LovEgo – Episode 2

Recap : Ayush collapsed in heavy alcohol on his engagement day. His friends visit him and blame Samar.

Everyone was surprised at Ayush’s words. They thought he will never see Samar’s face after knowing the truth. Ayush was becoming restless when he couldn’t spot Samar, “Where is Samar? I need to see him.” He tried to get up from his bed when Shaan calmed him, “I will get him Ayush. You are weak and so please for God’s sake don’t move.” He asked the girls to look after Ayush while he goes out to get Samar. He searched the entire house but Samar was nowhere. He tried his number but it wasn’t reachable. Ayush mother encountered with him, “Shaan what are you searching?” He smiled at her, “I…I was looking for water.” Ayush’s mother looked at him puzzled, “It’s not your first time in this house Shaan. Is it? The kitchen is that way” and she showed him the kitchen. He thanked her and waited for her to go. She turned to see Ayush standing and she ran to him, “Ayush are you fine?” and hugged him. She was happy to see him awake while Shaan threw angry looks at the girls.

Ayush took his mother’s face in his hands and wiped her tears, “I am fine mom. There is nothing to worry” and he hugged her. “I thought you were” as she hesitated, Ayush completed her sentence, “depressed?” She was surprised and hugged him. Ayush was hugging her but his eyes were looking for Samar. He signaled Shaan to get Samar as soon as he can and Shaan went out to try Samar’s number. Ayush consoled his mother who was crying, “Mrs Anuradha Sinha as I am completely fine now, I guess it’s time for you to rest. Moreover, I have my friends to look after me. Isn’t it?” he winked at Veronica and Smriti. Anuradha smiled at him and went inside to rest. He went out to see Shaan trying Samar’s number, “its not reachable Ayush. He was here couple of hours ago and I don’t know where he disappeared.” Ayush looked at Smriti and she understood what he meant. She dialed a number, “Hello uncle Smriti here. Can I speak with Samar please?” She received a positive response from the other side and waited. “Hello Smriti. Is everything fine? How is Ayush?” it was Samar. “Come to my home right now Samar” Ayush’s voice was calm yet strong.

Samar was at Ayush’s home within thirty minutes. Ayush was standing near the window with his hand bandaged. The others were seated on the sofa waiting for the confrontation to happen. Samar knew what was lying ahead of him and he was ready for this. “Ayush how are you?” he asked as he neared him. “I am alive Samar” he replied. It hurt Samar but he deserves it. He chose to remain silent and may be Ayush can vent out his anger so that it will help him become normal. Ayush turned towards him, “How is she? She must be very happy isn’t she?” Samar looked at him. Ayush continued, “Tell me about you bro? How did it feel to cheat your best friend?” He was controlling his tears while Samar spoke, “I never cheated you. I just” and Ayush completed it, “hid the truth?” “Ayush please listen to me. I understand your anger and its justified. But it’s not what you think. Sam doesn’t know about this engagement.” Samar tried convincing Ayush but he shouted, “Don’t you dare take her name in front of me Samar.” Everyone was afraid of Ayush’s anger as it was like a volcano, once erupted one can never dare face it.

Samar goes silent as he knew it was the best way to handle his anger but not today. He didn’t want to become the reason for their separation, “I know what she did was a mistake but things you did weren’t less than one. You made fun of her love Ayush. You have no idea how she felt at that moment.” Ayush looked at him, “Enough Samar. My rejection doesn’t mean I never loved her. It means I am not yet ready to make her my priority. If you truly love someone you wouldn’t take decisions in haste rather you would wait and think the reason behind their rejection. She neither waited nor understood.” Samar looked at Smriti who was trying to hide her tears, “She would have Ayush only if you had not humiliated her in front of the college. Since she couldn’t make it to your then priority list, you rejected her for lifetime.” Ayush turned away his face trying to hide his tears. Samar looked at everyone and continued, “I know I have lost you all but I am happy that I stood by what I believed is right. I am with Sam no matter what happens and no matter whom I should fight with.”

Samar noticed Ayush folding his hand into a fist. He looked at Smriti who was looking sideways holding her pain, “I want you to know only one thing Ayush. Your priorties may change but your love remains with you forever and if that love changes with time, it wasn’t love in the first place.” He apologized to his friends and left the place in tears followed by Shaan. Ayush banged his wounded hand hard on the wall and it started bleeding. Veronica ran towards him and scolded him for his foolishness. Smriti went to get the ice and first aid kit. “Ayush why are you hurting yourself when it’s not your mistake? He isn’t our Samar anymore and you got to understand it. Life must go on no matter what. Do you get that?” Veronica was shouting on him while Smriti was doing the first aid. He looked at her, “How did it feel when you knew that Samar loved Sam?” Smriti’s hand shaked a little but she was silent.

Ayush repeated the question to which she replied, “Do you mean if I hate him?” Ayush looked at her surprised and tried to justify his question. Smriti smiled and replied, “Love is a feeling Ayush which I get when I look at Samar and it isn’t my mistake. Samar gets it when he looks at Sam and it’s not his mistake. So where does hate come into the picture?” Ayush was puzzled with the answer when Veronica stepped in, “Am I watching a philosophical movie? You guys need to consult a psychiatrist” and laughter burst out. Shaan stopped Samar when he was about to get into the car, “Samar what is happening with us? How can you go against Ayush and us? You very well know about his anger and still you take some random girl’s side?” Samar looked at Shaan, “I know about his anger and I am sure he too knows mine. Please don’t force me into something that I can never do.” Saying so Samar got into the car, “I forgot one more thing. She isn’t some random girl. She is Samyuktha Ramachandran, known to us as Sam.” He drove off leaving Shaan puzzled.

Akhir kaun hai ye Samyuktha? Why is everyone blaming her and Samar? Read to know more about the Love-Hate relation

Precap : Samyuktha bags a job. Sam and Akriti’s phone conversation

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