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PRECAP: Swasan’s Marriage…!!


I was made sit on bed by my saasu maa…with veil covering my face..!!!

Sujatha(while going) : “Give this milk to Sanskar..!!! He have this habit of taking it every night… before sleep..!! I know he won’t sleep today… 😛 😛 !!! But still kept it..!!”

As soon as she left … I slept leaning to bed because of tiredness..!!! Suddenly…I felt some one lifting my veil…touching my face… very smoothly.. lightly… tingling me…!! I immediately opened my eyes… and saw ‘HIM’..!!! soo close to me again…!!!

I got remembered him… being close to me…in Bombay… confessing his love…!!! I even remembered again him… sooo close to me, while kissing me…on the day of engagement…!!! Why do he always comes this much close to me… making me listen his uneven heart beats??!!!

“You are looking like an angel..!!” he said… tucking few strands of my hair… back on my ears..!! “Don’t touch me..!!!” I shouted on him… pushing his hand on my face..!!

He immediately pulled me towards him… holding my bare waist….looking into my eyes intensely… our bodies almost touching each other’s..!!

I am scared… because I know… what’s going to come next…!! We both are breathing heavily looking into each other’s eyes..!!! As expected… he pressed my lips with his…!!!

‘AAAAHHHH…!!!’ I screamed… and suddenly I woke up..!! I found myself severely sweating… because of this bad dream…!!! It’s now… not new to me..!! I am facing like these dreams… since after that kiss..!!! But… today’s one… I felt it soo… realistic…!!

I mentally started strengthening myself… that I can face him… and show my power to him…!!! But… some where… my brain is even warning me that… what if he forces me using his strength…!!! After all he is a man… and I lost to him TWICE..!!

As I was sharpening my brain, how to control this brainless fellow… my eyes fell on something!!! I smirked myself… and started doing my job!!!



I entered room… thinking how to face her now..!!! Seeing the decorated room… full of flowers… and their fragrances… my heart started growing up new feelings…!! Then I found her… facing her back to me… doing something which I can’t see..!!!

I involuntarily moved towards her… unable to control feelings rising in my heart and kept a hand on her shoulder…!!

She immediately turned back…with sudden jerk…making me scared…!!!

Swara : “Whattt??!!!”

Me(scared): “!!!”

I scolded heart… for raising bad thoughts in my head… even knowing about this girl..!!! I turned back and started moving… then she suddenly called me..!!

Swara : “Wait..!!”

She came towards me… and handed milk glass to me…!!

Swara(seriously): “Your mother gave me to make you drink…!!! Have it..!!!”

I drank whole milk silently… seeing her seriousness… without uttering any word… scolding my mother…!!


I opened my eyes slowly… yawning…still in sleepy mood… trying to move..!!! But… but…I am unable to..!!Why??!!! I tried to remember what happened last night… after having milk..!!! Then…I found myself on bed…my hands and legs tied…!!!

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH…..” I started screaming… and she came running out of washroom and closed my mouth…!!! Water droplets from her wet hair… have been falling on my face… raising my heart beats..!! I felt like I am seeing an angel in her white saree… landed here… from heaven..!!

‘TAAK…TAAK!!’ My both cheeks turned red… due to her hard slaps… :’( :’( !!! I have mistaken…She is not angel…She is ghost..!!! How come I forget that…even lady ghosts wear white sarees… and scare people… :’( :’( !!!!

Swara : “Shhh….!!! My dear hubby…!! You should just open your mouth on my instructions…!! Or else… you will get more slaps from me…!!”

She turned into a complete psycho now…!!! She laughed like a villain… but still maintained cuteness in it..!!

Swara(like a psycho) : “ I know Mr.Maheswari… what you want to ask…!!!How come you are on bed?… right??!!!”

I just simply noded…fearing that she might slap me again if I start speaking..!!

Swara: “Well… Mr. Brainless..!!! I just added sleeping tablets to your milk…to make you sleep…!! and tied you then!!”

“Let me clear you everything properly…!!! I warned you not to marry me…!! But you yourself invited trouble..!! What are you thinking??!! That I will accept this marriage??!!! Never in your dreams…!!! I accepted this for my family’s happiness and respect..!!You will be officially my husband… until my sister Ragini’s marriage…!! After that we will be having divorce..!! Understand??!!!”

Me(angry) : “Is marriage a joke??!!! Getting married first and having divorce later??!!!—–“

‘TAAK…’ One more slap :’( !!!

Swara: “I think you forgot again…You should talk only when I give you permission…!!! And haa… what are you saying…??!! Marriage…joke… something…something…!! This is what I told you before marrying me…that is not a joke and not to marry me…!! Now you are paying for your deeds..!!”

Me(angry) : “I am not going to give any divorce…” ‘TAAK!!!’

Swara : “I am not asking you divorce even…!!! I know how to tackle and get my divorce…I am just informing our future that’s it…!! Now my duty is over..!! Let me free you..!!”

She came near me… and was about to untie… but again she stopped…!!

Swara: “Ohhh…shit…!! How can I forgot..!! Our discussion is over..!! But one more thing is left..!! How can I forget my revenge…??!!”

She started smiling wickedly…!! She went near a hanger… and took out my belt hanging to it..!!

Swara: “Woww…!! Nice branded strong belt Mr. Maheswari..!! I can use it..!!”

She started whipping belt on floor… scaring me much more…!! She came near me… and slid her hands in my pocket… tickling me…!! And…. she took out ‘THEM’….!!! which my father gave me…(I think you remember them 😉 )!!! I am gone now… :’( !!!

Swara(angry) : “You came with full planning haa??!!! What are these non-sense??!!! You blo*dy idiot!!”

‘TAAP’…She bet me with belt…!!

Swara(continuing speaking): “ What did you think??!!! You can do whatever you want.. forcefully… like what you done on my engagement… kissing me…!!”

Suddenly she stopped….!!!

“KISS…KISS…KISS….!!!” saying his she stated hitting her forehead with her hand like a psycho…!! and again started beating me with belt 2-3 times…!!

Swara: “How dare you kiss me??!! And haa… what did you say that day… MY LIPS ARE SOO TASTY..!!… Let me check how tasty your blood is…!!”

Saying this… she bit my hand…and blood came out…!!

Swara: “Chii…!! Yaakk..!! You blood is even not nice like your brain only…!!”

And again started beating me…letting out all her frustrations!! After some 10 whippings… she stopped… and freed me…!!But I am unable to move now even…!!

Swara(calmly): “Don’t underestimate the power of a common woman…!!What you have seen is just a trailer…!! If you ever dare to touch… you will see the real devil in me…!!!”

She went near the door…and again spoke.. “Haa.. I forgot…!! My dear Hubby.. get ready fast and come down soon…!! Don’t dare to tell this to anyone..!! Off course I know… you will not…!! After all, It would be soo insulting for you… if everyone comes to know that you got beaten by wife on first night itself…!!!”

Saying this she winked at me and left…!!!

Thank God..!! She bet me in such a way… that all scars can be covered by my shirt..!!! She is really soo caring about me…!!! Even she didn’t spoil my branded belt… and dealt
with great care while beating me..!!

PRECAP: Sanskar’s unintentional sweet revenge…!!

Done… with this episode..!! So… How do you feel about sanskar now??!! He had a great night right??!!! 😛 😛 !! I feel… this should be done to him… thinking from swara’s side… because he kissed her forcefully without permission…!! Even you will slap right… if someone tries to misbehave with you…!!Everyone should be strong like swara… giving warnings to husbands…!!! 😛 😛 What were your views??!!

I wrote in short… without much explanation… this episode…!! But content is more or less same..!!! I will make next one interesting…!!! Please don’t stop commenting even if you are not satisfied with episodes…!! They will only inspire… to continue further episodes…!!! The more you comment… the more I will get excited and make it much interesting..!!

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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  1. I felt disgusting reading this update.. Dont feel bad but still i think no one could do such cheap things that too even if she dont love him.. Is swara such a cheap lady in this ff.. I think the answer will b a no.. Ok a single slap for kissing her forcibly is justified.. But what about beating with belt.. Its utter crap nonsense.. He is her husband. At least need to consider him as a human being.. Then what tasting blood.. Ohoo.. Common yaar.. Vamp or what??? I did not personally like this update of yours.. my opinion.. As a reader i just commented.. I hope u will not take it to heart.. But as a writer u are the one who decides how to and what to write… So choice is yours..

    1. Dear shree…
      I am really very sorry… !! Please.. don’t misjudge my swara’s character… reading a simple episode…!! May be there are things which I didn’t reveal till now..!! I understood you people are hurt…!! In my ff Swara’s character is not negitive..!! she is really a good girl..!! She is short tempered and selfish..!!

      1. Its not that i misjudged swara my dear.. Was really feeling bad bcs how come a wife whatever the situation is fall very low and do such utter nonsenses..let not be a wife but how could a human being do so.. I cant even imagine in my wild dreams people doing such craps.. It was wrong sanskar forcibly kissing swara but he was in love not lust what he was feeling.. I cant ever justify the think u portrayed in this episode.. Now coming to sanskars pov how come a man now love such a ruthless woman who is nothing less than a vamp.. No one i guess.. If he is a real man just need to divorce her and make her life hell and make her feel each and every second for not understanding the value of his precious love.. Sooo sorry dear.. Once more need to say dont feel bad abt my comments.. I just want to convey my feelings abt todays update and nothing more than that.. Hope u will rectify it later on and come back with a bang.. Take care dear.. Waitingg for ur next update..

  2. Rly awsm dr….???nxt epi update asap..

  3. Anisha

    I am going crazy….. ????
    My mom’s scolding me for laughing like a maniac since past 20 minutes….. ????
    Chandu love you ??????
    Keep writing…
    Precap is pretty good….
    Revenge?? Wow…. ?????

  4. MOU

    What is this……i am not a condition to tell u something….

  5. This was the most crape chapter I ever read
    What u tried to show in this chapter from starting I didn’t like swara chracter but sometimes I felt it’s OK but what today she did is really a vamp not human being and u told it is justified he kissed her
    But I only can say he was her fiance so he kissed her so no problem u just can show one tight slap to him and what today shows is really crape and there is no man in the world who can face this much insult if u will try with ur husband than that day will be last for u to in-laws house

  6. Soujanya


  7. I am sorry but today is last episode of reason ur ff because I can’t tolerate this vamp swara I felt it story is very unique but today episode was too much I can’t tolerate it
    This is not called woman power because woman are kind hearted and if strick it wouldn’t be heartless u could show women power by other way also what is this a girl is beating her husband like dog in there first night what non sense moral u gave

  8. ?????? really awesome & more than it. Really swara become devil ???.
    & in end of episode sanky’s point of view that she is caring about me while beating ?awesome. Can’t Wait for precap it looks amazing ( sweet revenge ) ?. Mind blowing.

  9. Mica

    omg love is blind in sanskar’s side
    after what those cute devil did to him , he still prasing on her
    oh goooooooodddd

  10. Srry to dear but it’s totally crap, swara really needs treatment, she is really physo, when an educated girl treat like to husband like this. He is not forcing her for anything, it’s her own will to marry him and it’s her problem on what basis she is marrying him. It’s a long term love when he is getting her and after engagment only he kisses her, if there is so called self respect is called for her then should have cancelled this marriage even their parents will support her if she really having which they feel genuine reason. But I m srry to but life partner have equality and really don’t support these type of things love is not so much great then self respect. And I m definitely sure this is going to like this she will become like a devil who will not respect anybody in future. Eventually she is not respecting for love marriage relations so definitely how will she respect others love

  11. Omg awsm episode loved it ☺☺☺☺???waiting for nxt part…

  12. Awsm episode loved it ☺☺☺??? waiting for nxt part…

  13. Im still laughing… 😀 😀 😀
    Slaps r ok.. Bt belt????!! 😮 😮 😮 oh god.. My poor sanky… I wnt 2 kill swara… 😉 😉 😉 & awwww my sanky’s pov.. Still he lvs her… I lv him vry much… Bt in nxt epis dnt hurt my sanky mentaly or physicaly & make her fall 4 him so soon…
    Keep writing
    Be hpy always. 😀 😀 😀

  14. Abirsha

    Chandu slaps are ok dr but beating in belt is not accepted…. During the slap i laughed a lot…. But belt alone not digestible otherwise i love it dr….

  15. It was very funny u nailed it??

  16. Vedu10

    What was that? I didnt expected a litterate girl like swara to behave like this even the illiterates also dnt do this.. It was a total crap…. Her actions will make dkubts regarding her family and upbringing.. Poor sanky.. I m a girl but even i m saying that if i wud hav been in place of sanky i wud hav thrown her out of the house.. Love ks not greatr than self respect and looking the other way round if sanky had done the same thing.. Then all sort of feminism wud hav occured… I m dorry but i didnt liked swara’s behaviour… Whatever it may be the fact is that he is her husband… She has no right to be violent with him…

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