I loved you mistakenly Swasan ss part -5

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Precap- swara is searching sanskar…

Swara was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly her mobile which was disposed under her pillow started ringing. Swara woke up and sleepily took her mobile out. She checked the caller id and it was Laksya. She lazily attended the call.

On call…

Lak- hey swara good morning.

Swa- hmmm.

Lak- what hmmm… Are you still sleeping?

Swara checked the time.

Swa- it’s 7:00 am laksya. Why did you call me in this early morning. Do you have any word from me?

Lak- no, not really. I just called you to wish you morning. Now get up lazy girl. It’s not good for health to sleep till late.

Swa- from when you started to wake up early in morning.

Lak- from today only. You know i came to a park for jogging. You know i am trying to improve myself for you.

Swa- whaat??

Lak- i mean i am trying to improve myself and you should also try to improve yourself. You know we all need a healthy lifestyle.

Swa- don’t give me lecture and let me sleep. I still have some time to sleep. And yes, why are you calling me to wish morning. You should call your Ragini.

Lak- my Ragini. No.. I mean why? Swa- “because she is your would be wife. Isn’t her number save in your mobile?”

Suddenly Swara sleepy eyes got opened fully as that moment passed trough her mind when sanskar had gave her his number and she had saved that in her mobile. She got up and sit on bed with a jerk. on the other side  lakshya was trying to say his pov about marring Ragini.

Lak- swara i need to clear something. I know i should have told this to you before….

But unfortunately swara had moved her mobile away from her ear and was not listening to lakshya. She was talking to herself now “Swara, how can you be so idiot. How can you forget such a important this. You are getting worried about searching Sanskar but forgot about his mobile number which he gave to you by himself” swara slapped herself on her head. She again put her mobile on her ear but she cut off lakshya before he could say anything further.

Swa- Lakshya i really have a important work. I will call you later.

Lak- but i want to tell you something…

Swa- I will definitely call you later and will hear all your talks but not now plzz. Ok bye.

Lak- swara listen yrr hey.. Hello…

Swara hung up the call and start searching Sanskar’s number in her contact list but on the other side Lakshya’s face turned down. He was disappointed as he again failed in saying his true feelings about Ragini to Swara. He wanted to end Swara’s and others misunderstanding. He wanted to tell them that he didn’t love Ragini but nothing was going in her favor. Lakshya was emerged in his thoughts when someone put his hand on his soldier. Lakshya turned his neck behind and find Sanskar standing there.

San- we are here for jogging brother not for chit chatting in mobile. Why is your face so down? With whom you were talking?

Lak- I was talking to Swara.

San- Swara, your Ragini’s sister na?

Lak- yes i was talking to her only but what’s this yrr? Why are you saying “your Ragini”. She is not mine, you know my feelings about her but still. Even Swara was saying the same.

San- oh sorry. I didn’t mean that but why did you call that girl in early morning.

Lak- wo… I was.. I called her to confess that i can’t marry Ragini as I don’t feel about her like that. You know swara is a really good friend of mine it will be easy for me to say truth to her before telling to others.

San- are you mad lucky. Do you really think that you should say this all things on call to swara or any other family member of Ragini.

Lakshya kept looking at Sanskar face. Sanskar came and sit beside Lakshya on bench.

San- lucky my brother. You know it’s a sensitive matter. You should handle it carefully.

Lak- i know bhai. And i don’t want anyone to get hurt cause of me.

Sanskar smiled at him

San- i know my brother never want anyone to get hurt. Lucky this is about our family and Ragini’s family but more than that it’s about you and Ragini.

Lak- ya bhai. It’s about me and Ragini that’s why I want to end this misunderstanding soon.

San- i think you should talk to Ragini directly. She is the one who is gonna affect by your decision not her sister. First go and talk with her. Then it will be easy to confess your decision to her family.

Lak- bhai it’s the most challenging part to say this all to Ragini. You know she is too sensitive, too emotional, too innocent. What if she got too hurted by my decision.

San(with a smirk)- oh so you are too worried for that girl. It looks like you care for her too much.

Lak- it’s not like that bhai. Don’t think in that direction okay.

San- okay okay. But i think you should say truth about your feelings to her before others.

Lak- your right bhai. It will be good if i said no to our marriage by myself to her. If she will understand me then there will be no problem with her family.

San- have you ever said her that you love her?

Lak- no.

San- have you ever said her that you want to marry her.

Lak- no.

San- have she ever said to you that she loves you?

Lak- no not at all bhai. We have never talked about love and all ever. We are just friends only. And we are not that good friends too.

San- okay then it will be easy to make her understand that you don’t want to marry her.

Lak- i hope so.

San- Say her everything then this chapter of her and her family will be ended fully. After that we will concentrate fully on solving your issues with bade papa. Let’s go home

Saying this sanskar got up from bench.

Lakshya’ pov…

Bhai you think this all will end just by refusing my marriage with Ragini but it’s not that easy. There is one more thing which i didn’t tell you. I didn’t tell you about my feelings for swara. And how to tell you when i myself not sure about it.

Lakshya’s pov end.

He also got up and followed sanskar towards their car.

Sanskar’s pov…

My little trouble maker brother has again made a trouble for himself. First he didn’t want to marry that girl whom our family chosen for him but then when our family called off his marriage with that girl, he fought with them and went to live in that girl’s house. Their everyone think that he is gonna marry that girl but still he don’t like her. Hell man… This is a weird situation. I just want him to say his heart out to that family and end his connection with them asap. I hope that girl Ragini don’t have any deep feelings about lakshya otherwise she is gonna get hurt badly.

Sanskar’s pov end.

SanLak sit in their car and moved towards sanskar’s house.

Here at badi…

Ragini is sitting in front of mirror ready to go to music Academy. Lakshy’s wristband was in her hands when she was staring at it remembering her lakshya.

Ragini’s pov….

I can’t explain how much i love lakshya. I have never said to him about my feelings but i really want to tell him that i love him a lot. This time when I will meet lakshya I will confess my love for him in front of him. Dadi is soon gonna talk with him about our marriage’s date. I know his family is not ready for our marriage now but soon they will also accept me. I have full faith on my kanha ji and on my love. Ragini’s pov end…

Suddenly swara busted out from bathroom. Ragini hidden that wristband as she didn’t want to get teased by swara about Lakshya. Swara looked at her for once and then got busy in her mobile. She called her friend riddhi and then put her mobile between her ear and soldier. She started packing her bag while waiting for naina to receive her call. Ragini got up and went out saying swara to get ready soon. Swara’s call got received by Riddhi.

On call…

Swa- you know naina. I have turned mad in sanskar’s case.

Riddhi- what happened now?

Swa- you know we were worried about searching him in our big city while i had totally forgot about his number which was saved in my mobile.

Riddhi- wow you have his number. Have you called him?

#swara found sanskar’s hanky in her bag which he had given her in his car. She got busy in remembering that moment.

Riddhi – hello… Hello swara are you there? Answer me duffer.

Swa- ya i am listening. yes i have his number but i have not called him. I thought to call him but i didn’t want to disturb him in early morning.

Riddhi- oh okay then we will call him later in academy.

Swa- yeah okay, meet me there. Bye.

Riddhi – bye.

Swara cut the call.

Swara’s pov…

Oh god. Why am i doing this all. It’s so stupid and senseless. First i lied my friends that sanskar is my best friend and then promised them to take him with me for lunch just to prove myself like a idiot and now i am searching sanskar to take him with me on lunch for my fake promise. I don’t even know he will help me or not. What will he think about me if i will ask him to come for a lunch with me. I hope he will not think that i am mad or i am trying on him.

Swara’s pov end…

Swara also went out after getting ready. Swaragini went to music academy.

Precap- swasan meet again…


Hey guys i know it was boring as story didn’t move a bit in this episode but after this story will move fast to it’s conclusion. Vote and tell me in comment what do you think about this episode… 

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