Hii everyone..!!! I feel like writing right now only, by seeing your comments… even though I have lot of work to do!! So, I wrote it..!! Thank you sooo much for your encouragement..!! I hope I don’t bore you people…!!
Here are the links for my teasers and characters sketch of my story..!!
character sketch:

A big mansion is shown, where a guy is sitting in the garden, sipping hot tea, enjoying both the evening breeze and tea.

A lady came there and called him “ SANSKAR!!, I need to talk to you.” Yes… that handsome hunk is none other than our sanskar!!!

Sanskar: “ Mom!! Since when did you started taking permission for talking to me? Will you stop talking if I say no??!!”

Sujatha(little irritated): “This is the problem with you… You never listen and care for us!!! You do always what you want!! We are just name sake parents..!! Even though you are great businessman son… you go and work in Bombay as a slave under someone…What’s the need?? Haa…”

Sanskar: “What is this maa???!! What did I do?? I came here to see you people taking holidays from office, and you always say, I never care to you…!!”

Sujatha: “ That’s the point…you always come to see us alone!!! Whenever you come, we always expect you to bring a bahu for us along with you…But now, you became 28 years old, and I lost the hope, of you bringing my bahu yourself…!! So I bought an alliance for you…!!”

Sanskar(sarcastically): “First time in my life, I am seeing a mother expecting her son to bring bahu, without their concern..!!”

Sujatha(sarcastically): “Even first time in my life, I am seeing a handsome and charming guy in this generation, without having a girlfriend in his life. You should learn some tactics from your father…!! In that generation, eventhough he is less handsome than you, he made me fall for him..!!”
Saying this sujatha started blushing…

Sanskar(teasingly): “Ahaa..blushing.!!! You have a romeo-juliet story even, behind your marriage..!! What’s the story??!!”

Sujatha( becoming serious): “See you always divert the topic…Now I am not going to fall in your nonsense trap, coming to the main point…”(meanwhile sanskar interrupted)

Sanskar: “ If it is regarding my marriage, then I am not going to listen!!”

Sujatha(angry): “This is the problem, You neihter bring bahu, nor allow me even..!! Now you should listen and stop interrupting me!! I got an alliance… just go through the details. Even,the girl is working in Bombay only. I am not forcing you…!! Just meet her, after going to Bombay and if you like her, then I will talk to them.”

Sanskar(serious) : “I am neither going to see the details nor going to meet her.”

Sujatha(Smirking) : “ Ok fine!! I gave you a choice…!! But you don’t want to have choice it seems even..!! Then I am directly going to confirm this marriage with them without your concern.”

Suddenly sanskar shouted: “Maa!! You can’t do this.”

Sujatha: “Off course I can…!! I met their family and I liked them so much, Even though I didn’t see the girl, I have strong belief in their nurture. So, decide yourself, and tell me …whether you want to meet the girl and tell the decision…or allow me to confirm the alliance directly.”

Saying this, she kept a cover of alliance details on the table, and went inside the mansion smirking.

Sanskar’s POV:

“what the hell!!! How can you fix my marriage ??!! It’s my desicion… ”I YELLED at her, but she simply walked away. After cooling down my anger, I thought to just give a look to the alliance, and finally say no to it , after all she said it’s my choice right…!!!

I opened the cover kept on the table, and shocked to see the photo of the girl. My entire surroundings started dancing including me. I started jumping in air, holding that photo and looked into sky and thanked god. Why won’t I?? Because The girl was none other than my first and last ,my one and only, one sided love…’SWARA’….

Precap: SANSKAR POV continues…!!

Finally started and completed my first episode…!! Don’t think directly marriage after this!! Abhi tho story shuru hui hai..!! Still there is a lot more to happen in between!! I am not that much bad to keep whole love track after marriage…!! Shadhi se pehlee swasan ko thoda sweet memories bantha hai!!! 😛

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