Agastya:[he says picking up soft toys]maithili i am not going to allow anika and gauri to wed shivaay and omkara
Maithili:[she says stopping her work her work]but why?[agastya looks at sahil to make sure he heard him he was about to says but he listens anika calling for them more likely shouting they run out of kids room to where from voice was coming from]

[maithili,agastya,gauri and raghav,vrinda enter the room and see anika helping gayatri to come out from washroom gauri was shocked to see her as she has said omkara that gayatri is not here but she quickly messages him]

Agastya:[he asks helping gayatri to reach bed]who is she and how did this happen?
Gauri:[she quickly answers]veerji she is gayatri my friend[she looks at gayatri as anika was settling cushions behind gayatri to help her sit straight]but how did this happened
Gayatri:[she said in confused tone]i don’t know,when i entered washroom i felt dizzy and then i blacked out and then when i woke up anika di was there
Gauri:[she says examining her leg]maybe when you fall down your leg got sprained but you must haven’t took your medicines on time that’s why you fallen unconscious i keep telling you that you just came out of comma two weeks before so don’t be careless with your health and why are you stressing yourself[gauri was about your lecture but she hears her phone ring it was omkara she asks anika to be by gayatri’s side for a while and she leaves from there to talk with omkara]

Gauri:[omkara was firing questions and not letting her speak]omkara relax just take a breath[omkara quiets down]gayatri is safe here actually she falled unconscious but now she is fine so don’t worry about her and for tonight let her stay here tomorrow morning i will first take her to hospital for checkup and then drop her to oberoi mansion okay
Omkara:[he sighs a relief and asks in concerned tone]why did she fell unconscious?
Gauri:[she hesitates but answers]she didn’t take her medicines properly that’s why?but don’t worry she is fine now i will take care of her[they wish each other goodnight and then gauri goes back to gayatri’s room and asks anika and everyone else to leave everyone tells gayatri to take care of herself and leaves once everyone leaves gauri closes the door and sits beside gayatri she notices that gayatri was lost somewhere and she had layer of tears formed in her eyes gauri gets concerned and asks]gayatri why are you crying? is everything alright?
Gayatri:[she wipes her eyes and smiles and says]yes di everything is fine no need to worry about anything

Gauri:[she says in a bit scolding tone]so you were crying without any reason so this means either you are mad or you don’t trust me enough to share your problems
Gayatri:[she hesitates]di it’s nothing like that i trust you completely[gauri looks at her for while with a hope that she will share her problem with gauri]di today just for moment i just thought that i am really what people think of me[gauri gives me a questioning look gayatri gives a faint and fake smile and says]when i used to live with my custodians after my parents death well my custodians were just my relative for name sake they didn’t even considered that i am related to them and that is because they thought that i am a bad omen,whomever i meet their life becomes a mess and today i just thought that maybe it is true[she remembers rudra’s words and gets lost in her thoughts again]

Gauri:[she touches gayatri’s cheek which brings gayatri out of her trance]gayatri never think like this again you are from the people who always bring smile and goodness in people’s life[gayatri hugs gauri which was unexpected for her but gauri hugs her back]


[anika and raghav enter room without knocking maithili was setting bed but stops it seeing them both agastya didn’t notice them he was busy working on laptop anika goes near him and closes the laptop]
Agastya:[he looks at anika confused why is she angry on him]anika what’s wrong?
Raghav:[doing funny imitation]what’s wrong?seriously veerji
Agastya:[he looks at both of them for while]look if you both wanna talk about your alliance with oberoi’s then

Anika:[she cuts him between]no veerji we trust you, and we know that whatever decision you will take will be for our good
Raghav:[he cuts anika between as he knows that once anika starts speaking about something then it’s difficult to quiet her down so he cuts her between]anika don’t stop twisting talks we are here to talk about their marriage not our
Maithili:[she came and sat beside agastya while anika was talking]what do you mean by our marriage

Anika:[she says imitating sweet tone]aww bhabhi you know very well what we want to talk about[she looks at agastya and says] veerji when were you going to tell us that you’re marriage was love and not arranged[agastya was unable to react he never thought that his sibling will ever know that he and maithili did love marriage]
Maithili:[she hold agastya’s hand and says]anika it’s not that we didn’t wanted to share about it to you but we never felt it important i mean we didn’t wanted to marry against our families wishes and when we finally arranged our so called arranged marriage but we thought that it no good to get blessing based on lie so we told mai and my parents truth but no one else knew
Agastya:[he continues]and if you feel that we should have told you and we did wrong not telling you then we are really are sorry

raghav:[he says sitting to the other side of agastya]veerji we are not angry we just missed that feeling of being participated in your elder brothers love story
Anika:[she had layer of tear formed in her eyes and says] i didn’t get the chance to enjoy your wedding[agastya keeps his hand on her cheek she looks at him and says]leave it all but now you have to tell us everything how you both met who proposed first everything[they continue their talk about agastya and maithili’s love story]


[sahil enters in his room without knocking raghav was sleeping peacefully]
Sahil:[he tries to wake him up but raghav didn’t even moved so sahil gets idea]priyanka di when did you came but chote papa is sleeping so he can’t meet you[raghav jumps out of his bed and relizes sahil tricked him he looks at sahil angrily]don’t get angry i have to tell you something important get today you make excuse and come to pick me anvi and ayush at school and from there we will go to CDD and invite omkara,shivaay uncles and priyanka di too i will tell anika and gauri bua[he turns to leave and reaches the door and turns back and says]by the way good morning chote papa[raghav was confused what did sahil wants to talk about to all of them and that to out of house]


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