time onwards it will be in Sanky’s POV ony..!! If it is boring…Please tell me…!!

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