LovEgo episode 4

Recap : Sam happy with her job at Bangalore. Ayush shares his sorrow with Shaan

Samar was getting ready to his office when he received a call from Samyuktha. “Hey Sam how are you?” he greeted her. She greeted him back, “Samar I have a good and bad news. Which one do you want me to share first?” Samar thought for a while, “Let us keep the bad things away. Tell me the good news.” Samyuktha told him about the job offer at GMAA and Shaan was excited on it, “I am very happy Sam and congrats to you. I hope uncle is happy with the offer.” Samyuktha expressed her happiness, “As for the bad news, Akriti asked me to meet her in the evening to discuss their marriage plans.” There was silence for a moment and it was Samar who spoke, “It’s not your problem anymore Sam. You cannot control things that happen to you but you can control the way you react to them.” He suggested her to meet Akriti and see what happens. Samyuktha felt relieved after talking to Samar and waited for the evening.
Samyuktha was waiting in the coffee shop. Although she practiced the conversation, she was nervous. She received a message “All the best” from Samar and thought how supportive he is. Someone came from behind and closed her eyes. She instantly recognized the touch and waves of excitement rushed through her nerves. “Ayush” she whispered slowly. He landed infront of her, “How come you are always right Sam?” and he gave a sideways hug to her. Samyuktha was feeling discomfort on seeing him which he understood, “Didn’t you expect me to see here?” he questioned. Samyuktha stood up and hugged him hard, “I love you Ayush.” Ayush woke up with a startle and realized it was all dream. The sun light was at its peak and his vison was blurred for a while. He looked around to see that he was in the balcony and realized his conversation with Shaan but he couldn’t see him anywhere.
Ayush looked for his phone but was interrupted by his father, “So finally you are awake” and came forward to hug him. Ayush stepped back, took his phone and went away followed by his father. “What is your problem Ayush? Why do you keep ignoring me?” his father stooped him by holding his hand. Mrs Sinha came out to see what the noise was. Ayush turned back, “What is it Dad” he sounded uninterested. He asked him to sit down for a while as he has a very important thing to discuss. Ayush looked at his mother who signaled him to do so. Both of them sat and it was Mr Sinha who initiated the conversation, “Look Ayush I don’t understand why are you sad. You told me that you are fine with the marriage proposal if the girl is fine.” He was interrupted by Ayush, “Is this the important thing about? If it is, I am not at all interested.”
Mr Sinha continued, “Well I will come straight to the point. Yetserday morning Mr Chaturvedi and I attended a business meeting with a company. We talked about the merging and the deal was finalized. I want you to work with the company to make the merging smooth.” Ayush looked at his father, “I told you that I am not interested in your company deals.” He was about to leave when his father mentioned, “It is an Advertising Agency and I thought you would love to take it up.” Ayush stopped, “I don’t need the details as I am not interested” and he left. Ayush returned to his room but his father’s words echoed in his mind, “Advertising Agency” It was his dream to run an advertising company but not this way. He wanted to build his own empire in the advertising world but everything turned out to be a disaster all thanks to Sam, he thought. He hated the thought of joining his father’s company but his father caught him on his weakness.
Ayush took his phone to call Shaan when he received call from Akriti. He disconnected it twice and attended it when he could no longer take the frustration, “I am disconnecting the call Akriti and it means I am not in a mood to get disturbed. So please don’t call me.” He was about to hang up the call when he heard Akriti apologizing him. “I am sorry Ayush. I know that you are not ready for this commitment. I wanted to talk to you once regarding this. Will it be possible for you to meet me?” Ayush was confused at her request but then wanted a fresh breath so he accepted the invite. Akriti was excited and messaged him the meet up place. “This meeting would be interesting” she thought to herself. Ayush informed his friends about his father’s business deal and Akriti’s call.
Samyuktha was nowhere in mood to meet Akriti but she had to as she cannot run away from truth. She looked at all her clothes and finally decided on a white salwar. She reached the coffee shop a little earlier and Akriti informed that she will be reaching in fifteen minutes. Samyuktha settled herself and ordered a choco latte. “Make it two please.” It was Akriti, who was dressed in long black dress that heightened her fair glowing skin. She had a red colored lipstick matching the blush on her cheeks. She greeted Samyuktha with a hug, “Finally Sam. I am very glad to see you here.” Samyuktha greeted her and they both settled down. The waiter served them Latte and there was silence. Akriti shared with her the wedding plans, shopping details and the dates. Samyuktha felt awkward listening to it but she had no other option. She broke the flow, “Akriti I have something to share with you.” Akriti looked at her with frowned eyes. “I am moving to Bangalore” Samyuktha replied. Akriti was in shock for some time and gained her senses, “How can you leave Delhi when my marriage is within a month? Sam you very well know how important is your presence for me. I am planning for all the shopping, girls’ night outs and even bachelorette party and you say that you are moving to Bangalore?”
Samyuktha calmed her down, “I understand your concern Akriti but I have a job offer with GMAA at Bangalore. You know that my dad always wanted to go back to Bangalore after his retirement but couldn’t because of my studies. I got a chance to make him happy and I don’t want to miss it at any cost. I hope you understand.” She placed her hand on Akriti’s looking into her eyes. Akriti was sad that she would miss her but was happy with Samyuktha’s job. Akriti received a call, “Its two blocks away from the main road.” She was explaining address to someone and Samyuktha wondered who it was. “You seem very happy. Who was it Akriti?” she questioned her. “You will get to know soon” Akriti smiled. She excused herself and went towards the main door waiting for someone. A man arrived and Smayuktha couldn’t see his face as Akriti was blocking the vision. They hugged each other and talked for a while and Samyuktha had a weird feeling about the guy.
As they came near her, Samyuktha’s heart stopped for a moment and the world around her was frozen. It was him, the very same person who was the reason behind every tear she shed. Some out of happiness and some out of grief but every tear was because of him. There he was Ayush, in white shirt and blue jeans with a well gelled hair and the black goggles covering his dark brown eyes. She wanted to move away from the table but her legs weren’t supporting. They reached the table and Akriti introduced Samyuktha to Ayush, “I thought you should know about her. She is my best friend Ayush.” Ayush was shocked on seeing Samyuktha standing infront of him. She hasn’t changed and was still the same with her big black eyes and waist long hair left loose with strands of hair falling on her eyes. They stared at each other and Ayush was controlling his anger recollecting her betrayal. “Hey guys what happened?” Akritis’s voice brought them back to senses.

Precap : Sam upset with Ayush’s marriage. Ayush accepts his father’s deal

Will Sam leave Mumbai forever? What is Ayush’s sudden interest in his father’s business?

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