Hii guys..!! Thank you everyone… for your precious comments..!! I am really overwhelmed for your response for episode and my belt 😛 😀 !! Let’s get into episode..!!
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PRECAP: Sanskar feelings..!!


As everyone is busy in enjoying their breakfast…suddenly someone kicked my leg under table..!! I looked opposite and saw Swara showing her hand… on which it’s written ‘BOMBAY’…!! I remembered our discussion last night before sleep… and set up my voice to speak up… about our journey back to Bombay..!!

Me(while eating) : “Mom..!! Our office leave is going to end..!! We both booked tickets to Bombay for tomorrow morning flight..!!”

Sujatha(surprised) : “What??!! You both are going back??!! Why??!!”

Me(casually): “Because we are working there..!!”

Sujatha(seriously) : “Then leave the job right now..!! Who told you to work??!! Now your marriage is also over..!! Go and take up your father’s business..!!And Swara…!! Are you still working??!! I thought you might have resigned..!!”

Me(interrupting) : “Mom..!! I told you naa??!! I studied engineering..!! Not business..!!And Why will she leave job when we are going back to Bombay??!!”

Sujatha: “So… you won’t take up your father’s business??!! I don’t understand one thing..!! What’s the need of working like a slave somewhere… when your father is a big business man in Kolkata..!!”

Me: “Mom…please..!! Don’t start again now..!! I will take it up…but not now..!! Let me work for my passion..!!”

Sujatha(angry): “You are saying this non sense every time..!! Now I am not going to listen..!! You both are resigning jobs and staying here..!! That’s it..!!”

She left the table angrily and went to her room angrily..!!

Me(pleading): “Dad..!! Please…make mom understand naa..!! We already booked tickets..!!”

Dad : “Don’t worry my son..!! Leave her to me…!! I have some work with you in my office…Just join me for today!! And haa… swara beti..!! Since you too are leaving… go and meet your family today..!! You will feel good..!! You both can do packing at night..!!Ok??!!”

Swara(happy) : “Thank you soo much papa..!!!”

I left to office…. and came back at late night to my room… and I found her sleeping on bed… and her all luggages packed..!! I tried my best not to disturb her sleep… but she got up immediately as soon as I locked door..!!

“Wooh… wo..sorry..!! Since you are not there and bed is free… I thought to take a short nap..!! I don’t know when I got into deep sleep..!!” she said and took bed sheet and went to couch..!!

Me(worried): “Are.. It’s ok..!! Sleep on bed..!! You are tired… and last night also you didn’t sleep properly on this couch..!! And anyways it’s your room too..!!”

Swara(interrupting) : “No..!! It’s not my room..!! It’s only yours..!! Again I am repeating… don’t show your concern unnecessarily on me..!! I don’t mind if you keep the light on… and pack your luggage..!!”

Saying this she covered herself in bed sheet without giving me chance to speak further..!! Then I packed my luggage quickly and switched off lights for her..!! No matter… how much stubborn she is… I am not going to let her suffer..!!

Morning, she woke up very early… and I doubt whether she slept or not even..!!

At airport, I found my Mom… happy and exited… which is very uncommon..!! I went to my dad and asked him…!!

Me: “Dad… what did you tell to her??!! How come she changed her mind??!!”

Ram Prasad(slowly): “Nothing much beta..!! Just told that staying in Bombay… gives you both some privacy… and her wish of becoming grandmother will be fulfilled soon..!!”

I looked at my father open mouthed… and he closed my mouth winking at me..!!

Bidding bye to everyone… we went inside airport…!!


You know what??!! My devil is fighting again..!! Not with me… but with sleep…!! Being in flight next to her… I just kept on looking ‘HER’ who is troubling to get a proper position for sleep while sitting..!! Every time she falls into sleep…her head falls front making her wake up from sleep with sudden jerk..!!

I started thinking how to make this stubborn girl comfortable…!! Slowly… without disturbing her… I placed her head on my shoulder…and made her sleep using me as support..!! Rays from rising sun… which have been entering into plane through window… have been falling on her face… making her much more beautiful..!!

Slightly disturbed because of these rays… she digged her face much more into my shoulder and held my hands in her sleep…!! I want this time to stop like this… looking her cute innocent sleeping face… but it never happens and finally we reached… 🙁 !!

I gently tapped on her shoulder… for which she woke up..!! Seeing herself in that position…she jerked immediately and got up..!!

We reached out of airport… and I started looking for a taxi..!! But to my surprise she started walking away from me… yawning..!!

Me(surprised) : “Heyy… where are you going??!!”

Swara(casually): “Ehhh??!! What is that question..??!! To my flat..!!”

Me: “Ohh..!! You have some luggage to bring from there??!!”

Swara : “Why will I bring luggage??!!! And to where??!!”

Me: “To our house… I mean my room..!! We are married now naa??!! We should stay together right??!!”

She gave me a what-the-hell look and started walking again..!!
Me : “Heyy.. wait..wait..!! What will you say to your parents??!! That we are staying separately??!! I know that you don’t want to stay with me and want to have divorce… but since you are married to me… I have responsibility of you until our divorce..!! I need to answer your family..!! So, stay with me until that… and I won’t poke in any of your matters!!”

Swara(thinking) : “Ok…fine..!! I will stay with you… But is your flat ,single roomed??!!”

Me: “Haa… !!”

Swara: “See… How will I stay then??!!Are you expecting me to sleep in your room??!! Find a double bed roomed flat for us..!! Then I will join you..!!”

Me(worried) : “But..!!”

Swara(interrupting): “I know you were staying here on your own expenses of what you earn…and you can’t go for that..!! Even I live on my own money…so I will be paying half of the rent..!! We will be sharing each and everything understand..!!”

Me: “ But it will take time for all these..!!”

Swara: “Yaah… I know..!! Until then…bye…and don’t disturb me..!!”

I don’t know whether I should be happy that she finally accepted to stay with me or sad for going away from me now..!!I don’t have anything left to argue more with her even… and simply stared at her helplessly until she disappeared..!! What a fate I have got… married someone whom I love… but still an intruder to her..!!

PRECAP: Party time..!!

Please don’t kill me for today’s episode guys..!! I don’t have much time… this episode is short and nothing much..!! Next episode will be long and interesting for sure..!! But I will post on Friday or Saturday..!!I am busy this week… and I hope you people won’t mind.. 🙁 !! Until then please don’t forget my ff..!!

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  1. Thamizh magan

    stubborn girl.. wish sanky should give some sweet torture to her

  2. Abirsha

    Ha ha superb Chandu….. Very nice ya but short no pblm dr….. Will b waiting for ur next update….. Ha ha didn’t think swara will go to her flat alone but very nice dr….

  3. It’s Awsome dear… Loved it ????

  4. awsm asusual

  5. Anniya

    Nice…..waiting for ur next update… Whenever u will get time update it

  6. TaraKapoor

    I just now finished reading all other parts of dis ff it was really awesome and ur every chappy makes me smile thank u for that and i loved it..waiting for next part

  7. Heee heee.. My poor sanky.. Rly wt a fate.. 🙂 (i lv him & he lvs swara. Wt 2 bad luck) 😉 😀 😛
    Nice epi as always.. Its short 1. 🙁 bt its ok dr..:D ill wait 4 u. Write when u r free. Even i hv my exams. 🙁 So cdnt reply in ur evry epi..sry in advanced.. @[email protected]

    Awwww u said that my rply make u hpy..??!! Thank u dr.. After reading that reply i also gt vry hpy.. 🙂 yaay yaay..i make sm1 hpy. 😀 😀
    I think u ddnt notice that. My name & ur name hs nly 1 letter differnt.. 😀 😛 he hee lols.. Im lil crack.. Soo dnt think soo much.. 🙂 😉 😛
    Keep writing dr..
    Be happy always!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. G.Chandu

      Thank you soo much chanu..!! 😀 😀
      Actually I noticed about our names… first time itself when you commented..!! I thought of replying you about it at that time only..!! But … I also thought you will feel me as crack… if I say it… and so.. I didn’t say anything…!! But you also noticed it..!! It’s soo funny naa??!!!

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    superb chandu

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    Awesome dear

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    aww it was nice and awesome. wonderful. and if u have time check my reply in your previous epi. keep smiling 🙂

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    poor sansky…luv it

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