LOVE? HATE? Chapter 1

Chapter 1

On one fine morning , a big mansion is shown .
Three boys are sleeping on a huge crown sized bed . There was deadly silence as everyone were still in the arms of sleep .
The alarm rings waking up two of the boys while the third one was still in his sleep with his sweet dreams .
The two boys , Shivay and Omkara got up by the irritating voice of the alarm who disturbed their beautiful sleep .

Shivay’s Pov :-

I and Omkara got up by that stupid alarm clock which now I feel to thank , because today is our first day to our college . I am so happy .
I don’t know how is my first day going to be . Me and om will be attending the college today while rudr will be having his first day in high school .

Oh no !! In all this , we forgot to wake this sleepy head , ru . When we are awake , how can he sleep so nicely .

I looked at om who was trying wake rudy boy while I was busy in my thoughts .

I gave him a sheepish smile while he just shook his head .

We tried waking this sleepy head but it was of no use . Instead he was murmuring some of his latest girlfriends name and was telling them to see his big biceps . We just shook our head and suddenly I got a great idea , for which I should thank my cerebrum , a.k.a , my brain .

I went from there while my sweet brother Omky shomki was giving me a look of ‘what are you trying to do even?’ . I just gave him a nod and went from there .

I went to washroom and filled a tub of cold icy water . I brought the tub of water with me to the room and when om saw it and understood the plan .
We both grinned and counted :-
and ‘GO’.

Rudy got up shouting “Flood ! Flood ! Some one save me ” . We both brothers started laughing like a maniac as we’ve poured the whole tub of water on our rudy baby’s face and also seeing his reaction .

Ru made a puppy Crybaby face .

“Bechara ru” said om and again we both started laughing .

“Koi kisi ko aise jagata hai kya ? ” (“do someone wakes anyone like this?”) and again he made a cute puppy face .
And then ,  he just pulled us into a hug . We hugged him back but soon we realized that he made us also wet .

Seeing our shocked faces , he started laughing while we just shook our head in disbelief .

This is how my relationship is with my two of the brothers . I just love them to the core . They are my life , my everything .
So , today is my first day to college . I just hope against hope that no problems come on my first day with full college life goes amazing .


Hey guys !! Thankyou for your support and love . Hope you support me like this with this whole book .
The next chapter will be from Thakur mansion , means the girls team .

And was this chapter boring ?? Or was this short ?? Please tell me your  views .
I ‘ll tell my best to improve myself .

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