LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 18

While returning from airport ranjit,anika’s grandfather’s car met with an accident he dies in that accident it was difficult for rajput family to get over they took a month to start their normal routine.And agastya took another month to accept it that he is head of business now and he will be responsible for his family and business prosperity.Shivaay thought it better to give anika some time to get lighten up where as omkara got more close to gauri but didn’t told her about his feelings.Raghav was sad but priyanka would cheer him up he couldn’t really understand his feelings towards priyanka and priyanka didn’t wanted to accept that she loves him because of what ranveer did with her.Over the time omkara found the lady for whose accident he and priyanka were responsible but he found out that she was not ranveer’s sister so he started thinking why did ranveer wanted revenge if he didn’t have a sister in first place

[omkara was standing near window and was in deep thought shivaay came near him and kept hand on his shoulder]
Shivaay:[omkara looks back at shivaay as he felt shivaay’s hand on his shoulder]you won’t tell me your problem
Omkara:[shivaay stands beside him looking out of the window]it’s nothing like that shivaay
Shivaay:[he looks at omkara who was looking outside]at this time of night there are only two thing you could be thinking of first is gauri or something is bothering and by your face i can say that it was the second one you are thinking about
Omkara:[he looks at shivaay]you know i can’t lie to you[he again looks outside the window]you remember that girl about whom i told you earlier
Shivaay:[he nods in yes]ranveer’s sister whose accident happened by your car how is she is she out of comma now[omkara cut him in between]
Omkara:she came out of comma today and[he looks at shivaay]she told me that she is not ranveer’s sister in fact she is orphan and was working in an NGO for kids she didn’t even recognised ranveer when i showed her his pic

Shivaay:[he keeps hand on omkara’s shoulder]so she said that she is someone else than we think her but what is the problem i mean if she is fine now then why does it matters
Omkara:[he removes shivaay’s hand from his shoulder]shivaay you are not getting the point if she is not ranveer’s sister then why did ranveer wanted to take revenge from our family why did he made priyanka suffer?
Shivaay:[omkara looks outside shivaay looks at him]om look ranveer is a closed chapter of our life it’s better that we don’t bring it up again
Omkara:[he cuts shivaay in between]no shivaay that is not fair if he wanted to take revenge from us there must be some reason behind it and what it is really our mistake what if because of us he or his family really must have suffered i have to know about it
Shivaay:[he keeps hand on omkara’s shoulder and says]if you want to know tomorrow we will go to prison and ask ranveer about it okay now stop worrying about it[he leaves from there but he turns back when he reaches door and says to omkara]om you should say it to gauri you know[and he leaves]
Anika:[she was busy reading a file when someone knocks at the door without looking up she says]come in [it was shivaay at the door he was there for his final meeting with agastya as their contract was due so after meeting shivaay thought to check on anika when he entered he was lost in her beauty so anika looks up]excuse mr.oberoi my brother’s cabin is the next one on left side
Shivaay:[he walks step forward and says]i am here to meet you
Anika:[she close file and keeps it on table and says]do you mind giving me a reason why i should let you stay here
Shivaay:[he takes a step forward again and says]anika i am really sorry whatever i did was wrong and i shouldn’t have done it but trust i am ready to face any punishment you want but please forgive me

Anika:[she gives him a cold look and she remembers harsh’s word “don’t make it easy for him make him pay for your every insult” she looks shivaay and smirks]you can do anything to get me back
Shivaay:[with attitude]try me
Anika:[stand up and lean forward with support of table and says]so mr.oberoi by today evening you will get a letter if you respond for that letter by tomorrow at correct time then i would think about considering your apology[shivaay had small smile on his face but anika takes that away by saying]but i won’t guarantee you that after that i can forgive you see forgiveness is way more difficult to earn when you know that what you did is unforgivable [she points at the door]now if you are done then you can leave or else i won’t hesitate to drag you out[shivaay leaves with mix emotions]
[vrinda was sitting at the position of head of family and at her right agastya,maithili,raghav,ayush,sahil and at her left anika,gauri,priyanka,anvi]
Agastya:[he asks anika looking at her but anika was busy eating]anika did you decided to hire a valet[anika turns her attention from food to agastya and nods in yes]but why i mean you never needed one before

Anika:[she looks at agastya blankly and says]veerji it’s not that i compulsorily need one if no one shows up by tomorrow then i won’t hire anyone[she gives a small smile and starts eating again]
Ayush:[he looks at agastya and says]papa you remember that tomorrow is parents meeting at our school don’t you?
Maithili:[agastya looks blank but maithili answers for him]don’t worry ayush we both remember and we both will be there
Sahil:[he pushes his plate away slowly]i have done my dinner[and he leaves from there without looking back maithili calls him but he doesn’t answers]
Anika:[she looks at sahil who was leaving and says]he never does like this i’ll talk to him[agastya stops her]
Agastya:[he gestures anika to sit down and continue her dinner]i’ll talk to him after dinner just let him be alone for sometime

Pinky:[she was going to shivaay’s room but sees omkara rudra going same way so she stops them and says]this came for shivaay in evening but he was not at home so would you give this to him i would have handed it but that would have ruined your o’bro moment so it’s better that you take it with you[pinky hands envelop to omkara and leaves omkara turns envelop and sees logo of rajput empire and gets confused]
Rudra:[he says taking envelop from his hand says]O you said that deal with agastya bhaiya was over then what is this for[he opens the envelope and starts reading as he goes on reading his eyes widens he say nudging omkara]O pinch me[omkara gets confused but does it anyway rudra winches and says]not that hard you long hair creature[he looks at the letter and says]this is true the letter is real

Omkara:[he hits rudra’s head and says]of course it’s true dumbbell oberoi[he takes the letter and to read but rudra takes it back]
Rudra:[he says moving towards shivaay’’s room]no,you can read this in front of bhaiya[and he gives a evil smirk and says]bhaiya is going to be so pissed when he reads this[and they both leaves for shivaay’s room]

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