LovEgo – Episode 1

Episode 1:
The room was messy with the papers spread across and broken bottles. “Son please open the door. I promise you that everything happens as per your wish.” It was Ayush’s mother who was pleading him from past thirty minutes to open the door. “Ayush please come out. Your mother is so worried. Don’t hurt yourself when your anger is on someone else.” It was Samar, Ayush’s cousin and best friend banging the door and shouting for Ayush to come out. He was standing near the window with a bottle of vodka in his hand, lost deep in thoughts. He looked at the moon shining at its full glory. He hated it as it reminds him of her. The one he never thought would become a part of him that he had now lost forever. He looked at a photo frame taking shots of vodka in between. He stared at it for a while, “I hate the pain you gave and the happiness you brought into my life. I hate the memories I have with you. I hate everything about you. I hate you Sam” and thrashed the frame on the ground. He thrashed the bottle against the wall and collapsed on the ground crying.

Samar opened the door with force and saw his friend lying on the ground amidst the broken bottle pieces. Ayush’s mother rushed to him and took him onto her lap, “Ayush what have you done to yourself?” She looked at her son’s bleeding hand and tied a cloth to stop the bleeding. With help of Samar, she made him sleep on the bed cleaning his face that had vodka all over. He was murmuring the same thing, “I hate you Sam. I hate everything about you.” Ayush’s mother was crying bitterly looking at her son’s condition. It was his engagement and he looked happy in the function or her mother thought so. She didn’t know there was bitterness behind the smile. She rubbed his hair and looked at his handsome face. “The doctor is on his way Aunt. Don’t worry Ayush will be fine” Samar placed his hand on her. She wiped her tears and took away Samar’s hand on her shoulder. “I know you value him a lot Samar. I wish that you valued his love too.” Samar was silent as he knew that he too was responsible for his friends’ condition.

Without a word, he left the room teary eyed. He took his phone and messaged his friends, “Ayush needs you guys. Please come to his home as soon as you can. He knew his friends hated him for all that he has done. It has been a while since they talked. He missed them a lot and mostly Smriti. He knew how unconditionally she loved him but he was helpless. Ayush was the only hope between him and their friends but now he has lost that too. His phone rang and the screen flashed Smriti calling. He attended the call eagerly as it was a very long time since they talked. “Hi Smriti how are you?” His voice brought back many memories, some bitter and some happy. She composed herself, “What happened to Ayush? Is he fine?” she questioned him back. Samar very well knew that there was pain in her voice. It wasn’t for Ayush. It was for him. “He came to know the truth. I couldn’t stop it.”
Smriti understood what he meant by the truth. “It was meant to happen someday but sadly it was on his engagement” she thought to herself. “Smriti are you there?” Samar’s voice brought her back to the conversation. “Yes Samar. I will come to his home along with Verny and Shaan.” Samar was at peace and he was about to disconnect the call, Smriti asked, “Samar, did he know that we were also part of it?” Samar let out a smile, “he is more concerned about why you all weren’t present in his engagement.” Smriti let out a sigh, “Sam shouldn’t have done this to Ayush. Atleast we shouldn’t have let her do it.” Samar understood the pain in her words. “It wasn’t we Smriti. It was me all along. I have hurt Ayush and you too and I didn’t get chance to apologize. If only I could get a chance to prove my love” he was thinking to himself when Smriti interrupted, “I think I will have to drop the call as we need to get to Ayush’s house.” Samar understood her discomfort and disconnected the call reminding her to bring others as soon as she can.

Through the window Samar could see Ayush lying unconscious and his mother crying desolately. He heard the gate open and saw the doctor coming in. “Hi Samar what happened to Ayush? You sounded so worried” the doctor questioned him. Samar took him towards Ayush’s room without answering his question. Arvind Sarma has been their family doctor for long time. He looked at the messed up room and examined Ayush. He treated his wounded hand and gave the prescription to his mother, “there is nothing to worry Mrs Sinha. It is only due to the alcohol effect and he will be fine by tomorrow.” The doctor signaled Samar to follow him and they stepped out of the room. “I know Ayush drinks but today it’s different. His face is restless and the alcohol isn’t the only reason for this. I didn’t want Mrs Sinha to get disturbed. What happened Samar?” the doctor questioned. Samar knew the answer behind it but he didn’t have courage to speak up not until he clears out his misunderstandings with Ayush. “He is just stressed with the unplanned engagement. I guess he will be fine by tomorrow.” The doctor nodded in agreement and drove off in his car.

He turned to go inside the house when he heard a car horn and it was them. The ones he loved the most and the ones who have seen his happy and sad moments. He looked at them as they crossed him with all their eyes saying the same thing, “You betrayed us Samar.” He had a look at Smriti as her eyes said something else, “Why did you do it Samar?” She always had his back no matter what but this time she chose against it and she had to as it was Samar who made her helpless. Ayush’s mother was happy on seeing them as they are the ones with whom Ayush shared everything. They consoled her and asked her to rest as they are here to take care of Ayush. Veronica took a look at his room which was messy. It used to be messy all the time but this was an entirely different one. The broken bottles, shredded pieces of paper and photos conform the reason for his depression. She took a photo from the mess, “She looks so happy here” they were puzzled on whom Veronica was referring and Shaan put the same question before her. Veronica handed the photo to him. It was Sam along with Ayush and Samar. Shaan was about to throw the photo when Smriti took it from him, “You can throw away the photo but not the memories associated with it” and she placed it inside a book.

Veronica was burning with anger, “How could you support her after what she has done to us?” Smriti understood her concern, “Verny I am not supporting her. I am only saying the truth which you, I and everyone in this room should face someday” and she looked at Ayush. “Sam was right from her side and us from our side. It was Ayush who made fun of her love and when there is no respect for your love, there wouldn’t be anything else to look for. She did exactly the same thing. If there is anyone to be blamed, you very well know who it was.” Veronica wasn’t convinced with Smriti’s explanation and how could she be? Ayush was the only person who sensed the emotional child behind her rough attitude. He was like a brother protecting her from all the odds. She couldn’t see him in pain and not for a person who chose to leave him. Shaan calmed Veronica while they sensed a movement in Ayush. He opened his eyes and looked at everyone, searching for someone. He tried speaking but couldn’t because of the heavy alcohol. He struggled and finally spoke, “I need to see Samar.”

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