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RECAP: Swasan first meet in their college..!! Their fight..!!

Swara who was looking down all the time, when sanskar was shouting,raised her head!!! Her eyes were red and moist, Tears are flowing continously like waterfall!! Extreme Anger is clearly visible in those eyes!!!

Sanskar suddenly stopped his shouting seeing her like that. A deep feeling of guilt raised in his heart…!!

She immediately handed over the money in the counter to her friends and said “ I am not going collect the money!! Take it!!! and I am leaving the team…!!” Saying this she ran from there sobbing…!! leaving everyone shocked…

Then Swara’s friend Priya talked to sanskar to lighten the situation…

Priya: “I am really sorry for what ever has happened on my friend SWARA’S behalf!!! I hope you don’t take it seriously and take action against us..!!

Sansakar(little guilty) : “ No.. No..!! sorry for shouting on you people..!! It’s just that I got carried away with the situation!!! So.. her name is ‘SWARA..’I want say sorry to her even!!!

Priya: “It’s ok!! We will take care of her!! No need to worry about her… We have been working hard since morning continuously for this competition!! May be she is little bit exhausted!! Leave it..!! She might have gone to hostel even..!! We need to get ready for evening celebrations!! See you in the Evening..!! And HAPPY DIWALI..!!”

At Evening… both sanskar and Rajat have been waiting for Swara…

Rajat: “Bhai!! It was you who did cheating.. and you are asking me to accompany you to meet that girl!! You know what??!! I heard a lot about her from their batchmates!! They warned about her!!”

Sanskar: “From when you starting taking interest in this girl??!! You already researched about her even!! Trying for her or what??!!”

Rajat : “Haa..!! When I saw her in afternoon.. I thought about it!! So, I used my techniques to find about her…Then I came to know about her!! Morning she is looking like ‘KANGANA ROUT IN QUEEN’ naa..!! That is not her face..!! Actually she is like ‘KANGANA ROUT IN REVOLVER RANI’…!!!Lady Don hai woh…. So, beware of her!!”

While talking, Swara and her friends came there..!!Sanskar was again mesmerised to see her beauty..!! She is wearing a red saree.. with matching accessories and minimal make up!! Both sanskar and Rajat went to meet her.”

“Excuse me!!” Sanskar called her. Swara who was facing back to him, talking with her friend turned towards him..!! Her face,which was glowing like a 1000 Volt Bulb before, has suddenly changed into a Red dangerous horn light…She immediately raised her hand within no time!!

Sanskar, who understood the situation, bent down, before her hand touches his face..!! as a result, Rajat( bechara :P), who is back of him, got the slap!!

Within no time, he started running from there, leaving Rajat…. While running he heard some shouts…and turned back once…where, he saw Swara beating Rajat blue and black…and her friends trying to control her by holding her hands and making her leave rajat..!!!



After seeing Rajat’s condition… and her friend’s warning me to stay away from her for my safety…I never dared to show my face!!!

2 Years of my M.Tech, along with her remaining 2 years of her B.Tech life, ended in my secret followings only…!!! Her over excitement nature..her caringness towards her friends..her helping heart…her rebel fighting nature.. attracted me towards her like a magnet!!

I think I am the only guy in the college who is after her…because I saw her inner beauty!!! I liked the way she was..!!! I felt so bad for that I have wasted two years… but what to do… there was no chance even… 🙁 🙁 !!

After that I never saw her and and my feelings for her never stopped even!! But God understood my problem it seems!!! And he has sent her to me through this alliance and I am not going to miss her now!! Yes!! I WILL GET HER…I immediately ran to my mom and called out…

“Mom..Mom!!!” I shouted and she came hurriedly as if some earthquake occurred and asked “Why are shouting, Did anything happened??!!”

I immediately hugged her and said “You are the best mom I ever had…You bought a super alliance for your son…I am ready for this marriage!!!

My mother’s face first turned into shock…and then to surprise… finally to happiness…and started dancing and told “WHY NOT!!! Right now I will talk”, and took phone.

Suddenly she stopped as something struck to her mind and said “Sanskar!! Just meet the girl once and tell your decision!! You should not judge her as soon as you see the details…”

“Actually Maa!! I know her…I met her during my college days 7 years back!! So, I am sure about my decision!!” I said.

Then she thought for some time and said, “Ok.. Fine!! I will confirm it…But just meet her!! It will be good even… 7 years is a long period!! Many things might have changed…Any way… I talked to them about your meeting even!! Just meet her once and then confirm your decision..!!!

7 years is a long time..!! Even my heart is screaming at me to meet her…so I accepted to my mom!!

POV Ends…!!!


A girl was waking up another girl…She shouted on her…Jumped on her…Pushed her from that side to this side of bed and vice versa..!!! But still, the other girl is sleeping as if she was a non-living object!! Finally, the first girl seriously took a jug and splashed the water on face!!!

With this the girl woke up as a ‘Dead mummy woken up from a coffin’ with a jerk!!!

“What the hell RAGINI!!!! Can’t you make me sleep on Sunday even!!!” shouted the girl..

“That’s the point my dear Swara dii..!! Today is holiday…and you are sleeping like a Kumbkaran without thinking about your little sister”, said the other girl pouting!!

YES!! They are SWARAGINI!!! Our Sleeping beauty SWARA..!! and naughty girl RAGINI..!!

SWARA : “It’s just 8..!!! and you woke me up this much early on this holiday!!! Ooo God!!! Why have you given me this devil Sister!!”

Ragini(pouting): “You are calling me devil…I came from Kolkata to meet you!! From 2 days…you have been very busy with your office work..!! I thought atleast you will have time to spend with me today!! Fine..I am going today only!! You go and have your beauty sleep!!”

Swara(Consoling) : “Aree ladoo….Meri maa!!! What to do?!!! Just exhausted with my work..!! Now anyway I got up..!! Chaloo.. lets go out!!”

Ragini(Still pouting) : “Noo.. I will go home!! Drop me in railway station…”

Swara: “Aree..but you booked ticket for tomorrow naa!!How can you go today???SORRYY… please…maaf kar do naa muzhee..!!!(holding ears)”

Ragini( acting as still angry) : “No!!! Your sorry not accepted”

Swara(understood ragini’s drama): “Fine you go home..!! I am going to Ice cream parlour to have cool chocolate ice cream after dropping you in station…Chalo.. Get ready!!!”

Ragini (worried and angry): “What you will have ice cream without me??!! I am not going to leave you soo easily understand!!You are going to give me treat of ice cream over there.. and then.. we are going to fashion street for shopping…and finally to beach in the evening. Then I will accept your sorry!!”

Swara(saluting) : “YESS MAM!!! Now get ready!! Fast!! We need to enjoy…!!”

Saying this…They got up from bed and started readying..!!

PRECAP: SWARAGINI’S secret talks…!!! Ragini telling swara about marriage proposal!!

Tantadaaaaan…….. =D !!!Completed my 3rd episode!!! Till now I have showed only Sanskar’s side!! So, I wanted to show about swara’s thoughts and her feelings and her changes in 7 years!! I wanted to show SWARAGINI’S bonding even!! So, I wanted one more episode before the start of swasan love story..!! I hope you won’t mind…!! If you feel it’s lengthy please comment!! I will try to wind up soon and show swasan in next epi only!!!

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