Agastya:[he gives all three pairs serious look and says looking at dadi]dadi don’t get me wrong but i think it’s better for both the families if[it was difficult for him to find words he paused for a moment]if we reconsider their relationships
Anika:[for a moment she felt that her brother is being over possessive about her so she asks in upset tone]veerji why i am i feeling that you are saying no for this alliance
Agastya:[he feels he hurted anika but he couldn’t explain her in front of everyone so he decides to talk to her later he looks at dadi]dadi i am very sorry you all came to our house with hopes and i didn’t mean to crush them,all i am asking is just some time[he looks at anika]i am not saying no to this alliance but i am not approving it either without thinking for a while[he looks at everybody and then maithili they have small eyes conversion “what are you up to agastya” he replies “don’t worry i know what i am doing” agastya says sorry to everyone]i apologize to all of you but i promise by tomorrow i will take the decision until then it’s request to all just don’t bring this matter up please[they all have small chat and leave from there all the oberois were so nervous after listening to agastya that no one bothered to notice that gayatri is missing and when oberois left gauri thought she left with them]

[oberois didn’t have any talk in car whole way they all were quiet they all reach home but their faces were upset pinky breaks the silence]
Pinky:[she says in her normal tone]OMM i don’t understand how can agastya say no to alliance with us our sons are one in billions and prinku she is second to noone then how come agastya said no
Dadi:[she says sitting on sofa]shut up pinky[jhanvi was sitting beside dadi]agastya didn’t said no
Shivaay:[he,omkara were standing in front of dadi and priyanka was sitting beside her]but he didn’t said yes either dadi i thought he would be happy
Tej:[he was sitting on the adjacent sofa beside rudra]shivaay,agastya is anika’s and gauri’s elder brother and in that case it’s natural for him to behave like what he behaved today
Omkara:[he was looking at priyanka who was worried about agastya’s decision]but why does he need to think for prinku and raghav’s relation they both are perfect for each other and he knows prinku well
Dadi:[she looks at shivaay and omkara and says]have you ever noticed what anika,gauri and raghav calls agastya[shivaay and omkara were confused but rudra answers for them]
Rudra:[in his smart tone]veerji but dadi how does agastya bhaiya’s pet name matters here
Shivaay omkara:shut up rudra
Dadi:[she says looking at rudra]duffer it’s not his pet name in punjabi brother is called veer and it’s really great feeling when someone calls you veer and when their is someone whom you you can call veerji it’s not just a name for relationship there is mutual respect,love,care and protectiveness towards each other in brother sister relationship and agastya understands his responsibilities as veer he will be just doing what is good for his siblings.he will never regret if his decisions hurt him but he will never be able to forgive himself if his decision hurts his siblings
Tej:[he says when dadi finishes]agastya may have met anika and gauri two years back but his bond with them feels like ages old and he is a little possessive about his sisters
Shakti:[he says supporting tej]and you would have done the same if it was about priyanka’s marriage decision and don’t worry agastya will take a right decision
[everybody makes “hope so” face to shakti’s words and then omkara looks around himself and asks jhanvi]
Omkara:[a bit concerned voice]mom,where is gayatri she was in your car while coming back
Tej:[he answers omkara as he needs to find excuse to talk to his son especially since the truth came out]no she was not in our car[tej jhanvi rudra and dadi came in one car tej was driving]we thought she was with you[he tries to sound normal as he knows omkara and his relation is delicate]
Shivaay:[he looks at omkara and priyanka who were with shivaay in his car]no,badepapa she was not with us[shivaay looks at shakti]
Shakti:[he says looking at pinky]no shivaay wasn’t with us[shakti and pinky were in one car pinky nods in shakti’s agreement]
Pinky:[she looks at omkara and says]it’s okay omkara don’t worry she must have gone to her home
Omkara:[he says while taking his phone out]no choti maa she would have informed me she ie not careless or irresponsible in that ways
Rudra:[he was sitting beside tej and says in carefree attitude]at least you agree that she is careless in some ways[looking at his fractured leg]
Jhanvi:[she says in scolding tone]shut up rudra from moment she has stepped in this house your are just blaming her and arguing with her and you never thanked her for helping you
Rudra:[he makes irritated face and says]mom,why should i thank her because of her my leg is fractured[omkara who was talking on phone with gauri to confirm if gayatri is at her home but she said she isn’t but still she will check and call back and omkara even called gayatri but she didn’t answer it]
Omkara:[looking at rudra angrily said]rudra last i saw her she was talking to you did you know where she went
Rudra:[he said in normal tone]yes she asked me was it paining[looking at his fractured leg and then again omkara]and i said to her no need to show fake concern when she is not concerned about me but she didn’t said me where she is going[everyone was shocked to listen him]
Jhanvi:[she said raising her voice little bit]are you mad rudra how hurt must have felt how could you talk to her like that
Omkara:[he says pointing at rudra]rudra when she comes back you are going to say sorry to her and thank you also you get that[rudra nods obediently]
Pinky:[she says in her normal “pinky”tone]first find her then scold him

[all kids were sleeping on their respective beds agastya were picking up kid’s all toys and maithili were setting their bags for tomorrow agastya sees that sahil is just lying in bed but acting to sleep he talks to maithili]
Agastya:[he says picking up soft toys]maithili i am not going to allow anika and gauri to wed shivaay and omkara
Maithili:[she says stopping her work her work]but why?[agastya looks at sahil to make sure he heard him]


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