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RECAP: Swara comes to know that their family played a prank and made her come to Kolkata for her engagement… which was fixed without her knowledge…!! Eventhough she initially opposes it…finally agrees for it..!!

Guys…this is sanskar’s POV which starts after his sudden confession..!!


‘White skin-u girl-u girl-u
Girl-u heart-u black-u
Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
My future dark
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di’

I think this song fits me in this condition..!!! For that attitude girl, I followed like a her shadow to gain her friendship… but ended up in crazily confessing her..!!! I myself had soo much impact because of that situation… being soo close to her…. looking into her deep eyes…with almost 3 sleepless nights widely dreaming her….!!!

But she hardly got affected…!!! If some other girl is there in her place… I would have been in movie theatre now with her… busy with our close works 😛 !!! But she is really different…!!! I think that’s what is attracting me more towards her…!!!

After that situation… my encounters with her became much more worst..!! Before she used treat me at least like a Human..!! But now… she is treating me like dog… 🙁 !!! Still I didn’t give up… I continued meeting her and started messaging her…!!

She used to shout at me how I always get information about her locations, address and phone number…I used to show off that true love can find out everything…!! But actual credits goes to Ragini 😉 !!!

Here… I still, didn’t gain at least, an atom size place in her heart… there… my mother started forcing everyone for engagement and marriage preparations…!! Swara’s parents and I tried to stop her and give excuses to her… because she don’t know anything…!!! Finally I ended up in landing Kolkata for my engagement with her…!!!

I reached 3 days before my engagement as my mother forced…!!! Swara’s family and me were so much tensed about Swara’s reaction about this…but there is nothing left except praying to god!!!l

Finally, I met Swara’s parents at their home, took blessings them and assured them everything will be alright…!!! Ragini and I went to terrace for a talk!!!

Ragini: “Soo…jijuu… I think I won the bet…!!! 😛 😀 ”

Me : “What bet??!!!”

Ragini: “You told that you will make my sister fall for you before marriage…!! But I warned you… and made a bet with you..!!! …You forgot??!!”

Me (acting proudly): “Sanskar Maheswari never fails in making girls fall for him…!!”

Ragini(teasing) : “Ooh… then what about my Di..??!!”

Me : “Who said your sister is a girl??!!! I think she is not a human even!!! She might be an alien… whose heart is made up of stone with no feelings and full of attitude…!!”

Ragini : “Oyy… think before you speak… My sister is really good!!! Accept that you lost bet!!!”

Me : “Ok..Ok!!! My dear pyaari gudiya…!!! I lost..!! So what do you want from me??!!!”

Ragini: “A promise!!!”

Sanskar(surpised): “promise??!!”

Ragini: “Haa Jijuu..!!! Promise me that you will make my sister happy always and take care of her!!! Promise me that you will always love her no matter whatever happens between you two..!!

You know what jiju… everyone says that my sister is selfish, harsh, attitude, short tempered etc..etc..!!! But it’s not true..!! When you become close to her… you will see my true Sister!!! She believes in Love… In fact, she says that, if love does not exist.. then what is the feeling between her and me, or her and our parents!!!

But the thing is… she believes that love decline with time… and doesn’t believe in long last relationships…!! That’s why she neither wants to fall in love nor want to get married it seems…!!!Soo… I am worried about her!!!”

Sanskar(thinking): “Thank you soo much Ragini for telling about her…!! My love for her increased much more…!! I promise you that I will definitely keep her happy all the time and love her till my eternity…!!! She might not believe in Long lasting love… But I believe in it…and my 7 years one sided love is the proof of it..!!!”

Ragini: “Thank you Jiju…!! Now all my worries are gone!!!My sister is really lucky to get a husband like you!!!! I have full confidence… that you will definitely make my sister fall for you… and change her thoughts!!!”

Me(suddenly panicked) : “Oh.. Shut yaar…!!! We are discussing about after marriage….!!!What about engagement???!!! First…how will she agree to marry me…???!!”

Ragini : “Jijuuu… Don’t take tension about it!!! We will take care of it!! You just get ready for your engagement!!”

Me: “Woww!!! You were not only the best sister for Swara…!!! You are the best Sally I have ever got!!!”

Ragini: “haha… Enough of your unnecessary praising…!! Let’s go!!!”

That night I was awake until mid-night, as I know already that Swara enjoys Friday evenings with her best friends and reaches home late!!

‘Good night my dear sweet and salty queen… sweet dreams – your future king sanskar’

I sent a good night message to her… and pulled myself into sleep thinking my moments with her… my college days…our fight…Then our first meet after 7 years… my preplanned encounters… my confession…my further followings …!!!


Finally… our engagement day came…!!! I saw myself in mirror… giving different Manly poses… smiling myself in different styles…!!! What to do 🙁 ???!!! This is the only way for relieving my tension!!!

Suddenly… I heard some giggles from outside of my room!!! I looked out and found that Uttara and her friends have been taking my video till now….!!!! ‘Oooo Myyyyy GODDDDDDD!!!!’ I immediately rushed out… but they ran away…!!

We reached their house… and I am not able to control myself!!! I immediately opened my mobile… her smiling photo flashed on my screen!! I typed a message and sent her!!

‘Hii Jaan….how are you?!! Missing you soo much… Eagerly waiting to see you…!!! – Your sincere lover sanskar’

I entered inside…met Ragini and her parents and took blessings from them…. and my eyes are searching for ‘HER’..!!! Suddenly I found someone… secretly went towards them and caught them..!!!

Me(suddenly holding someone’s hands) : “Caught you!!!”

Person(shocking) : “Bhaii!!!!”

Me : “ What are you thinking haa..!!! Just open mobile and delete my video or else… I myself will break your phone!!”

Uttara(pleading) : “Bhai.. please leave naa..!!! How can I delete that video without posting it in facebook??!!!(smirking)

Me(horrified) : “What??!!!”

Uttara : “Hehe.. just joking Bhai…!!! I am really a good sister you know…!!! I promise you I will delete it as soon as I show it Bhabi…!!!”

Me: “Ok..Ok.. (suddenly horrified) what??!!!!”

Uttara(smirking) : “You heard it right only my dear bro!!! For your satisfaction… lets just make a deal..!!! Promise me that you will do whatever I ask you and if not… I am going to show this to bhabhi!!!”

Me(angry) : “Noway…!!! I am not your servent..!!! Try these tricks on someone else!!!”

Uttara(looking behind me) : “Oooh.. really!!! See I am talking about Bhabi… and bhabi came…”

I immediately turned back…!!! My all body parts stopped working for few seconds…!!!

She is wearing an orange light weight saree… with golden blouse…!! Her attractive black kajal eyes… her long curled hair… her rosy lips are making me paralysed…!!! A big maang tikka on her fore head….Heavy Jhumkhas hanging her ears… and a chain on her bare curvy waist increased her beauty!!! She is perfectly looking like a queen!!!…. ‘MY QUEEN….!!!’

I also noticed her expressions too…as she was seeing me…!!! She kept her mouth in ‘O’ Shape… I think she might have surprised seeing me!!! But Utthara brought me into reality saying “Shut your mouth… Bhai!!!”

Then I understood that even… my mouth was open and saliva was about to fall out…!!!

Utthara(smirking) : “Ok.. bhai…you didn’t agree for my deal right…!!! Tata…going near bhabi!!!”

Me(worried) : “No..No..No.. Wait!!!”

But in no time she went towards her shouting “BHAAAABHIIIIIII……..!!!!!

PRECAP: ENGAGEMENT TIME… !!! ‘Going to hell??? Or finding Door to heaven??!!’

Sorry for giving same precap…!!! I couldn’t start writing engagement part in this episode!!! ‘Swara’s reaction in next episode for sure…!!! Until then keep guessing what swara might be planning??!!Will she be executing it after seeing sanskar??!! Don’t forget to comment your views even..!! Bye.. Bye..!!

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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