Raghav Rajput-Arjun Bijlani
Maithili Rajput-Krystal D’souza
Agastya Rajput-Abhinav Shukla
Vrinda Rajput-Jyoti Gauba
Ayush Rajput-Faiq Shaikh
Anvi Rajput-Ananya Kolvankar
Gayatri Deora-Kanchi Singh
[shivaay anika,omkara gauri and raghav priyanka are there to confess their feelings in same resort but they are not aware of it and they are on different floors shivaay and anika are on 13th floor one floor above priyanka and raghav and one more floor above are omkara and gauri]
[shivaay had brought anika at hotel instead of taking her to office when they arrived shivaay blindfolded anika and took her to 13th floor were all arrangements were done he took of the blindfold from anika’s eyes and she was dumbstruck hall was decorated,heart shape balloon on the floor and stars and moon were hanging from ceiling there was a table at centre just for two of them at the centre of the table there was ring box and cake with i trust you written on it shivaay made it himself and there was also aloo puri was kept beside it but was covered so anika couldn’t see it he pulled chair for anika and made her sit he kneel down on one knee]
Shivaay:[he said taking anika’s hand in his hand]i don’t where to start but i have to,anika i am sorry from bottom of heart for every single mistake i did,i regret all of those mistake and now i promise that i won’t repeat any of it,i will never let that happen[he takes a small pause to make sure anika is listening]i trust you anika more than myself and i promise you that it won’t break too easy[he looks down so that he could compose himself he looks at anika again]i am in love with you and by every passing day i just fall for it for more so ms.anika rajput will you accept my love and take me as your husband [anika didn’t say anything she was just quiet but her heart was doing backflips and somersaults shivaay’s knee was paining so he said]anika would you still answer if i stand straight my knee is paining[she nods in yes as soon as shivaay stands anika hugged him and he was too surprised to back hug her she broke the hug]
Anika:[she had layer of tears formed in her eyes but she didn’t let them flow]if you would have realised this earlier then i wouldn’t have had to wait for two and half year’s for this[she says in scolding tone]
Shivaay:[he hesitate first but still he asks her]anika you didn’t answer me
Anika:[she keeps her hands on her waist]i hugged you for almost 10 mins you still want me to answer [this time he hugs her and she does the same after sometime she says]shivaay shall we cut the i am really super hungry
Shivaay:[breaks the hug and says]you know may be for world you are anika rajput but deep down somewhere you’re still my paanika
Anika:[she takes the knife in her hand and points to shivaay and says]if you ever call me that again [shivaay giggles at her and they cut the cake feed each other after that he served her aloo puri anika loved it and didn’t thought even once before eating more than enough shivaay takes the box of ring which was kept at the centre of table and removes the ring from box but he stops seeing the ring]
[here it was different everything was simple and sober and there was no cake or any special dish there was just a table for two at the balcony of 15th floor with two coffees already served and at centre there was box of ring omkara and gauri were lost in each other’s eyes for more than 45 min no one uttered a single word as if they were talking through their eyes]
Gauri:[she was so deep lost in his eyes that she didn’t realize she just confessed her feelings]you have no idea how much i love you two years i was craving just to hear you and when i finally did i had my limits
Omkara:[he cuts gauri in between bringing her back from trance]but now you don’t[gauri realizes it was too late to take back her words]i love you gauri and you don’t need to feel insecure thinking that your love for me can create any difference between me and mr.oberoi[you don’t need to worry about it she was about to say something but omkara immediately opens ring box and keeps in front of her he so she could see the ring]will you marry me gauri[gauri couldn’t control her happiness and it flowed from her eyes she nodded in yes omkara took ring out of the box and was about to put it in her ring finger but then he stops]
[raghav had his box of ring in his jacket they both were in restaurant but there were less people and priyanka and raghav at first hesitated to talk but then spoke at once so raghav insisted on priyanka to talk first]
Priyanka:[she was looking in raghav’s eyes]raghav,i have moved on from my past i don’t want that part of life to affect my future and i see my future with you i mean that over these days doing job with you is life changing for me at first i thought this change is because of the job but then i realized it is because of you and really feel like i am ready to move on in my life with you as my life partner i know that it’s way too direct the way i asked you but once there was a time that i couldn’t even speak freely but now i don’t know how make the point indirect and that is because of you i guess i would be lucky if i have a life partner like you[raghav was smiling at her]why are you smiling?
Raghav:[he looks down to control his smile and says]yesterday veerji said to me that love is a really weird thing i couldn’t understand it then but now i know why he said that just 16 hours i was terrified how are you gonna react if i propose and what would be your answer and considering your past and what not but right now i am sitting here and the lady i love is saying to me that she would love to have a life partner like me which is pretty much like a dream i don’t want to get up from
Priyanka:[she smiles and says]this isn’t dream raghav it is true[raghav takes out box of ring priyanka gets excited but seeing the ring raghav gets worried]
[shivaay enquired at reception about the ring and came to know that omkara and gauri are here too he turned back to inform anika and saw omkara and gauri standing with her]
Omkara:[shivaay come near him and he says]give me the ring
Shivaay:[he says with irritated tone]first you hand me mine
Anika:[she takes the ring box from both of their hand and says]stop acting like kids both of you[and hands them the correct boxes shivaay opens the box and sees the correct ring and smiles anika was getting more eager]shivaay stop smiling and put ring in my finger[she says with her hand ready gauri and omkara give her she is impossible look and shivaay puts ring in anika’s finger it was simple platinum ring of four pointed star made with small for diamonds anika gave her most priceless smile and shivaay was happy to see that they look at omkara and gauri who were staring at them]
Omkara:[he realises he also had to put ring in gauri’s finger and he opens the box]what the…[he looks at shivaay and says]shivaay this is not my ring what did do with it
Shivaay:[saying innocently]how would i know i don’t even know how your ring looks like
Raghav:[he and priyanka came from behind omkara and gauri]your ring is with me, it must have got exchanged by shopkeeper[raghav had called shopkeeper to inquire about the ring he shows omkara the box and goes near him to hand it to him]
Omkara:[he takes the box and checks the ring]yes this is the right one[he turns to gauri]
Priyanka:[she says looking at the other ring box in omkara’s hand]bhaiya give the other one back it is meant to be for me[anika looks at raghav in shock]
Anika:[she goes near him and checks his temperature]you and marriage it’s a really big shock for me
Raghav:[he says taking the ring box from omkara’s hand and says]stop it anika[omkara and raghav put rings in their respective partners fingers gauri’s was rose gold ring with small moti in middle with small diamonds circled around it and priyanka’s was platinum ring without any diamonds it was like band it had intricate and delicate design of flowers and leaves between two bands of plain ring everyone was happy with their rings and their relationships]

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