Love…love…love(KKB and MATSH) epi-7


Sorry for late update.

The episode starts with Abhi calls his mom and tells her that I found a girl.. Who will be good pair for me! Abhi mother asks him how she will be? He tells like beautiful water flowing down from mountain.. Like good air… Like winds.. Like etc,. He tells but she wears specs.. She tells so what? If my son likes then for me no problem! He smiles and tells her to come soon.. Or else she will leave.. Then u have to wait till tmr! She agrees and gets ready!

Ranveer smiles.. At Ishaani.. Man runs.. Ishaani hifi with ranveer.. He tells her to fulfill the promise.. Which she made! She tells sure.. I will.. They both sits on shop and orders coffee..she sits nervous.. He asks what is her ambition? She smiles and tells to marry someone.. Who s perfect for her! He asks do u have any opinion about u r upcoming husband? She tells yes.. I have more and more! He asks her to say! She tells but.. He tells promise. She agrees to say! Meanwhile baa calls Ishaani and tells her to come to house right now! Ishaani agrees.. Ishaani tells sorry I have work.. She leaves without having coffee.. He smiles.. He tells this lady is always busy!??He starts to drink. Sakshi comes there and asks him what he is here??

He tells I came to know that here one anaconda came!! So only!??She tells funny! She asks him why did he come here?? Usually he won’t come out with anyone.. Is u r mother is here? He tells no.. I came with friend. She asks who is it?? Usha comes there and sees them and thinks so for this only he is not accepting wedding?? She tells I will get them married soon.. It will be surprise! She leaves.

Abhi comes near pragya class. He puts oil slowly.. When pragya comes out and slips and falls on his arms.. They share an eyelock.. Abhi mother comes there and sees this and smiles.. She thinks so this is the girl? She tells she is good! I I’ll change her hair style soon! So she will be perfect for my son! She smiles..

Precap:abhi mother tells yes for marriage.. Without knowing pragya has a daughter. Usha plans sakshi and ranveer engagement. Without knowing to them!

So soon get ready for more comedy! Bye guys..

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  1. waiting 4 twist

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  2. Update next dude???

  3. nice please upload regularly

  4. Nice going….

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  5. Nandana

    Nice episode

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  6. Very nice Naren it was good waiting for the next episode ?

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  8. Hey bro loved it sooooooooooooooo much and thank u for giving the best epi

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  9. Great bro waiting fr nxt part???

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  10. Niz epi bro… Keep smiling

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      1. I am Arivodhaya. I have replied before in that name itself. Just now changed my name bro

  11. Vaishali

    awesome episode bhai it was awesome the precap was interesting indeed was missing urs a lot bhai when will u update??? was the ques in my mind all these days loved it a llot

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      Sorry sister.. I am busy with my studies and many other ff.. But I will try to update this ff on Monday surely!!

  12. Amazing episode & precap also . some confusion ?? also but I read previous epi……if getting time

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