Hii everyone!! Here I am again back…with my 4th chapter..!! Please do comment your views about this chapter..!! And thank you soooo much commenters for encouraging me!!! I tried my best to show swaragini track well!! I hope it will reach your expectations!!
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RECAP: Sankar’s feelings about swara during their college time!! Introduction of present SWARAGINI…and their plan of roaming in mumbai!!

Stars started showing their presence in the sky… Tides of the sea were swinging to and fro much more energetically than ever… There on the sand… sat our two beauties… enjoying all these changes in nature!!!!

“Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabaka kehana hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Saari, umar, hamen sang rehana hai
Phoolon …” –

suddenly Ragini started singing!!! 😛

Swara(holding ragini’s ear): “You bankrupted me with your shopping and other nonsense, from morning onwards… Now what do you want??!! Trying to soap me with that stupid song!!! Aur kuch bachaa hai kyaa??!!!”

Ragini : “No..No..didi!!! I am feeling soo great to have you as my sis…Thats why I am singing song!!! You gave everything whatever I want today..!! I know you will buy for me panipuri even…!! 😛

Swara: “Dramebaaz..!!! You learned so much acting after joining in your college…We will have it while leaving from beach…Ok??!!

Ragini: “Ok fine..”!! and again after sometime started singing… “Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai – Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai…”

Swara: “Now what do you want miss. Dramebaaz??!!”

Ragini: “Nothing didi…I am feeling that my sister is sooo great, she will listen each and everything of what I spoke and do whatever I say without getting angry..!!”

Swara: “Understood…You want to say something to me for which I will get angry!!

Ragini: “Woww!! are soo intelligent!!! Ok promise me that you will listen everything and do what I ask you to do!!”

Swara: “I can promise you that I will listen but, I won’t do whatever you say!!”

Ragini: “No, you should even do..then only I will say!!”

Swara: “Ok!! Leave it…don’t say to me!!!”

Ragini(worried): “Fine!! Atleast listen to me don’t shout at me in between!!!”

Swara: “Now!! You came to my way!! Continue…”

Ragini(tensed): “Actually…You got a marriage proposal..and mom and dad want’s you to meet that guy once!!”

Swara (interrepting and angry) : “How many times should I say to you people, that I am not interested in marriage??!!When did you start supporting mom and dad..!! You used to be always by my side right??!!!”

Ragini: “You said you will listen to me completely naa…(pouting)!! I agree that I used to be your side…But now see..even I became old..!! I am about to complete my studies..!! Even I want to marry..!!!”

Swara(angry): “If you want, you marry…no one is stopping you!!”

Ragini(serious) : “How will I marry when I have an unmarried sister still!! What will others think??!!”

Swara : “No one is going to think badly…!! I will talk to mom and dad to make you marry..!!”

Ragini(angry): “It’s my fault to help you in spoiling your marriage proposals till now!! If I wouldn’t have helped you, then my way for my marriage would have been clear…”

Swara(angry): “Hello madam!!! Don’t say you helped me!! You have just helped in spoiling of 7 proposals…!! For last 3, I have struggled myself..!! Infact, you almost spoiled my plan in last proposal!!!

After a lot of silence, ragini calmly spoke!!

Ragini: “Do you love someone??!! Don’t worry I’ll talk to mom and dad…!! Tell me…”

Swara(startled): “ What non-sense are you talking??!! I am not that much fool to love someone and get my life spoiled…!!You and your silly questions..!!”

Ragini(thinking for sometime) : “Ok..fine tell me about that guy whom you used to have crush on your college days… I mean your senior..!! You used to tell me about him right!!”

Swara: “Are you nuts!!! He was just my crush… I don’t know where he is now even!!! If you bring him for my proposal even…my probabilty of marrying him is just 10%… understand!!

Ragini: “Thank god!! Even though it’s less, at least there is a probability of marrying him…Just say me his name…!!! I am going to find him and make you marry him!!”

Swara(Dramatically): “Ooo God!! Why have you given me this devil sister who wants to snatch my happiness by making me marry..”

Ragini: “Stop your over acting right now!!! You are the biggest dramebaaz ever!!”

Swara: “Then get this matter into your brain… that I just had a crush on him and nothing else..!! and I am not at all going to tell his name… because, I know very much how you used to play games using fake accounts, and tease me in front of my friends when I tell about any boy in my college..!! That’s why till now, I never said his name to you!!”

Ragini: “Fine!! leave about your crush now… I just want you meet a guy tomorrow..!! He is in Mumbai only!! Just a meeting nothing else..!!

Swara(angry) : “I am not going to meet any guy.. now leave the topic!!”

Ragini opened her mouth to speak something but then stopped… They both sat in silence sometime and then Ragini began…

Ragini: “Didi…Just think about our parents once…!! You know very well how much they are worried for your marriage!! I am not forcing you to marry!! Just meet this guy… If you don’t ,then they will point our parents about you!! How insulting it would be for our parents??!!! Just meet this guy tomorrow for the sake our parents respect!!! PLzzzz…..”

Swara didn’t say anything but just looked straight towards sea..!!! After sometime she said “Let’s go Ragini!!”

Ragini: “What’s your decision??!! Meeting him or not??!!”

Swara : “Do you want panipuri or not??!!”

Ragini : “Yess.. yess !! But..!!”

Swara: “If so… Leave this topic!! Come on!! It’s already late… you need to catch tomorrow morning train even..!! You need to pack your luggage and all!! Get up…”

Saying this she moved away…without giving answer!!!


Ragini was sitting in the train near window seat and swara bought a bottle and handed it to ragini through window!!

Swara: “Take it!! Don’t forget to call me as soon as you reach home!! Take care of Mom, Dad and you even!!

Ragini: “Di…!! What about your decision regarding meeting that guy??!! I know you were angry… but just listen to me!! Meet him once… and using your techniques make him reject this proposal…!! Even parents will be relieved if you meet him!! Please…”

Swara(thinking): “Ok fine!! I will meet him…”

Ragini: “Woww…That’s great!! His name is…”

Swara(interrupting): “I don’t wan’t any non-sense details about him!! Just tell me the place… I will go and meet!!!”

Ragini: “Ok..Ok.. I am already in contact with him!! He told he booked a table in some restaurant .. I forgot!!”

Meanwhile train started moving…

Ragini(happily) : “ Don’t worry dii.. I will message you the place details asking him, within an hour… Just meet him!! Don’t forget about this by getting involved in your work!! Byee.. take care of yourself.. Don’t stress too much for work!!”

Swara(happily waving): “Ok..Ok.. bye..bye.. Even you too take care of yourself and haa…don’t forget to call me after reaching home!!! Happy journey!! Miss you!!!”

Finally the train left the platform…

“Sooo…It’s time to showcase my extraordinary skills to my special guest in the evening!!!!…”Swara thought smirking!!!!

PRECAP: Swasan meeting!!!!

Finally… Guys!! How was the episode??!!! Whom do you think might be the person on whom swara used to have crush??!!!! Keep guessing..!! I can’t talk anything about this now 😛 !! If you can’t guess… Tommorow I will give a clue!!! Are you excited for swasan meeting??!!! If not…Get exicted from now onwards…Main track is going to start tomorrow…!! Also tell me your views about this chapter!!! What do you feel about ragini’s character and swaragini’s conversation!!

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  1. nice… oh swasan meeting….

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  2. awsm….waitng for swasan meetng…i thnk swara have cruah on sanky or his frnd whom she beat badly…i guess

    1. Thank you 🙂 !! I will tell clue about him tommorow!! I am afraid your guess might be wrong!! 😉

    1. Thank you soo much…!!! 🙂 I would like to know why you kept your anonymus name as a sinle letter ‘s’ if you don’t mind!!

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    Its really awesome…. Very nice…. Update next asap…. I have a mild doubt that swara has crush on sahil…. I know there is no such character in ur ff till now…. May b there can b in future…. ?

    1. Thak you sooo much shan!!! I can’t say anything about your guess 😉 !! But I felt soo awesome..that you have not thought it’s sanskar or his friend…!! You are really genious!! But I can assure It’s not at all sahil!! I can give you clue that I have used his name once in my ff!!Only once….!!! 😀

  9. superb.I think that guy r sanskar

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