LovEgo – episode 5


Recap : Sam declining marriage invitation. Ayush shocked to see Sam with Akriti

Ayush grabbed Akriti by waist, “I thought this was sort of first date and am surprised to see another person” and looked at Samyuktha. Akriti was surprised at his move as it was unexpected. She knew he wasn’t interested in her and the commitment was only for business. She smiled at him, “I wanted to clear some things before we step into this new relation” and offered him to sit. They settled down, Samyuktha avoiding eye contact with Ayush while he was staring at her. “I heard you love cold coffee a lot. Shall I order it Ayush?” Akriti winked at Samyuktha. Ayush holded his hand into a fist but composed himself, “I do but not anymore I would like to try something else.” Akriti ordered a dessert for Ayush while she and Samyuktha were having choco latte. “Ayush I need to tell you something. I do know that you are friends with Sam. I heard that there were some misunderstandings between you both but she is my best friend and I would like her to attend our marriage.”
Ayush and Samyuktha looked at Akriti in surprise. Before Samyuktha could respond, “I don’t have any problem with anyone. You can invite whomever you wish Akriti. I really don’t care” he looked at Samyuktha, his eyes full of hate. Akriti was excited as she never thought it will be so easy for her to convince Ayush. “Thank you lots. I love you Ayush” and she hugged him sideways. Samyuktha interrupted, “I am sorry Akriti but as I said I can’t make it to your marriage. I have to be in Bangalore.” “You are moving to Bangalore?” Ayush asked her concerned. He regretted it the very next minute, “I mean it’s your best friend’s wedding and you have been waiting for it ever since. Aren’t you SAM?” He stressed the last word intentionally. Samyuktha looked at Ayush with tears in her eyes. “Ofcourse Ayush she was. But she received a job offer as copywriter from GMAA, one of the best Advertising agencies. She had to join next week and is permanently moving to Bangalore” Akriti explained Ayush about the job details.
He listened patiently but his eyes were fixed on Samyuktha. “Why are you leaving me Sam?” his eyes were asking hers. “You didn’t leave me any option Ayush” was her reply. They were only inches away from one another but their hearts have moved miles apart. Love has been replaced by ego. They discussed few other things and it was time to leave. Akriti hugged Samyuktha, “Meet me before you leave for Bangalore and try to come for my wedding.” Samyuktha smiled at her and looked at Ayush who was in a hurry to leave. She extended her hand, “Congratulations and All the best Ayush.” He looked at her, “Akriti I am getting late. Shall we move?” and Ayush walked away leaving Samyuktha.
Ayush dropped Akriti home and returned to his and saw his father discussing business with Akriti’s father. He ignored them while Mr. Chaturvedi called him, “Hi Ayush how are you?” inviting for a hug. Ayush hugged him uninterestingly, “How are you uncle? I see you are in some important discussion. I shall meet you later.” He tried to leave but Mr. Chaturvedi stopped him, “It’s about the deal we finalized yesterday Ayush and I think you should participate in it. I heard that you are interested in Advertising and GMAA merger would surely help boost your career. Doesn’t it Pradeep?” he looked at Mr. Sinha who smiled at him assuringly. “It boosts my dad’s business more than my career uncle. Isnt it Dad?” Ayush looked at his father and excused himself leaving Mr.Chaturvedi puzzled.
The next morning, Ayush was hitting the punching bag recollecting his meeting with Samyuktha. All the memories flashed infront of him exhausting his brain. He finally relaxed on the bed taking off the gloves. He took sips of coffee placed near his bed and his eyes accidentally fell on the newspaper. The headlines were about the merger of GMAA with Sinha industries. The word GMAA caught his attention as he heard it somewhere. It was then it striked his mind that it is the same company which Samyuktha was going to join at Bangalore. He read the complete article and a smile appeared on his face. “No matter how far you go, you can never escape from me Sam” he thought to himself. On the other hand, Samyuktha was still in her bed remembering Ayush’s reaction on seeing her. “I mean it’s your best friend’s wedding and you have been waiting for it ever since. Aren’t you SAM?” She has never seen such hatred towards her in his eyes. She wanted to forget everything and move on with her life.
Ayush got ready and as he came down, his mother was surprised to see him dressed in a suite. “Ayush, are you going somewhere?” she questioned him. Ayush hugged her, “I need your blessings mom as I have a very important task to complete” and he thought of Samyuktha. His father stepped out and was puzzled seeing Ayush but he ignored as he wouldn’t get any answer even though he questioned him. “Dad” he heard Ayush calling him. Mr. Sinha turned back in surprise. “I will take up the merger deal with GMAA. I would like to arrange a meeting with the board members of GMAA today post lunch. Make all the arrangements required for it. I will see you at office” and Ayush walked towards his car. His father was puzzled but glad that his son had finally taken over his company. Ayush was on his way to office when he got a call from Veronica, “hey Verny what’s up?” Veronica noticed happiness in his voice. “What’s the matter Ayush? You seem very happy” she questioned.
Ayush asked her to be on hold and conferenced Smriti, Shaan as well. “My dad’s company cracked a deal with an advertising company and guess what? I am taking up the merger process” he informed them. “But Ayush, I thought you weren’t interested in uncle’s business” Shaan pointed out. “There are many things in my life that I am not interested to do Shaan. Sometimes you do things not because you like to do but you are forced to do” Ayush replied. Smriti and Veronica found it fishy. “You never did anything against your wish Ayush. What is this new change in you?” asked Veronica. “My dear little sister, let me explain. You wish to see me happy and what if I says my happiness is forgiving Samar and you are against Samar coming back into my life. What would you do?” he questioned her. Veronica thought for a while, “I would let you.” Ayush asked her the reason and she replied, “Your happiness is more important for me rather than the source.” Ayush smiled, “exactly Verny. You have many wishes but you should always know your priority and I am doing the same thing.” He talked for a few more minutes and disconnected the call as he reached office.

Precap : Ayush attends his first office meeting. Sam finds out that she works for Ayush.

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