Hiii everyone…!!! Here I came with next episode..!! A biggg Thank you for everyone… for still supporting and reading my ff… even though you got angry on me.. 😀 😀 !! Today I am rectifying my mistake… done on my 11th episode..!! So fans..!! Please remove your anger on me and my swara character after reading this..!!and don’t forget to comment..!!

Here we start with super duper long episode..!!

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PRECAP: Swara’s feelings..!!


Scolding my father for gifting me such a wonderful thing yesterday night and fate for getting caught to her with them…I entered into washroom!!! I saw the bite on my hand given by ‘HER’ and started dreaming unknowingly… about love bites… we will be having in future…!!

‘Idiot..!! Just now she showed her extraordinary reaction for just kissing her… and having c*nd*ms with you… and again you are going into dreamlands??!!’ My inner voice snapped me..!!

I started doing brushing… and again my inner voice started speaking “You know very well about this girl and her short temper..!! But still… how did you love her dude??!!

Me(dreamily) : “Even I don’t know…!! Love is blind dude..!!”

My inner voice: “Stop your old fashioned quotations dude..!! Did you see how harsh she is towards you??!!!”

Me: “Common… I already know everything about her…dude!! Yaa… she is harsh..!! But she is not bad..!! She doesn’t love me…!! She thought that I will be forcing her…so bet me..!!”

My inner voice: “Abe..!!! She is your wife… and she should have some respect towards you…!!! Being her husband… you have full rights on her…!! Just go and show her your manly power… and cut out her attitude..!!”

Me: “Controlling and winning a wife forcefully never represents manliness dude…!! One should win his wife’s heart… to claim himself as a husband and a man..!! I know she is tempered…. but she is not heartless… and I will definitely win her heart..!!”

I got out from bathroom to stop my debate with my inner voice and started roaming in the upper hall… keeping brush in my mouth…!! Then I saw ‘HER’… sitting on stairs and controlling her tears…!! This is really unexpected…!!

I never saw her crying…. and in fact Ragini even told me that she is very strong and never cries..!! But why is she crying??!!! I didn’t understand..!! I just wanted to hug and console her..!! But…I can’t do it now…and I can’t see her like this even..!! Then ‘RAGINI’ came to my mind..!! Yess.. she can do it…!!

I immediately rushed to bathroom… brushed my teeth and called Ragini..!!

Me: “Hello Ragini..!!!”

Ragini(happily) : “Hii jiju… Good morning..!! How are you??!!”

Me: “Yaah.. I am fine… everything is good..!! Can you just call Swara and talk to her once..??!!”

Ragini(worried): “What happened jiju??!! Is everything alright??!!”

Me: “Haa.. Ha… everything is alright..!! Don’t worry..!! It’s just that she is little bit upset about this marriage may be..!! So…It would be nice if you talk to her once..!!”

Ragini: “Ok.. Jiju..!! I will call her now..!!”

Me: “One more thing… don’t tell her that I called you..!! Just talk to her in a casual manner…Bye..!!”

Ragini : “Ok.. bye..jiju!!”

I waited in upper hall seeing her… until she talked with her sister and become normal… and then went to get ready…!!


As soon as I got readied … I went down in searching her to find out if she is alright…!! Then I saw her coming out from kitchen…and got slipped..!!! In nick of time … I rushed and held her… saving her from falling…!! I made her stand and went away suppressing my feelings which I always get… being close to her..!!

I went to dining hall… where my father was already sitting and waiting for swara’s food… and joined him..!!! Then suddenly… my father kept his hand on my shoulder… for which I screamed a little…!!

Me: “AAHH..!”

Ram Prasad: “What happened my son??!! Are you ok??!!”

Me : “Nothing dad..!! My body is aching… Just little bit tired..!!”

Ram Prasad(slowly) : “Ohoo..!! So you have a great night then..!! Enjoy your new life dear..!!”

He winked at me saying this..!! I gave a laugh to him… while my inner voice started taunting me from inside… “Really… an awesome night..!! Enjoy…Enjoy… Enjoy…!!”

Meanwhile… my sister and mother too joined us… and swara came out few minutes later.. with bowls..!! She served everyone and they started eating..!! Suddenly Uttara jerked me..!!

Uttara: “Bhai…!! Stop starring at bhabi… and start eating…!! I know she is beautiful and you love her..!!!”

That’s when I understood what I am doing… and started eating..!! I kept a spoon in my mouth… and it was really heavenly..!!! She is really such a good cook…as Ragini told..!!

First time… I liked some one’s kheer other than my mother’s… and I ate 3 bowls..!!

Now … I am scared of becoming fat in future because of her..!! I don’t want my fans to decrease… seeing me as a fat guy in future..!! ( 😛 ) After having our break fast… Uttara spoke up..!!

Uttara: “So Bhai..!! Give your credit card..!! I think you remember your promise..!!”

I simply handed her… without arguing much..!!

Uttara: “Let’s go bhai..!! Get the car keys..!!”

Me: “What??!!”

Uttara: “I said… Let us go..!!”

Me: “Hey.. Why will I come with you??!! It’s your shopping..!! I am not going to bear you whole day…and moreover our deal is just giving credit card..!!”

Uttara(smirking): “Ok.. fine.. BAABHIII..!! Are you free to watch a video??!!”

Swara: “Yaah… I am free… what video Uttara??!!”

Meanwhile I interrupted saying… “Chalo… Uttara..!! I am coming..!! You can show that video later..!!”

As Uttara and I were about to go… my Mom asked us to take Swara even with us… and finally… we 3 went out for shopping..!!



She was back again… to her normal position… laughing and playing jokes with Uttara while selecting dresses for themselves… and all I have been doing that time is looking them through a mirror, far from them..!! I am really feeling jealous on my sister… for becoming close to her, rather than me..!! When would I be in that situation, where she would feel free with me??!!!

“Bhai..!!Once come here…” Uttara called me…snapping out from my thoughts..!! As I was moving towards them…I could see swara’s face becoming little pale… but still trying to have some smile..!!!

Uttara: “You know bhai..!! Bhabhi has really good dressing sense..!! Why don’t you both go and get a dress for you bhai..!! and bhabhi will help you..!! You know… just now she is telling that you have really bad dressing style..!! Hehehe… she understood you on first day of marriage only..!!”

Swara(interrupting): “Uttara…!!! Nothing like that..!! Common lets go..!!”

While Uttara was paying bill… I went close to her and whispered slowly in her ears.. “Do I have really bad dressing style??!! Remember this comment dear… You should answer me in future..!!” I said…sending shivers in her spine..!!

“Bhai…!! You can do romance somewhere…not here..!! Let’s move..” Uttara said as she caught us in that position… making both of us embarrassed..!!

As we are getting into the car at parking place… we found a small boy asking a man to pay the parking bill of bike…but the man is not paying any heed and trying to start his bike..!! The boy is continuously pleading him… and suddenly…the man pushed him down…!!

I got soo angry seeing the man… but to my shock… ‘TAAK..!!’ The man got the slap..!! My cute devil entered the field and slapped him hard… making him held his cheek with hand because of pain..!!

Swara(angry): “Is it paining??!! Next time think twice… before you misbehave with children…!! Pay the bill… and give the money..!!”

The man didn’t say anything… just gave money to swara and went away..!! Then she went to the boy who is crying and made him sit on footpath and started checking his wounds while talking..!!

Swara: “Hey.. get up slowly..!! Don’t cry..!! Take this…your money..!!Did you get hurt??!!”

Boy(crying): “Tha..thank you.. didi..!!”

Swara(worried): “See… your leg got hurt..!! It’s bleeding..!! Let me do something..!!”

Boy: “It’s Ok.. didi..!! It’s common for me..!!”

She started tying her handkerchief there.. and said.. “What It’s ok?? You are not begging him right??!! He should pay it..!! If he doesn’t… then you should use your strength and push him from bike…or something like that.. ok??!! You should not cry like this…!!”

Boy: “Ok didi..!!”

Swara: “But why are doing all these things??!! You should go for school naa??!! You should not work..!!”

Boy: “Haa.. didi.. I go to school even..!! This is my part time job..!! Today is my holiday naa.. so I am here..!!”

Swara : “Achaa… Good boy…!! Study well..!! Then…when you grow up naa… you don’t need to do all these jobs..!!Bye..!!”

Boy: “Bye.. didi..!!”

“Bhabhi…You did a good thing..!! I am proud of you..!!” said uttara when she came to us..!!

She sat near me in the front … and uttara sat back..!! During the journey… I kept on seeing her… remembering her antics…while driving !! She is simply starring front…outside uninterestingly… and suddenly shouted… “HEYYYY…!!”

That’s when I understood that I was about to hit a lorry and suddenly turned steering… making all of us out from danger!! All are breathing heavily because of this sudden raise in tension..!!

Uttara(relieved): “Bhai…!! Where are you looking at..??!! I unnecessarily made bhabhi sit near you..!! OMG..!!”

Me(angry): “Nothing happened naa??!! Don’t talk too much ok??!! It’s all because of you..!! You only asked me to drive car!!”

Uttara : “What to do..!! I thought you know driving… and got driving licence after passing all tests..!! Never in my life I will ask you again..!! Please… for now… concentrate on driving…!!”

Rest of our journey went out like this only… stupidly quarrelling with my sister… and swara simply starring outside… thinking something…!! As soon as we reached home… uttara went inside with all her bags..!! Swara was still walking slowly… thinking about something…!! I didn’t like her seeing in this condition… so I quickly went to her… spoke near ear… making her come out of her world..!!

Me(loudly) : “Oyy.. wifey..!!”

Swara(little frowned): “What??!!”

Me : “Nice slap… you know..!! You are really brave..!! But I don’t understand one thing…!! Why do you always use your physical power… and scare others..!! It’s doesn’t suit for girls… you know..!!”

Swara : “I am not like other girls… understand this… and stay away from me..!!”

Me: “That I know before only…!! But please… think twice… before you use your physical power… or else innocents like me will become victims like today’s morning…see… How you bit my hand… Thank god..!! My belt is branded stylish weightless paper type one..!! Or else… scars would have been on my body too…!!”

I showed her my hand…for which she immediately got worried… but again showed attitude covering it..!!

Swara: “So what..!! It’s your mistake… you married me…!! Now get lost from here before I get angry on you and do something again..!!”

Me(teasing) : “So… you still didn’t get angry on me…!! Nice..!!”

“I SAID GET LOST…!!” suddenly she screamed… for which I immediately ran into house quickly… escaping her cyclone anger created by me now…!!


It’s time to sleep… and we came to our room now..!! Several questions were raising in my mind…like… what should I do..??!! How and where should I sleep with her..??!! But I saw her taking a pillow and bed sheet and sleeping on couch…!!

Me : “Why are you sleeping there??!!”

Swara: “What are thinking??!! Sleep with you on bed??!! Cut out your thoughts Ok??!! I already told you everything this morning…!!”

Me: “Yaah.. I remember..!! But why on couch??!! You sleep on bed and I will sleep on couch..!!”

Swara(attitude) : “Stop your concern ok??!!! It’s your house and your bed..!! And haa… talk to your parents tomorrow, about our journey to Bombay..!! I kept my leave up to day after tomorrow..!! I want to leave in day after noon tomorrow’s morning flight… so that I can go to office next day..!!”

Me(still worried): “Ok.. I will talk with them..!! But please… sleep on bed… It’s really difficult to sleep there..!! You will get body pains..!!…”

Swara(interrupting) : “I already told you Mr.Maheshwari…I don’t want anyone’s concern.. that too… me seeing as a girl…!! I can really manage..!!”

She hided herself fully under bed sheet and slept on couch..!! I even switched off the lamp light… and closed my eyes…But sleep is far away from me…!! How can I… when she is sleeping there… adjusting on couch??!! I don’t know how much time passed away..!! But suddenly…lamp got turned on… and I acted as if sleeping..!!

I felt someone touching my hand…!! I secretly opened my eyes and saw ‘HER’ … slowly and gently applying ointment to my hand… on the place… where she bit today morning..!!
She is not only short tempered and brave… but she has regretting and caring nature too..!!

Unlike morning… this time, my inner voice too supported me and my LOVE..!! My choice of marrying her…!!

I love this girl… who accepted this marriage for her family..!! I love this girl… who has guts to beat her husband…!! I love this girl… who is brave enough to oppose wrong and help others..!! I love this girl… who cares for me even though she doesn’t love..!! I love this girl… who is different from other girls..!!

I love this girl… who is now my BIWI…MY LOVELY BIWI..!!


SO…GUYS..!!! How is my BRANDED STYLISH WEIGHTLESS PAPER TYPE BELT invented by me 😛 😛 ??!! Readers…this belt is specially invented not only for sanskar… but also to decrease your anger…!!! Please… do comment… if you like my episode and my belt..!!

Meet you on Monday..!! bye.. bye.. 😀 😀 !!

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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