Hii everyone..!! Thank you soo much commentors for inspiring me!!! I have written my 2nd episode… and I would like to know about this episode..!! I tried well to make it interesting..!! Whatever you feel, even it is boring also, please comment!! I will try to improve!!
Link for my previous teasures and first episode:…and+her+love+story

Recap: Sanskar’s and sujatha conversation about his marriage proposal!!!


I opened the marriage proposal cover kept on the table, and shocked to see the photo of the girl. My entire surroundings started dancing including me. I started jumping in air, holding that photo and looked into sky and thanked god. Why won’t I?? Because the girl was none other than my first and last , my one and only, one sided love..SWARA….

Generally, it is said that if your crush on someone lasts for more than 6 months, then it’s definitely love!! But my feelings for her have been for 7 years. Her innocent smile…her cute arrogant arguments… her excitements for small things, her teasing nature….have been haunting me all these years!!!

It all started when I joined M.Tech in IIT DELHI…


SANSKAR MAHESWARI: The most handsome and charming guy of M.TECH batch and many of his batch girls are back of him..!! But he didn’t give a damn to them. (Afterall, hamare varun ko ithna level college me banana padtha hai.. 😛 )

SWARA GADODIA: B.TECH 3rd year, IIT DELHI… Offcourse beautiful, but very boyish!!! Most of her batch doesn’t consider her as a girl only. Still single!!! (Mentioning of this status is necessary!! Because girls in IIT’S are very less..!! In that being ‘single’ till 3rd year even means, Salute tho karna padegaa!! 😛 )
They both never met each other before.

On the occasion of of diwali, food stalls were arranged by students, in which Swara and her friends have been participating in that competition. She has taken the duty of collecting money from customers as she don’t know how to cook.

Sanskar was waiting at the entrance of stall for someone, and a beautiful voice called him “Excuse me.!!” He turned back and saw the source of voice and was awestruck to see her. Off course it’s non other than our ‘SWARA’… ( Don’t worry guys..!! actually ,that day she got readied like a girl traditionally, as it is diwali.. 😛 )

Swara: “Your ordered thali plate has come, take it and pay 50rs.”

Sanskar: ——————-(still staring at her)

Swara( irritated) : “Your thali plate!!(shouted)”

Sanskar(coming into senses) : What??!! I didn’t order anything..!! You have mistaken..

Swara: “No.. No!! you people only ordered.It has come. We can’t take it back. See, it’s becoming cold even!! It is last one even..!! so, please take it!!”

Sanskar( rudely): “ So, this is the point. It is the last plate and it’s not hot even. You want it to sell ASAP. You and your cheap tricks. Keep that with you only. I am not going to buy it because I didn’t order it.”

Swara: (got angry and with high voice) : “Mind your language and think well before you speak Mister!!! Nobody is forcing you to buy here. It’s your batch who ordered it. If you won’t buy ,we are not going to get loss, we can eat it ourselves or someone else will buy it!!”

Saying this, she kept the plate aside..!!
When Sanskar is about to leave, his friend Rajat came there..!!

Rajat: “Bhai!! Did you take my thali from this shop??!!

Sanskar: “what??!!”

Rajat : “ Aree.. Bhai!! I ordered thali here..Everybody is saying it’s so nice here..!! I thought you will take it by now and have started eating even!!! Koyi baath nahi..common!! lets go and take..!!”

Saying this, he dragged sanskar to the counter.

Rajat: “Excuse me miss!! I have ordered a thali here. Can I get it??!!”

Swara who was busy in counting money, lifted her head and saw sanskar along with him…

Swara: “ Sorry, we didn’t get any order from you and moreover they are over now!!”

Rajat: “ But, I can see a plate near you, over there, you can give that right??!!”

Swara (smirking) : “It became very cold, so we can’t give it to you..”

Sanskar who is listening all these started talking: “It’s ok!! We will take it now!!”

Swara(dramatically): “No..No..No.. How can we give it!!! We can’t use cheap tricks and sell this one to you..You may leave..!!!”
Meanwhile a guy came and payed money and took the plate infront of them!!

Sanskar(angry) : “You told you are not going to sell it!! How dare you sell it someone when we are standing here.”

Swara( smirking) : “I told I can’t give to you people.. not to other customers.”

Sanskar: “so you took revenge for my words!!!”

Swara: “offcourse!! Now I request you to please get lost from here!!”

Rajat(crying) : “Bhai dekho!! she is giving respect while telling us to go away from here even!!kuch manners tho seekho!! Aaj tere vaje se mujthe thaali nahi milaa!!!

Sanskar(irritated) : “Now stop crying like an amul baby!!! You are much more degrading my self-respect!!”

Swara(slowly.. so that sanskar can hear, making him much more irritated): “Do you have it first of all??!!”

Meanwhile , all sanskar friends came there and asked sanskar a treat.He ordered milkshakes for all of them in the same stall.

Sanskar(smirking) : “Excuse me miss??!!! I would like to have milkshakes for all of them..I think you can’t deny it now..afterall we are customers!!”

Swara has no choice but to give them milkshakes. They were 14 friends and ordered 14 but sanskar sent 2 of them away secretly after drinking.

Sanskar(smirking) : “Bill please??!!”

Swara(controlling anger) : “14 MILKSHAKES, 560Rs!!”

Sanskar(acting angrily): “What non-sense we are here 12 people and you are saying 14 milshakes..!! Are you mad??!!”

Swara(frustrated) : “Lower your voice mister!! You ordered 14 drinks and I counted them.”

Sanskar(shouting): “You gave one for each right!! Then how will get 14 drinks??!! Are we looking like fools to you!!”

Swara(raised her voice): “No!! Fools are much better than you!!”

Meanwhile swara’s other teammates came… to control the situation. Both swara and sanskar explained the situation to them and swara started saying to her friends that sanskar is lying and they drank 14.!!

Sanskar(shouted on all their team) : “Enough of your non-sense!! What are you thinking about youselves??!! First of all you people are not respecting the customers and further you are cheating them with false and high charges!!! You people are such a cheaters..!! I am going to complain about it to the head of this competition and make you people remove from the stalls.”
“(Pointing to swara) You are such a big liar!!! I don’t know what you think of yourself!! First of all,cut out your so called Attitude in you, which is as big as a mountain.”

Swara who was looking down all the time, when sanskar was shouting,raised her head!!! Her eyes were red and moist, Tears are flowing continously like waterfall!! Extreme Anger is clearly visible in those eyes!!!

She immediately handed over the money in the counter to her friends and said “ I am not going collect the money!! Take it!!! and I am leaving the team…!!” Saying this she ran from there sobbing…!!

To be continued…

PRECAP: Introduction of present SWARA..!!

Done with my second episode..!! I hope it’s not boring..!! If it is so..comment about it..!! I will try to make interesting..!! Little bit of flashback is left and I will end it in next episode..!! Criticism is most welcome!!

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