[anika,raghav,gauri arrive home with a wide smile vrinda who was going to kitchen passing through hall notices their faces with wide smile]
Vrinda:[she goes to them and stand infront of three of them and asks them]why are you three smiling like this[they were all in their own trance maithili came out of kitchen and saw them she all called them but no response]
Sahil:[he and ayush,anvi arrive there they all three look at their buas and chote papa and asks in gesture to their mother what happened to them she answers in gesture don’t know]ayush anvi listen to me as soon as i shout,shout with me okay[they nod their head obediently sahil takes a deep breath to shout loud as possible]aag aaag bhago….aag lagi…bhago[ayush and anvi join him anika raghav and gauri came out of their trance and look around them for water but they stop as they heard laughing noise of kids and maithili and vrinda were giggling at them anika runs behind ayush to catch him,gauri runs behind anvi and raghav runs behind sahil but kids were a lot faster then they thought finally all three kids stand behind vrinda looking at anika,raghav and gauri from behind her]
Vrinda:[she says in calming tone]it’s okay they did a good job you were not answering me and maithili so they did this but why were you all smiling like idiots[they were about to speak but dadi speaks from behind them]
Dadi:i will tell you[it was not only just dadi entire oberoi family was standing behind her and also gayatri dadi says entering hall]we all here with a proposal for three alliance[she looks at vrinda and says]now i think you have got the idea why were they all smiling and whose alliance we are talking about[vrinda who was looking at dadi looks at her kids anika and gauri show her the ring slightly raising their hand and priyanka who was standing beside raghav was showing her ring also vrinda was confused how to react]
Anika:[anika came forward to her put her arms around vrinda’s shoulder from one side and the other side was gauri]mai,are you upset with us
Vrinda:[she looks at both of them and then at raghav and priyanka and says]you have put me in such a situation that i am happy for all of you that you’re going to be soon married but also angry that didn’t even bothered to inform me agastya was better than all of you at least he asked me before proposing maithili[vrinda didn’t realized that in flow of happiness she just told the only secret agastya and maithili hid from their siblings and children anika and gauri looks at raghav assuming that he would have some idea about this as they were not with their family when marriage happen but raghav was shocked he looks at maithili with his shocked face and maithili’s expression was please somebody save me from this situation]
Raghav:[he goes near maithili and says]bhabhi at least you could’ve told me after marriage veerji would have never said but even you kept it from us[anika she pushes raghav aside he balances himself but again gauri pushes him to make space for her to stand and he again balance himself]
Anika:[she keeps her hands on her waist and asks]bhabhi did veerji told you to keep it a secret? [maithili nods in no]
Gauri:[she asks same way]so you told veerji to keep it a secret from us[maithili again nods in no]
Maithili:[she tries to change the topic at which she is very good]we are already happily married now it’s your turn and entire family is waiting for all three of you so talk to them first[three of them remember that oberoi family is here to talk about the alliance of their sons and only daughter so they turn around and to find that vrinda and all elders of oberoi family are already discussing about the date they join them along with their respective partners]
Sahil:[maithili tries to leave from there but sahil stops her]mumma you can fool them but not us [maithili looks at them pretending not to know what they are talking about]
Ayush:[he keeps hands on his waist and says]mumma we are your kids we have right to know
Maithili:[she gives him “what?” look and says]how do you have right to know that your parents marriage is love or arrange?[she was going to speak but vrinda calls her to call agastya and inform agastya about alliance she does that and goes to kitchen to get some snacks for oberoi family]
[rudra and gayatri were sitting on couch near window opening in garden rudra was little disturbed gayatri asks out of concern]
Gayatri:rudra are you okay?are you having pain in your leg?
Rudra:[he says in rude tone but he didn’t meant to hurt her he was disturbed]if you had care for me i wouldn’t have been in this situation this pain is because of you[he says pointing his finger to her gayatri’s eyes were welled up she didn’t wanted to spoil the atmosphere because of her so she asked gauri for washroom as an excuse to stay away from rudra]
[agastya entered hall maithili got near him to inform him what is going on in detail as she had only inform him on phone about oberoi’s coming for alliance he listens to her and then walks in middle of hall he greets everyone warmly]
Dadi:[she asks agastya looking at her grandsons]beta anika and gauri will never tell us about their dream about their weddings but you know them well so you only suggest something
Agastya:[he gives all three pairs serious look and says looking at dadi]dadi don’t get me wrong but i think it’s better for both the families if[to be continued]

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