Geet Handa:bride,vrinda’s brother’s daughter,raghav,anika and gauri’s cousin
Maan Singh Khurana:groom,raghav’s best friend and a successful businessman
Vijay Singh Khurana:maan’s grandfather and kalyani’s sister’s husband
Sarita:kalyani dadi’s sister and maan’s grandmother
Balwant Handa:geet’s father and vrinda’s brother
Preet Handa:geet’s mother and vrinda’s sister in law
[raghav was about to sleep but anika and gauri enters and stop him]
Anika:[anika and gauri goes near him]raghav we want to talk to you
Raghav:[he keeps hands on his waist and says]not now anika i really tired and really sleepy[he lie down on bed and closes his eyes anika hits his leg]
Anika:[raghav gets up and sits folding his legs]we a news that will make you jump out of your skin[she sits on bed facing raghav and gauri sits behind her]Geet Handa and Maan Singh Khurana are getting married[raghav was completely shocked and surprised both at a time he looked at his sisters in disbelief]
Raghav:[he shook his head and said]you must have been mistaken maan is my close friend if he would have fallen in love with someone he would have certainly informed me even before proposing marriage is something too far away[anika looked at gauri,gauri handed him invitation card and said]
Gauri:[raghav was reading invitation while gauri was talking]will now you believe us it’s okay if your best friend didn’t told you but geet she is our own sister how could she not tell us[just then anika and raghav’s phone ring both at a same time maan called raghav and geet called anika both picked up and only said “i’m putting you on video conference now open your laptop” both anika and raghav said it together]

[raghav’s laptop screen was divided in two parts one connecting with geet and the other one was maan and same raghav was sitting in middle to his left was anika and right was gauri]
Raghav:[he was saying in a sarcastic tone]the person who arranged your first meet is probably last person to get your wedding invitation isn’t it and look at shocker bride is my cousin and groom is my best friend[maan cuts him in between]
Maan:[he joins his hand]i’m sorry yaar,i’m really sorry that[he puts his hands down]we didn’t informed you but everything was so mixed up that we[geet completes for him]
Geet:[she says with smile on her face]that we ourselves can’t believe we’re getting married
Anika:[she interrupts geet]o, hello ms.hoshiarpur express take a break[she says to maan] and you out of all places in world you got rampura to arrange a destination wedding{rampura is village near jalandhar} and which marriage of world takes place for twelve days
Maan:[he closes his and looks down while anika was talking when she finishes talking and he says]are you done now will you listen to me it wasn’t my wish or i wasn’t even given a choice to begin with dadaji said that wedding is going to take place in pushtaini haveli at rampura that was end of discussion he didn’t gave a chance to me even to utter a word
Gauri:[as maan finished gauri said looking at her siblings]veerji di it’s our point of view but look it from vijay dadaji and sarita dadi’s point of view he is there only grandchild it’s obvious they would want his wedding to happen where he was born and it’s not that wedding happens everyday[maan and geet smiles and anika and raghav feel like idiots]
Geet:[she thanks gauri and says]it’s okay guys you don’t need to convince veeji i will call him tomorrow morning and emotionally blackmail him though it’s wrong but i’ll do it after he is my also veer he has to attend my wedding okay now it’s late see you day after tomorrow in rampura goodnight[with this both maan and geet signs of and anika,raghav gauri get relieved and after that leave from there]

Agastya:[everyone was having their breakfast he asks looking at vrinda]mai did you get an invitation for geet’s wedding[she nodded in yes]
Dada:[agastya wanted to speak but before him dad speaks]then why didn’t told anybody
Vrinda:[she looks at dada and says]bauji it came yesterday morning just before oberoi’s came and in evening everybody was busy i thought i will share it today but agastya brought up topic[she gives agastya a confused look and said]but how do you know about it
Agastya:[he looks up from his plate and says]actually today early morning geet and maan both called me[dada and vrinda give confused look]actually geet thought that i won’t attend wedding since it is rampura and everybody knows that even one day is hard for me to stay away from business and in rampura there is always a network problem she was trying to convince me to attend the wedding
Raghav:[he asks without looking at agastya and in low but audible voice]so are you gonna attend?[he couldn’t complete]
Agastya:[he looks at raghav and says]i agree business is important but family is more important
Dada:[he says with smile]it’s great then this wedding will bring some of my old friends together
Agastya:[he looks at everyone and announces]okay so everyone pack your bags by today we have to leave early tomorrow please[raghav anika and gauri could barely control their happiness hearing what agastya said they all were continuously smiling]
Vrinda:[she gets little worried and says]but what about priyanka we can’t just leave her alone for twelve days here
Raghav:[he stops smiling and says quickly]she can come with us i mean she should not have any problem with that[vrinda’s says okay and raghav jumps on his feet and says]i’m done with breakfast so i will talk to her[and he leaves]
[anika was at office in her cabin during lunch time waiting for lunch she received a call from rudra he asked her not to ask any question and to come at xyz restaurant he sounded tense and afraid she left without second thought]
{anika was upset with shivaay but she still care about other oberoi family members except tej and shakti}

[when anika arrived entire restaurant was empty she got more nervous and started calling out for rudra and searching but instead she heard shivaay’s voice in reply]
Shivaay:[he come from her back and was at about a feet’s distance]he is fine[she turns around and sees shivaay they got lost in each others eyes as if they were having conversation she was about to leave but shivaay hold her hand twisted it behind her back and pulled her near himself]why are treating me like this?i’m really sorry for what i did i’m and i’m ready to face any punishment you wish but just come back to me please you know[a lone tear escapes anika’s eyes]you now i don’t like tear in your eyes[anika’s looks away for a moment and then looks at him again]
Anika:[this time her eyes were emotionless]you are hurting me mr.oberoi[she says pauses for while]and you lost the right to touch me the moment you divorced me
Shivaay:[listening to her words shivaay left her hand took a step back he had tears in his eyes]anika i’m sorry
Anika:[she looks at him for a while and then says]shivaay what are you sorry for i mean you are sorry that you know why i left,you are sorry that you divorced me or you are sorry for you accused my dead father to things i can’t even repeat[she takes a step forward and says]just tell me something shivaay would have you asked sorry to my family members if they were not your family friends,would you asked me to come back in your life if you have never known why i left,would you ever tried to find reason why i left if ranveer and pinky aunty had not blurted out the truth,[she shouts]would you,shivaay?[she cries and says]you know what shivaay you said you love me but that love was meaningless because you didn’t trust me shivaay if you would have trusted me then you would have understood that it’s my was my helplessness to leave you[she pointed finger at shivaay]but now it’s not my helplessness it’s my choice[saying this she leaves from there wiping tears of her face]
Shivaay:[he sees her going but stands still and says to himself]shivaay singh oberoi couldn’t convince you to come back but now shivaay just shivaay will make you helpless to come back and become Mrs.shivaay singh oberoi[and he leaves from there]
[raghav offer priyanka lift since anika left early so priyanka had to accept raghav informed priyanka about attending wedding in ramapura in morning she said she will think and answer he asks her again]
Raghav:[while his eyes on road]ms.oberoi what did you thought about wedding[he took a moment to realize what he said and says]sorry,i meant about attending wedding in rampura
Priyanka:[she looks in front and smiles and says]but what would i do their i don’t even know anyone[raghav looks at her for moment and then again eyes on road]
Raghav:[he says]well that’s not true you know me and my entire family so but if that isn’t good enough for you then i can tell you that your dadi would be there[she give him confused look]the groom it’s your dadi masi sarita’s grandson maan singh khurana[priyanka remembers them and says]
Priyanka:yes i remember him now i will surely come with you[then she gets worried and says]but you have to face papa for twelve days if you go there
raghav:[he looks at her for moment and then on road]geet is my sister and maan is my best friend my love for both of them is more than my hatred towards your father and i can face anyone if my family is with me[he takes a pause and says]sorry in front of you[he choked upon his words]
Priyanka:[she looked at him and said]you don’t need to be sorry my father did wrong with your entire family it’s obvious for you to hate him
Raghav:[his eyes were having a thin layer of tears]thank you for understanding

Anika:[anika was working on her laptop maithili knocks on door]bhabhi you don’t need to knock just come in[maithili comes in]
Maithili:[she sits on anika’s in front of her anika keeps her laptop a side on bed]anika did something wrong happened today[anika thinks for a while and nods in no]don’t lie to me what do you think only your veerji can catch your lie[she keep her hand on anika’s cheek and says]if you have any problem just talk to me[anika takes maithili’s hand off her cheek and tells maithili about her and shivaay’s meet at restaurant]
Anika:[she keeps her hand on maithili’s hand and says]i’m afraid bhabhi what if i fall for him again then what would i say to veerji what would he think that i love[maithili stops her]
Maithili:[she keeps hand on anika’s cheek again]let me make one thing very clear you are not just sister for agastya you are our first child to us and you don’t need to worry what we will or anyone will think just remember that i and your veerji are always there when you need us[with that she hugs anika and makes her sleep and leaves]

[gauri came near her car to leave for home she was late as she have to leave for twelve days she has to make report for another doctor to look after her patients she found omkara waiting for her]
Gauri:[she went near him and said]i’m really sorry i completely for got about our dinner{just as friends}
Omkara:[he smiles and says]okay but why are you leaving so late[gauri tells him that she is out o town for next twelve days so she was making reports she says sorry again and leaves as it’s late already he watches her leave and says to himself]why do i feel bad when she is not in my sight why do i always crave to talk to her[he widens his eyes and asks himself]am i really in love with gauri?


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