Love…love…love(KKB and MATSH) epi-5


Sorry for soooo late update!

The episode starts with Pragya comes back to house and sits near shalini and tries to speak to her but fails.. She moves.. Pragya sings songs for her.. But she does not speak up!! Pragya falls near shalini leg and tells sorry????Shalini asks what maa?? Pragya tells sorry!later.. They both laughs at each other.. Shalini asks why did u fall on my leg?? Pragya asks who?? I fall down to take my pendrive..???Don’t think that u r elder than me?Shalini tells maa!! Pragya laughs.. Dadi comes there and tells pragya that she needs some money to go to parlour. Pragya tells but.. I have to pay fees to shalini!! Dadi tells 40,000$ is there.. So what?? Pragya tells sorry I won’t! Dadi holds her hair and takes card and leaves.. Pragya brings shalini to ice cream parlor and gets one ice cream. Shalini was about to extend her hand.. Pragya haves it.. Shalini asks then for me? Pragya tells u did not open u r mouth even u told sorry.. So only I had???

Shalini asks for ice cream?? Pragya smiles and gives it to her.. They both have ice cream with smiling face . abhi passes by in car.. He sees pragya and stops car.. He sees her lovingly!! Driver tells it is time sir!! Usha mam will be waiting! Abhi tells him to drive away.. Abhi slowly takes pic of pragya.

Ranveer gets some flowers and tells today I will propose Ishaani!! He comes to office.. Baa and Ishaani comes there.. Ishaani introduce baa to ranveer..Baa asks for whom flowers? Ranveer stammers.. He gives it to her and tells it is u rs??She asks me?? Baa tells him not to joke and tells I am always beauty queen! Baa advises Ishaani to take tips from me!! Ranveer turns aside and laughs.. Seeing this ishaani also laughs..

Ishaani thnx baa for coming.. She leaves.. Ishaani sits on chair and starts her work.. She cleans her table and gets a message.. From baa. That one boy will come to meet u!! Ishaani tells so one more?? She thinks how to escape from him?? Ranveer walks past.. Ishaani comes to him and tells I need s favor! He asks what?

Ishaani explains all.. He stands quiet shocked..she pleads to accept!! He finally agrees.. She thnx him and forwards her hand for shaken!! He smiles.. He also gives it.. Whole staff members sees this and gets shocked.. All speaks to each other. This ranveer won’t speak to anyone but he is giving hand.. Something is fishy

precap: Ishaani tells man that ranveer is my boy friend!! Pragya gives half money to abhi and tells another half I will pay within 1week.. Abhi tells I like u r dignity!!

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  1. Siddhi

    Very nice yaar loved it update soon and also read my ff a journey from hate to love it’s based on rivanya pls read and comment

    1. Narendran

      Sure.. Tmr I I’ll read and comment!! Siddhi!! Thnx for the comment..


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  3. nice yaaaaaaaaaa

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  4. Nandana

    Very nice i really like it update the next soon

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  5. Vaishali

    what is this bhai so much late i was desperately waiting fr it bhai loved it a lot no words to say i know u alwasy rock waiting fr ur next episode

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  6. Nice epi narendran bro…

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  7. It was awesome I loved it to the core

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  8. Hey bro loved it sooooooooooooooo much no words to express

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  9. Superb bro missed it☺

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  10. Very nice episode Naren and little funny also? waiting for the next ?

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  11. please can you give link of episode 1 2 3 4 i want to read from start

    1. Narendran

      Sorry.. I don’t know how to share link!? Pls click my name and go inside my profile and check previous epi of this ff..

  12. Julina

    Nice epi bro…I loved it….

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  13. Narendran

    Tmr I will update next epi!! Sure.. Sorry for late.. Busy with other ff and studies!!

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