[shivaay was late he thought that after everything is sorted anika would tell him to stop doing job but she didn’t instead she called him while he was sleeping and scolded him for being late and asked him to be in front of her in 10 mins anika was sitting in her cabin and working on laptop]
Anika:[she notices shivaay entering her cabin with cup of tea in his hands]you’re late mr.oberoi i called you at 9:45 and it’s 10:02 already you’re 7 min late and i would like to know the reason please[shivaay was quiet she looks at him sharply and says]did you thought that after what happened yesterday i would ask you to leave the job[shivaay nods in no anika gets irritated and says]have left your audio chip at home for god’s sake speak something
Shivaay:[he says keeping tea on table]ma’am actually traffic was too heavy so i was late
Anika:[continues her work and says]clean the cabin and there is list of some files on third row of shelf find that files for me and i want them in an hour
Shivaay:[he looks at shelf and says searching if list is kept there or not]yes ma’am[he leaves to get mop for cleaning cabin]
Anika:[shivaay enters cabin after an hour and keeps some dusty file on table and sneezes anika coughs as she inhales some of dust]what is this?why did you brought this dusty files here[she says reaching for glass of water]
Shivaay:[sneezes and says]ma’am you asked for them and they were in office”s old record room so the are dusty[as anika drinks the water she remembers]
Anika:[she realizes that shivaay is sneezing due to dust allergy she opens window of her cabin which had a view of beach and says]why did you went down there you know you have dust allergy you could have asked someone else now stand near window and get some fresh air[shivaay was just staring at her with surprise as this first time anika has shown her care to shivaay and smile appears on his face anika goes quiet looking him smiling at her she tries to cover up for her care]you are my employ so it’s obvious that i will care for you now if you are feeling somewhat better go and have proper medicine for allergy[with that she leaves from there]

[omkara arrives there to repent for his mistakes he saw that gauri was busy checking reports of all children so as she goes bed to bed to check reports omkara walks behind her]
Omkara:[at first bed]gauri i need to talk to you
Gauri:[she reads report and says keeping it back]if you can talk in front of kids then say it or else you have to wait in canteen
Omkara:[as gauri moved to second bed omkara followed her]gauri i wanted to say that i want to repent for what i did with you
Gauri:[she says moving to third bed]but om i forgave you so no need to repent
Omkara:[he follows her]gauri that is not a fair i did so many wrongs and you made it right just with one sorry please gauri i came here to ask you to help me repent
Gauri:[she said inserting a thermometer in kids mouth at fourth bed]om you want to repent for wrongs you did with me and you are asking me for help
Omkara:[he watches gauri remove thermometer and says]gauri you know me well so you suggest me a better way to repent something that will benefit you as well as others
Kid:[she moved on with her check up with omkara following her at every bed when all ten beds were over a kid spoke up]doctor if you don’t mind i want to suggest your boyfriend something
Gauri:[looking at the kid]he is not my boyfriend and what will you suggest him
Kid:[he looks at omkara and says]he can entertain us hospital is so boring it makes us sad if he will entertain us it will makes us happy and help us get well soon and he can repent for his mistakes too
Omkara:[he smiles looks at gauri and says]smart kid[gauri thinks about it every kid request her with puppy eyes and she couldn’t say no kids get happy]
Gauri:[she made kids silent and said]but remember no disturbing other patients and no pillow fighting and no shouting and loud noise and no
Kid:[he says keeping his hands on his waist]if you say no for everything then how will we enjoy
Omkara:[smiles and goes near the kid and faces gauri and says]don’t worry i will take care of them[she smile and leaves from there]

[he and priyanka were returning from a meeting raghav was driving and priyanka was sitting in passenger seat was reviewing some notes of meeting when raghav asks her]
Raghav:[he eyes were on road]ms.oberoi how many more meetings do we have?[she looks in her tab and says]
Priyanka:[looking at raghav]sir,we have two more meeting one is with agastya sir for staff instructions and another is for arrangements of web services for hotel branches[raghav takes out his phone and calls anika and says”anika please can attend my web services meeting today and tell veerji that i won’t be attending staff meeting please”anika asks him why he says”i want to meet someone and take aman with you priyanka will accompany me so she won’t be able to attend meeting either”anika says okay and disconnects the call priyanka was surprised so she asks]sir,why did you[raghav cuts her in between]
Raghav:[his eyes were on road still]me first i know i should have asked you before saying it but trust me you will really like this surprise
Priyanka:[she looks in front and says]now that you’re insisting on it i think i will

[rudra was gone to oberoi’s office in hope to find his brothers but he didn’t find them so he was leaving when drove out of gates few minutes away a girl was about to collide with his car but he stops car in time and gets out of car angry to scold her but he saw the scene that there were some goons who surrounded girl she turned and saw rudra she was beautiful by face but apart from that rudra couldn’t notice anything as she hid behind him and said]
Girl:[in low voice audible to rudra]please help me as soon i tell you please get into passenger seat please[rudra was confused then girl says in loud voice to goons slightly looking at them from behind rudra]you all better back off as my boyfriend is here to save me[rudra gets shocked and thinks i don’t even know you and you claim that i am your boyfriend

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