LovEgo episode 3


Recap : Ayush confronts Samar while he defends Samyuktha.

A man is sitting in his corridor reading a book when a pair of hands closed his eyes from behind. “I know it’s you dear. So it is a good news” he was saying with his eyes closed. “Dad how come you know everything about me before I tell?” she removed her hands and came infront of her father. “The answer is in your question Sam. I am your father” and he smiled at her. She kneeled before him smiling and handed an envelope to him. Her father opened and it read,
Dear Miss Samyuktha Ramachandran,
We are pleased to confirm your position as copywriter with our company following your successful completion of training with us. We, at GMAA, believe in creative, innovative and integral way of advertising the products and these have been our core values which has placed us at great heights. We expect that your tenure with us would add more glory to our values as well your career. Please go through the terms of employment and compensation plan attached in. Please reach out to us for any queries.
Hoping to see you soon. Good luck
Warm Regards
Keshav Chattarjee
Executive HR
Great Minds Advertising Agency

Ramachandran seemed silent after going through the appointment letter which confused Samyuktha. “What happened Dad? Are you not happy with my job?” she questioned him. He looked at her and smiled, “I am more than happy dear. You finally achieved what you have always dreamed of. I am wondering if you have inquired enough about this company.” Samyuktha understood her father’s concern, “Don’t worry dad. I have done my research and it’s genuine. Although there’s been some rumors about merger but it’s not in the near future.” It is a good company and above all she was posted at Bangalore. She is happy that she could take her father away from all the bitter memories. She was on cloud nine as she achieved her dream. She sent a mail to the company confirming her acceptance.
Samyuktha was lying on bed thinking about her job and her phone started ringing. She looked at the screen and was hesitant on answering it. Finally she picked up the call, “Congratulations Akriti. I got the news.” She heard the other person smile, “It’s all because of you Sam and I will never forget it. I am sorry I couldn’t invite you as you know” and she paused a bit while Samyuktha understood. “You need not give any explanations Akriti. I know you” and they both smiled. “Why don’t we meet up tomorrow at Starbucks? There are lots I need to tell you” Akriti was quite excited. Samyuktha made excuses but Akriti shoved them off, “Don’t give me stupid reasons Sam. I will speak with uncle if you want.” After much struggle, Samyuktha gave up and they planned to meet up in the evening. Ayush opened his eyes and saw Smriti, Veronica and Shaan deep in sleep. He threw his blanket aside, took his phone and sneaked out of the room. He came to the balcony and took out a cigar from his pocket. He lighted it and released puffs looking at the moon.
He opened the gallery on his phone and started deleting the photos and videos in it. “Deleting them from memory card is easy but what about your memory?” Ayush turned around to see Shaan. He gave a vague smile at him, “Are you spying on me?” he questioned. Shaan came with two beer bottles, “Do I look like?” and he handed him a bottle. Ayush looked at the bottle, “I thought I wasn’t allowed to drink anymore for today.” Shaan smiled at him, “and I thought its one in the midnight which makes it a different day.” Ayush smiled at him and took the bottle. They were enjoying their drink when Ayush’s phone rang, “Dad Calling.” He disconnected it no matter how many times his father called him. It was for the tenth time when he finally answered, “What else do you need Dad?” he almost shouted. His father wasn’t surprised as he is used to it. “Your mom told me that you were ill. How are you now?” he questioned.
Ayush controlled his anger, “I am fine and I don’t need your fake concern” and he disconnected the call. Shaan was watching it in silence as he knows that Ayush and his father doesn’t share a healthy relation. Ayush threw his phone away and finished up the bottle at a go. This made Shaan worry, “Ayush what happened? Did uncle say something?” Ayush composed himself, “Why does my life have to be so complex? My father is busy in making business deals while his son is crying in pain and my best friend Samar is supporting the one who is behind this pain. My engagement is a deal for my father and my love is a game for some other. It looks like my whole life is under someone’s control.” He hugged Shaan crying desolately.
It was morning and Shaan woke up to someone’s voice, “Shaan wake up we have to go home. Wakeup you idiot” and he felt a leg hit him. Through his half opened eyes, he could see Veronica, “What is your problem Verny? You wouldn’t sleep and you won’t let others to sleep” and he yawned. She pulled his blanket asking him to wakeup while Shaan resisted her. Smriti was smiling at Veronica, “I have a way to wake him” and she whispered in Shaan’s ear, “Uncle is back and he is asking for you.” Shaan woke up at once looking tensed, “When did he come and why is he asking about me?” Both the girls burst into laughter looking at Shaan’s expressions. He understood that they were playing prank and was about to sleep when Veronica stopped him, “Shaan enough is enough. It’s already nine in the morning and Uncle will be anytime here. Let’s go please.” Shaan finally agreed and they asked Mrs Sinha to inform Ayush as he is asleep.

Precap : Mr Sinha’s business deal with his son Ayush. Sam and Ayush meet in a coffee shop.

Will Ayush accept his father’s deal? What made him meet Sam? Read to know more.

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