[after dinner everyone was sitting in hall to discuss about their day agastya thought it as perfect time to announce his decision]
Agastya:[he looks at anika and gauri who were sitting on sofa opposite to him and were busy talking to vrinda and raghav who were sitting on middle sofa]i want talk to three of you[everybody looks at him] i will be direct to you all,do you all think that despite[looking at anika and gauri]your past relationships[he looks at raghav and continues]and unwillingness to adjust you will be able to lead a happy married life? And please answer what you think honestly i am asking this for your better future something i really care about and if you think that you can do this then just be sure about that lifetime is not a small period and marriage is not some drama if you don’t like it then you will end it marriage knots are never meant to released[he looks at his siblings awaiting their answers]
Anika:[she looks at raghav and then gauri and then again at agastya]veerji we want this marriage to happen we are ready to adjust we are ready to mend our once broken relationships we will never disappoint you or question your decision
Agastya:[he smiles looking at them and says to vrinda]mai prepare shaguns for to be damad and bahu we are going to their home tomorrow[everyone was happy listening this]
[next day rajput family went to oberoi mansion and told them that they no problem with this alliance roka was done at that time itself and after two days engagement was planned]

[anika was wearing peacock green ghagra and peacock blue blouse with full hands and her dupatta was pinned in saree style shivaay was wearing a white dhoti pyjama green kurta and peacock blue blazer gauri was wearing green ghagra and peacock blue blouse with short hands and her dupatta was pinned to her one shoulder, omkara was wearing chrome colour dhoti and light blue kurta and was having a big beautiful peacock feather embroidered starting from his heart to low waist, priyanka was wearing full length anarkali of peacock blue,green,sky blue and black combination for flare and the upper part was delicately embroidered with jari and raghav was wearing peacock blue jodhpuri]
Anika:[shivaay anika and omkara gauri had already exchanged rings and it was raghav’s turn to put ring in priyanka’s finger but he was taking a lot of time]raghav you have to put ring on her finger today only
Raghav:[he says irritatingly]i know that
Rudra:[he was standing on crutch and his one leg]if you know then do it look my legs are really paining i am standing especially to see the ring exchange and you are taking a lot of time make it fast
Dadi:[she cuts rudra in between and said]shut up rudra[looking at raghav]take your time betta[rudra makes sad face and anika consoles him finally raghav and priyanka exchange rings everyone was busy in chit chat or attending guest ayush and sahil took the mic]
Sahil:[he was standing in the centre of hall and grabbed everyone’s attention by saying hello]people it’s function of two highly hatke punjabi families
Ayush:[he says continuing sahil’s sentence]and if there is no music and dance in the function then that is not a punjabi style function[ayush and sahil in unison “bajaao” dhol music starts playing and ayush pulls shivaay and anika,sahil pulls priyanka and raghav and anvi pulls omkara and gauri on the dance floor they start dancing and one by one everybody joins them and enjoys]

[everyone was dressed in colour coordination the of bright purple and bright yellow]
Sahil:[he and ayush were the host for function]ayush you know our buas and chote papa are going to get married but when it comes to surprise they became five year old kids you know if someone gives anika bua even aloo puri in surprise she becomes overly happy
Ayush:[he says looking at raghav]if some gives chote papa a batman goodie he acts like five year old kid and gauri bua is so innocent that she melts with just one chocolate as a surprise[everyone was enjoying their talk]well they[referring to anika raghav and gauri]have different way to react to surprises but today i am sure that they will be more shocked than surprise seeing next performance
Sahil:[he says walking back to clear area for performance]enjoy the next performance
[it was maithili and agastya’s performance on song main wari jaavan from tere naal love ho gaya and it was surprising for anika and gauri as well as raghav, he had seen them perform such performance once on their wedding itself but today he shocked to see them to perform on a romantic song and with really love overdosed dance but maithili and agastya were looking so fantastic couple that no one could take eyes off them and for moment maybe everyone had forget they are parents of three kids because they both look as newlywed together performing when performance was finished everyone clapped for them]
Anika:[family members were standing in semi circle and in front of them were maithili and agastya anika said keeping her elbow on raghav’s shoulder]mai you really need to oust all evil eyes from veerji and maithili bhabhi it may have been our sangeet but people were talking as if these two are going to wedded
Sahil;[he interrupts anika he was he was standing beside maithili]anika bua i think you should look little bit down we are here to prove that they have been married for twelve years[anvi and ayush support him]
Raghav:[he looks at agastya and maithili and says]you should tell that your parents who performed like romeo and juliet
Jhanvi:[she was standing between tej and pinky]jokes apart you both are really a perfect couple just like two parts of one heart which fits in together and i wish that you both stay like this till end of time

Shivaay;[he smirks and says]badimaa end of time is too long time isn’t it i mean you can spend lifetime with one person for another lifetime you need to have another person or else it will be so boring
Anika:[she turns towards shivaay and questions him with each question shivaay moves back]what do you want to say that you cannot tolerate me forever?leave forever not even for seven lifetimes what do you think of yourself huh?[shivaay was smiling at her]why are you smiling like fool i am not praising you
Shivaay:[he whispers in anika’s ear but everyone could hear it so it really was not a whisper]anika it is so easy to make your pappu[anika she looks at shivaay sharply and lifts her ghagra to run behind him and the chase starts soon it was time for oberoi’s to leave and tomorrow would be greatest and grandest day for all three couples]
[everything was perfect wedding took place oberoi mansion agastya and maithili did anika and gauri’s kanyadaan every ritual was completed and it was time for bidaai]
Sahil:[they were about to start bidaai he says]mai why do brides and her family cry[everyone smile at his question]
Dadi:[she answers sahil]betta after marriage bride has to leave her house to live with another family
Ayush:[he was standing beside sahil and listening to dadi and says]but how is it logical i mean all are happy that bride is getting married and she will lead a happy life and if she misses her family then she can come back anytime she wishes to meet them and it is not that if she is making new relationships than old ones will get distanced so why crying if this can be done by smiling and if we are going to send bride to a new home with sad faces then how will she feel positivity around her
Dadi:[she goes near ayush and says]you are absolutely right so today for bidaai no one will cry everyone will have smiling face
Rudra:[he says after dadi finishes]by smiling faces i remembered we didn’t took an entire family picture [everybody stands posing for family picture dadi was standing in middle to her right were tej,jhanvi,pinky,shakti and to her left were vrinda,rudra,gayatri,maithili,agastya anvi was lifted by agastya in his arms and sahil, shivaay anika raghav priyanka and omkara gauri,ayush were sitting down on their knees it was perfect family photo]
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