[gauri brought gayatri for check up and omkara brought rudra with him for checkup as well as to say sorry to gayatri both of their check ups were done gayatri and rudra were sitting in front of gauri across the desk omkara was standing behind them]
Gauri:[omkara was gesturing rudra to say sorry gauri notices him and asks]omkara what’s the problem why are you disturbing rudra[omkara looks at rudra and answers to gauri]
Omkara:[in annoyed tone]gauri i am not disturbing this idiot i am asking him to say sorry to gayatri [gauri gives all three of them questioning look omkara explains what rudra said to gayatri gauri understands that gayatri was upset because of this]
Gauri:[she looks at rudra and says]rudra you should say sorry it was your fault in first place as well as yesterday when she asked you to run from the goons you chose to fight and got yourself injured and yesterday she was concerned about you that is why she asked you and she even said you sorry for your leg so you say sorry to her and make it even[rudra frowns]
Rudra;[he looks at gayatri and for moment he realized that she really is beautiful like a flower he came out of trance and hesitated]i am..i am[he stammers]sorry
Gayatri:[she looks at rudra and smiles and says]it’s okay[rudra felt that her smile was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen]
[raghav picked sahil anvi ayush from school and brought them to ccd where shivaay,omkara,gauri and anika were waiting priyanka didn’t came as she was busy doing work in raghav’s stead in office raghav order pastries for kids]
Anika:[she asks sahil angrily]sahil what such thing you wanna talk about that you brought us here
Sahil:[he says enjoying his pastry]yesterday night i heard papa talking about your wedding decision
Shivaay:[he became curious like a kid to know what will happen next in story]and what did you heard?
Sahil:[he says smirking]you will have buy a pastry parcel for me anvi and ayush and[he looks at anika and gauri and says]don’t tell mumma that we already have eaten pastries[everyone agrees to his conditions and sahil tells them that he heard agastya saying no for wedding everyone becomes upset sahil looks at them one by one and says]don’t make faces like this you still have time all you have to do is convince papa that you’re perfect for each other
Omkara:[he asks innocently]and how are we gonna do that?
Sahil:[he says in irritated tone]i am not some matchmaker to tell you what to do find your own solutions
[agastya invited priyanka on lunch with him to talk about her’s and raghav’s relationship]
Agastya:[he hesitate but still he talks]priyanka i wanted to ask you something[she nods in yes] i am not imposing any decision on you and raghav but he is my younger brother and more like my child that why i just want to be sure that whatever decision he has taken is good for him or not do you think that rest of your life you can be with raghav and us[he pauses for priyanka to understand what he said]you have been raghav’s assistant for more than four months now and i think you know his most of habits and behaviour and you’ve seen our family’s environment keeping that in consideration are you sure that you can make adjustments in your life maybe i am to direct on this issue but that is because i know what have been through and you’re not a person who makes decision in haste [agastya stops for priyanka to say something]
Priyanka:[she was having difficulty to find words but she has to answer after all she loves raghav and want to spend life with him]veerji i am sure about my decision i have seen many people in my life and raghav is most beautiful person of them all yes i have to make some adjustments and i will willingly make them and how our relationship will be strong if we don’t understand each other and change for each other
Agastya:[he smiles and says]you are right and i hope that whatever decision i take will be best for all [he looks at the lunch and says] i think we should start our lunch or else it will be cold to us[priyanka smiles they do their lunch and resume their rest work]
[agastya was about to leave but shivaay knocks on his cabin’s door and omkara was along with him he asks them to enter]
Agastya:[he looks at both of them pretending to be surprise to see them but he knew that they would be here to meet him]pleasant surprise is there something i can do for both of you
Shivaay:[he takes a step forward and says]we don’t want to speak it all in round and round manner i will just be direct it is about me and anika and omkara and gauri we are here to tell you that we know whatever decision you will take would be good for all of us but just remember that i and anika and omkara and gauri love each other and we will respect your decision staking our love but please do think it through when you decide[shivaay and omkara were about to leave but agastya stops them]
Agastya:[he looks at both of them and says]you are late i thought that you will be a little bit early [shivaay and omkara makes confused faces] i intentionally made you guys believe that i am going to say no for this alliance and sahil was great way to do that
Omkara:[he says in disbelieving tone]so you mean to say that you were testing us[agastya nods in yes]so did we passed
Agastya:[he gives a serious look to both of them]i am sorry if this hurted to both of you but i had to do this you both had a troubled relationship with anika[looking at shivaay]and gauri[looking at omkara]and considering that i didn’t have any option to make sure that if this relationship continues then will you both pairs be able to understand each other properly and adjust with each other i may have got anika and gauri just back two years ago but they are my sisters and for me their happiness is most important and i want to be sure that if i am gonna say yes then my sister would never ever have a single drop of tear or even a small line of worry on their face because if that happens then somewhere i will responsible for that as it my duty to look after it and i trust you now[looking at omkara]both of you that you will be able to keep them happy so please don’t break that trust please

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