[continued from where left in last chapter]
Omkara:[he looks at rudra and asks]now will you tell us how did this happen
Rudra:[he points at gayatri and says]because of her[omkara looks at gayatri and she nods in no]
Gayatri:[she looks at gauri and says]gauri di how can i do this you know me i can’t even hurt an ant how will
Omkara:[he cuts gayatri in between]gayu it’s okay you don’t need to be sorry i’m sure it must have been his fault
Gayatri:[she tells them that she was asked rudra to help her escape from goons but when she signed him to get in the car he instead chose to fight with goons and got himself injured though the goons were far more injured and in police custody]now you tell whose fault was it
Rudra:[he says looking at gayatri]your who told you to tell them that i am your boyfriend
Omkara and gauri:what?
Omkara:[he looks at rudra and then at gayatri]this idiot is your boyfriend
Rudra:[he looks at omkara angrily]O today you have to make a full and final decision that is she your sister or i am your brother
Omkara:she is my sister[he looks at gayatri]you didn’t answer me is this idiot your boyfriend
Gayatri:[she nods in no]bhaiya actually i said it to get rid of those goons[gauri was thinking something while all this conversation]
Gauri:[she came out of her thoughts and asked]gayatri but what’s going on with you,you came out of comma just last week and got discharged five days ago then what such thing happened with you in last five days that goons wanted to hurt you
Gayatri:[she hesitates but replies]di i had some prove against boss of those goons that he in name of real estate is doing illegal works and i had to submit it to the court so that i could win the case i have been fighting on behalf of my NGO before i met with accident as i went in comma they had delayed hearings and too much so they said there will final hearing on next monday{it was monday but hearing was on next monday}
Omkara:[he stands up and says]gayatri i don’t want to listen a word and i am not even asking you until verdict is not given you will stay with us at our house and no is not an option for you
Rudra:[he looks at omkara and gayatri then again at omkara]O she just met and my leg got fractured if she stays with me in same house god knows how many bones will break
Omkara:[he looks at rudra and says]shut up rudra i didn’t ask you gayatri can stay with priyanka in her room you don’t need to worry about her
Gayatri:[she looks at omkara and says]bhaiya you already did too much for me and i cannot take this big favour from you i can’t even repay you my medical expenses how will repay this one
Omkara:[he goes near her and asks]you consider me your brother yes or no?[she nods in yes]then it’s a brother duty to look after his sister’s wellbeing and happiness you don’t need to repay me anything okay[gayatri she says thank you with layer of tears in her eyes and in inaudible voice]let’s go home okay[they left after saying bye to gauri]

[anika and shivaay arrived at shopping mall anika had a clutch in her hand and they enter clothes department]
Anika:[she was looking at dress hanging by trawally of clothes shivaay was standing behind her]hold this for me[she says handing her clutch to shivaay]
Shivaay:[he says hesitantly]it’s for ladies[anika glares at him shivaay takes clutch from anika’s hands]
Anika:[she hands him a dress from trawally and says]hold this one and[she says handing him in another dress]this one[she hands him ten dresses one by one]
Shivaay:[he looks at pile of dresses in his hands and says]are you going to by them all
Anika:[she says still walking towards the trial room]maybe yes and maybe no i’ll keep the ones which fits and then i need to find matching accessories[and saying this she takes dresses from his hands and goes inside trial room when she comes out she buys 7 out of 10 dresses and hands all the bags to shivaay and walks towards accessories department without looking back at shivaay who was struggling to handle her shopping bags as it was his first time carrying shopping bags anika look back just once and thinks in her mind”the great tadibaaz shivaay singh oberoi is trying to carry shopping bags of his ex-wife and soon to be wife who would have thought a high class businessman would leave his AC cabin and do a job of valet but he is shivaay my shivaay who can do anything just to get a smile on my face and i promise you shivaay soon you will see that smile on my face as well as yours”]


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