LovEgo – episode 6

recap : Sam meets Ayush along with Akriti. Ayush accepts his father’s offer.

It was late in the evening and Samar was waiting for Samyuktha in the hall. She called him up in the evening and asked him to meet her. She sounded worried in the call and he wondered what the matter was. Samyuktha came in with coffee cups and offered him one. Samar placed the cup on the table, “What’s the matter Sam? You sounded worried in the call.” Samyuktha took a deep breath, “I received a mail from GMAA a few hours ago.” She took a pause while Samar was waiting for her to continue. “And they changed my location to Mumbai.” Samar was shocked to hear, “What?! I mean why did they change it at the last moment?” Samyuktha’s face was plain, “Have you seen today’s news?” Samar looked confused. She passed him the newspaper which had the news of GMAA merger with Sinha industries. “I have been hearing about the merger but didn’t expect it to be from Sinha industries. I am not sure if Ayush is behind all these” Samyuktha held her head.
Samar couldn’t understand what Ayush was upto. He knew that Ayush always hated to join his father’s business. “I am sure Ayush must not have made this deal. He doesn’t even know you are going to Bangalore or working at GMAA” Samar supported Ayush. “He knows it Samar. I met him yesterday along with Akriti” and Samyuktha explained how Ayush behaved. “I know he hates me but I never expected he would show it this way.” She wiped her tears while Samar comforted her. “Look Sam you too know how much Ayush hates his father’s business. He wouldn’t have known about the merger.” Samyuktha looked at him, “I received confirmation mail for Bangalore office in the morning and by evening they changed my location to Mumbai all of a sudden. They didn’t inform me the proper reason too. Do you think this is some game? Its business Samar and one wouldn’t simply take decisions in such a narrow timeline. It needs a lot of planning.”
Samar found Samyuktha’s reasoning logical yet his heart was saying that Ayush wasn’t responsible for this. “I feel that you need to talk with the company and sort this out. There must be some misunderstanding” Samar advised her. Samyuktha told him about the appointment she fixed with the company HR. Samar hugged her and suggested her to clear out everything with HR and drove off to his home. Samyuktha thought to herself, “You wouldn’t understand Samar. I have seen hate in his eyes.” Ayush was relaxing in his room after a hectic day. He closed his eyes and remembered the board meeting that happened afternoon. Ayush was nervous about the meeting but then he closed his eyes and remembered his meeting with Samyuktha, “I have to be in Bangalore” “Congratulations and All the best Ayush.” “All the best to you too my dear Sam” he thought to himself and stepped in.
It was the first time he stepped into a conference room. He has prepared his speech but was nervous on looking at the board members. They were all far experienced than him. But today, experience wouldn’t drive the meeting rather his ego would. He wanted to see pain in Samyuktha’s eyes. Mr. Sinha greeted the directors, “I am very glad to announce the new Managing Director of Sinha Industries, Mr. Ayush Sinha. Please welcome him” and a round of applause followed. Ayush took over the presenter’s position and thanked everyone. He delivered a wonderful speech and everyone was satisfied with Mr. Sinha’s decision of appointing Ayush as MD. “So if there are no questions we shall conclude the meeting” Ayush was waiting for their questions.
All the directors were happy with the plan and gave their vote to Ayush. He was happy with their decision and arranged a video conference with GMAA HR’s across India. Ayush presented his plan to HR’s, “I would like to know if there have been any recent recruitments from your side in the past one month” Ayush questioned. “Is there any specific field you are looking for Mr. Sinha?” asked Narayan. Ayush thought for a while, “I have been asked a question in my board meeting today to justify the merger with an advertising agency. As you all know Sinha industries is mainly into manufacturing, there isn’t any need for us to merge with an advertising agency as we have our own Ad department. Our objective behind the merger is to expand our industry in Advertising and for that we require a good amount of publicity. So Narayan, why don’t we start with the recruits in publicity department and to be precise any recruits in copywriting?”
Ayush was hoping to hear Samyuktha’s name but another question popped up from Ritesh, HR of Publicity department. “Ayush Sinha, your idea sounds good but I suggest you should look into seniors rather than new recruits. They will probably present you with a better view on GMAA.” Ayush smiled, “you are absolutely right Ritesh. Their expertise will tell me what to add in publicity and not how to do it. I am looking for some fresh ideas which might come from new recruits.” Everyone nodded in agreement and Kalki, head of Recruitment, spoke “I shall mail you the list within an hour Ayush.” They discussed on future recruitment and Ayush shared his company’s HR structure. It was evening and he was looking at his laptop for the mail that could turn his and Smayuktha’s life. A message popped up on his screen, “You have a new mail.” He hurriedly opened it and found the excel attached. He browsed through the names and finally spotted the one he was looking for. He marked the name, “Samyuktha Ramchandran in red, “The real game begins now” he thought to himself. Ayush marked few other names from across locations and sent a mail to HR of GMAA asking them to change their locations to Mumbai.
The sound of the phone brought Ayush into present. He checked his phone and it was from Samar. He ignored the call but Samar kept calling him. “What’s the matter bro? Are you feeling restless without talking to me?” Ayush finally answered the call. “Ayush what’s going on? I came to know that you have joined your dad’s business” Samar questioned him. “Such a silly question Samar. I am his son and I have to take it up one or the other day” Ayush replied. Samar knew that wasn’t the reason, “But you never liked being under someone’s empire or is it no longer your passion to build your own empire?” Ayush knew where this is going to end, “It is but I learnt that to succeed in something you first need to experiment. You know like you and Sam have experimented on me to see if real love exists? So I have joined my dad’s company to see how it goes.” Samar knew Ayush was hurt from deep, “All the best Ayush” and he disconnected the call. A wicked smile appeared on Ayush’s face.

Precap : Sam tries to convinve HR. Ayush hurts Sam

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