[shivaay drove anika home and left for oberoi mansion when anika entered hall everyone was waiting for her expect raghav and gauri she was at her work,night shift it was dinner time]
Agastya:[asked her while she handed her shopping bags to maid]so today shivaay was coolie for you
Anika:[she looks at agastya and maithili sharply and says]veerji you do it every time when bhabhi goes for shopping then you should know it’s every husband’s duty[she asks sitting beside vrinda] where is raghav i called him he didn’t receive and no reply to messages
Vrinda:[she looks at agastya and maithili then back it anika]i don’t know how to deal with him he has locked himself up since he came back from his visit to captain singh i tried asking but he said he is fine and if he needs anything he will ask for it?
Anika:[she gets up and says]i will talk to him
Agastya:[he cuts her in between and gestures her to sit]anika first you get your love story on track then think about raghav’s[she thought that he was taunting her but after some moments she realizes that he talked about raghav’s love story she sits down to digest the fact]come on anika don’t act like you didn’t notice things between priyanka and raghav
Anika:[she says in shocking voice]he loves priyanka[she thinks about it some more]did he confessed his feelings to her[agastya nods in no]
Anvi:[she says breaking the conversation in middle]it will be good if they marry soon i was so confused about what to call ms.oberoi but now if chote papa marries her it would be great i can call her choti maa
Sahil:[he looks at anika and says to vrinda]dadi i think you should have to think about three marriages at once
Ayush:[he counts on his fingers and says]yes,badi bua and shivaay uncle,choti bua and om uncle and chote papa and priyanka aunty
Maithili:[she looks at all three kids]now if all three of you are done then can we start dinner[she gets up,she looks at anika and says]you go get freshen up i will get the table ready
Agastya:[he stands up and says]i will get raghav down for dinner[and he leaves up stairs vrinda and maithili go towards kitchen followed by kids and anika leaves for her room]

Agastya:[he knocks the door and says]raghav dinner is ready and everyone is waiting for you[he puts his hand on handle and realizes room isn’t locked he enters the room to find raghav sitting at rooms window and looking outside in deep thought and thinks that raghav didn’t heard him he goes near raghav and keeps a hand on his shoulder]worried about will she say yes?
Raghav:[he looks at agastya and then down and says]more about how will she react[he looks out again]
Agastya:[he sit facing raghav and says]wanna talk about it?
Raghav:[he thinks for a while and says his voice was low and hopeless]i don’t know veerji what i really want to do i mean i love her and i would even love more to have her as my life partner in fact anyone would like to have her as life partner she is just perfect but[he sighs sadly]whenever i think about confessing my feelings to her i just can’t help thinking that what if she says no and i can’t even blame her she had a tough past with such relationships and it’s just been four months after her divorce i don’t want to wait more veerji but i also don’t want priyanka’s past to influence her decision i am really confused if i don’t say it to her it will just make me crazy everyday i see her and if say it then i accidentally might hurt her[agastya was looking at raghav and agastya had a wide smile on his face]why are you smiling like that?
Agastya:[he looks out and says]love is weird thing raghav[he looks at raghav and says]the more you try to understand it more it makes you confuse[raghav felt like he is attending rocket science lecture agastya tries to make it easy for raghav to understand] you remember you said me after my and maithili’s engagement that i have changed same has happened with you,you’re changed you’re not that raghav any more who used to get frustrated at small things every decision you took was without ever having a second thought but now since priyanka has came to your life you have second thought for your decisions it’s good but when it comes to love second thought is not an option[he keeps his hand on raghav’s shoulder and says]what she will think?how she will react?and what will be her answer are the things which you cannot have control on but you can have your control on how you confess your feeling and what words you say to her and how are you gonna handle it from your side you talk to her and let her have her own time to take decision[agastya’s talk was disturbed by knock on door]
Maithili:[she stands at door and says from there]if you both are done bromancing then it would be great if you join us for dinner [all three of them leave from their for dinner]

[priyanka was sitting on sofa in garden omkara and shivaay were having walk after dinner they saw her and joined her]
Omkara:[sitting beside priyanka]prinku what are you doing here
Priyanka;[she looks at both of her brothers and says]i was thinking about raghav i mean he is really great guy and i love him but whatever happened between ranveer and me[shivaay cuts her in between]
Shivaay:[he keeps hand on her shoulder and says]it was your past and let it remain your past don’t make your future decisions relying on your past if you love raghav then confess to him and after that you can let him have his own time to think
Omkara:[who was listening and intently looking at shivaay says to shivaay after he finishes]same goes to you shivaay you trust bhabhi like she does you and somewhere she know that all you have to do is confess to her that you trust her
Priyanka:[she cuts omkara in between]bhaiya same goes for you too even you know that gauri bhabhi loves you just she doesn’t want to show you that she loves you because she thinks that if you both came together then you will get more away from papa because our family past but it should you to assure her that nothing like that will happen?
Jhanvi:[she comes near them and says]why are you three not in your rooms
Shivaay:[he gets up and so does priyanka and omkara]badi maa we were just leaving[the all wish each other goodnight and leave from there]


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