[after agastya and raghav left oberoi mansion they directly drived to rajput house as they wanted some time let things settle as they enter the hall they saw vrinda coming down from stair hastily she comes near agastya and was about to ask him but raghav speaks up first]
Raghav:[he says in worried tone]mai,what happen why did came down so hastily
Mai:[she looks at raghav and agastya and says]didn’t you thought it necessary to inform me about oberois getting accused
Agastya:[he takes vrinda to nearby sofa and made her sit and he sat beside her]mai,don’t worry it was fake news we went to oberoi mansion and handled everything[he tells her everything that happened there]so you don’t need to worry[vrinda gets relief by listening to him]
Vrinda:[she looks at raghav who was still standing]raghav you left priyanka at office alone how will she face media alone
Raghav:[he cuts her in between]mai,she is with her family she wanted to stay there for sometime
Vrinda:[she gets relived listening that]okay it’s better she is there for tej and shakti bhaisahab
Agastya:[he looks at raghav and said]raghav i think you should drive gauri home today she can’t face media alone either maithili will pick up anika from office[raghav nods and leaves]

[after agastya and raghav left shivaay,omkara and rudra,jhanvi,pinky and dadi left from their too priyanka went towards shakti and tej who were standing beside each other]
Priyanka:[she stands in front of tej and says]papa i got know this all long before and it was wrong that you wanted to destroy factory but it’s not your fault that you ended up be reason for people’s death and you repented it in every way you can just one more thing is left to do
Shakti:[he said looking at priyanka]beta you’re talking about one more thing we are ready to do anything if it can give us relief from our guilt
Priyanka:[she looks at shakti and then again at tej and says]chote papa,papa you have to apologize to vrinda aunty and her family[tej gets shock and says]
Tej:beta we don’t have that guts to face them
Priyanka:[she hugs tej and says]papa you don’t have to face them alone i am with you and trust me vrinda aunty will surely understand she is a sorted person
Tej:[tej and shakti keep hand on priyanka’s head]okay we will do it
[they leave for rajput house]

[parallel to above scene,all three brothers were sitting on edge of the bed]
Shivaay:[he said looking at floor]how could agastya say that we are not repenting maybe he doesn’t know but i am his sister’s vallet and she makes me clean her cabin
Omkara:[he cuts shivaay in between and says looking at shivaay]but agastya is right i mean you do it because bhabhi makes you do it if she hadn’t told you would you have done it[shivaay was silent which gave omkara’s answer he says looking at floor]in fact gauri made it too easy on me i mean i insulted her times even i can count and she forgave me just like that
Shivaay:[he looks at omkara who is still looking at floor and says]om that’s because she loves you
Omkara:[he looks at shivaay with seriousness and says]does that mean we should take them for granted[shivaay realizes that until he just not accept his mistake but also make anika feel that he trusts her and her actions anika will not be back in his life]

[tej shakti and priyanka arrive at rajput house everyone in rajput house was present in hall maithili saw them entering house and took kids in their room and decided to stay with them]
Tej:[he and shakti stands joining their hands]i and my brother are really ashamed and guilty of what we did and i know that it isn’t easy to forgive me and my brother but it will make us your indebt forever
Vrinda:[she looks at tej,priyanka and shakti she says]bhaisahab if we try to move forward with holding past in our hearts then no one can move forward we forgave you along time ago just we couldn’t say it
Agastya:[he comes to tej and shakti who were standing joining hands he puts their hands down and says]uncle your father and my dada both treated us like one family and there are no debts between family[and he hugs them both they stay there for while anika,raghav and agastya talk to them about business and other random stuff while leaving tej asks priyanka to come home everyone advices her to join her family back expect raghav she says yes to leave raghav was sad but he couldn’t show it when priyanka comes to say bye she hugs everyone one by one except raghav and she turns to leave raghav gets sad but he smiles when she looks back and waves to him]

[rajput family’s youngster were present there eating ice cream and talking about what all happened]
Maithili:[she was sitting beside agastya and on the other side of her was anika gauri and raghav were sitting in front of them]it’s good that everything is sorted now so we can get on with marriage proposals
Raghav:[who took spoonful ice cream in his mouth chokes up he clears his throat and says]whose marriage proposals bhabhi
Agastya:[he answers looking at anika and gauri]well these two princess have chose already a prince for though they are a bit defective pieces but they love them a lot so we can’t say no so proposals had to be for you and mai is really excited about it
Gauri:[she speaks up as soon as agastya finishes]veerji it’s not what you think omkara and i are just friends
Raghav:[he looks at gauri sharply and says]but gauri veerji didn’t mention his name specifically we all know about anika she loves shivaay but veerji didn’t took om’s name
Maithili:[she looks at anika and says]anika why don’t you forgive him i think he is regrets what he did and will never repeat it
Anika:[she looks at everyone and thinks of words she finally says looking down]i don’t want his sorry or regrets i want him to trust me to believe in me and plus it feels so good when shivaay singh oberoi is your valet[everyone laughs at her last line]

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