I loved you mistakenly… (SwaSan ss) part -4

Hello friends. I always give late updates which makes readers to loose their interest in my story. I am really sorry for that. Here is this new part of i loved you mistakenly so enjoy…

At the evening swara was leaving from music academy. Her friends kritika, sana and neha were with her. Her best friend Riddhi was also with them, who had not seen swara coming with sanskar at morning. They all were talking about something and laughing but swara’s real smile was disappear. She was just fake smiling. It seemed like she was tensed. Suddenly naina opened her mouth.

Naina- Swara. You remember your promise na. You are going to bring sanskar on lunch with you this Sunday to prove that he is your best friend.
Swa- yes i remember. You don’t need to tell this again and again.
Riddhi- oh god yrr. This Sanskar’s name has eaten my brain today. You are talking about him only from starting of our classes naina.
Sana- yes.Can’t you forget him?
Naina- no i can’t. It was swara who said that he is her best friend but i don’t believe on her. I don’t think that guy can be swara’s friend.
Riddhi – naina, Swara never lies and yes, she has no need to prove herself to you.
Naina- if she will not bring him then it will be clear that she is lying and that hot guy is not her friend.
Kritika- tum to piche hi pd gai naina.Can’t You just…
Swa- let it be friends. Let’s go…
All left from academy to their homes. Riddhi offered lift to swara on her scooty. They both were going home but stopped in middle to eat golgappa.
On stall…
They were standing in front of golgappa stall.
Swa- Riddhi tu kha. Mera man nhi hai…
Riddhi – what? Tera golgappe khane ka man nhi h. Teri tabiyat to theek h na ya fir ghar pr dant pdi h ye bahar ka ulta seedha khane k wjah se.
Swa- no yrr bas mood off hai aaj.
Riddhi(to shopman)- bhaiyya, golgappe khilao… (to swara) tujhe kya hua?
Shopman gave plates to them.
Swa- Riddhi, me tujhe ek bat batau??
Riddhi put a golgappa in her mouth.
Riddhi – ha bol na.
This time swara talked with golgappa in her mouth.
Swa- wo sanskar h na…

Riddhi- ha tera best friend. About whom naina was talking all day. He is your close friend? I mean i don’t know him?
Swa- even i don’t know him?
Riddhi choked with golgappa which she was eating.
Riddhi (between coughing )- what do you mean?
Swara patted on her back.
Swa- be careful ridhs..
Riddhi- i am careful about my self. You continue what you was saying.
Swa- yes i was saying that i don’t know sanskar properly. He is not my close friend or even good friend. We just know each other by name.
swara told her everything from beginning to end.
Riddhi- then why you said them that he is your best friend?
Swa- cause of that naina. She was saying that sanskar can’t be my anything. Why can’t he be my anything? She was insulting me in a way so i said that to make my impression…
Riddhi- are you serious swara? From when you started lying for your impression. My good girl shona never do like this.
Swa- i am also thinking that only. I think it’s not about impression, it’s about sanskar.
Riddhi- what??
Swa- i mean… Wo.. I… Are yrr. I don’t know how that came out from my mouth. I realized after spiting that and then i couldn’t do anything about that. If i had back off naina would have made fun of me.
Riddi(eat her golgappa)-then what was the need to promise to bring sanskar with you on lunch.
Swa(also eat her’s)- she was pissing me of by asking me about him again and again so i said that i don’t wanna talk about him. I tried to ignore her but… Then she started saying that i was lying about sanskar and demanded for that promise. I don’t know what came in me and i promised her.
Riddhi- you all made issue of a small thing. I just can’t believe it. First you said a small lie and that stupid naina wo to pichhe hi pd gai.. Now what will we do?
Swa- i think i should go and tell them that i don’t know sanskar properly.
Naina – what?? Noo.. Insult ho jayegi teri. I can’t see that naina taunting you.
Swa- but what can we do. I mean from where i will bring sanskar for lunch on Sunday.
Riddhi- tell them he is busy.
Swa- i can’t. Naina will say to bring him some other day. She is not gonna stop. I don’t know why she is behaving like this about san.
Riddhi- we have to end this issue in once. Somehow we have to bring sanskar.
Swa- pagal ho gai h kya. Mujhe uska address, phone no. Kuchh nhi pata. From where will we search him. And why will he come on lunch with a stranger like me.
Riddhi- you said that he helped that old couple that day and today he helped you. I think he likes to help others so it’s possible that he can be agree for helping you.
Swa- in my lie??
Riddhi- oh come on. We will think about that later. First the biggest task is to search him.
Swa- It’s almost impossible to search him in our big city.
Riddhi- we can try at least and if we will not find him till Sunday we will go and tell our friends truth okay.
Swa- okay.

Naina- okay then pay to shopman for golgappa.
Swara paid money and then they left from there. Riddhi dropped swara at badi and went her house.
Swara entered in dadi’s house and she was welcomed by glaring dadi ma.
Dadi- re chhori kaha thi itni der tk? Mhari lado to kitni der phle aa gai hai?
Swa- wo dadi actually me…
Rag- rehne dijiye na dadi ma. Ho jati h der kabhi kabhi. Aaj ham bhi to nhi ruke na uske liye. Hamari classes khatm hote hi aa gaye the…
Swara went in her room to get fresh. When she came out she saw ragini sitting on bad with holding something in her hands.
She looked at that thing and smiled as she saw that it was Lakshya’s wrist band. She went near ragini and sit beside her but ragini was in her own imaginary world of love.
Swa- Ragu…
Rag- hmm…
Swa- missing lakskya already.
Rag- yes… No i mean no. I am just looking at it as….
Swara- it’s okay my dear little sister. You don’t need to hide anything from me. I know how much you love Lakshya. You do na?
Ragini blushed on it.
Rag- ham Lakshya se kitna pyar krte h ye to ham baya hi nhi kr sakte swara. Ab to hame lagne laga h ki jese hamare sanse bhi unse hi judi hui hai…
Swa- oh man, this is what called power of love. My innocent sister is saying such romantic lines.
Rag- plzz swara don’t tease me yrr.
Swa- okay okay. But when did Lakshya go. Did you meet him before he was leaving?
Rag- yes that’s why i came early to meet him. He had packed his stuff and was waiting for us.
Swa- waiting for us or waiting for you?
Rag- shut up swara. He was waiting for us both. He was waiting for you even i was here. He wanted to meet you before going but then he received his friend’s call and went to his house.
Swa- okay i accept it. Btw who’s this good friend of lakshya. Don’t you know his friend’s name.
Rag- oh god ham to unke dost ka nam or pata puchhna hi bhool gaye.
Swa- tum bhi na yrr but it’s okay. It’s not that important.
Rag- ya. Swara ham soch rhe the ki Facebook pr apna account bna le…
Swa- wah ab madam ko fb account banana h. I know why? Because Laksya uses it. You will sand first friend request to him only na?
Rag(blushing again)- no it’s not like that. My all friends are on Facebook so i also want to use it and now days everyone has a Facebook account na.
Swa- ya everyone has a fb account but…. Yes yes man, now days many people use fb. It’s possible that sanskar also has a fb account.
Rag- what?
Swa- nothing.. We will create your account later but right now i have a important work.
Swara took out her mobile and log in Facebook. She typed sanskar name to search it but oh crap… She didn’t even know his surname. How is she gonna search him now.
Swa(cursing herself)- how stupid you are swara. You have not asked his full name. How foolish.. From when you started behaving so stupidly. You wanna search a person whom you don’t know properly. You don’t even know his surname… Okay Okay i know i don’t know his full name but i know his main name na. I will search him from this only. I know it’s not easy but i should try. I am gonna see all profile of this name. I hope i will find my sanskar with it.
Thinking this swara typed sankar’s name and then searched for it. There was a list of many profile on screen in some seconds. A big list man… Swara started scrolling down to search sanskar whom she wanted to contact.
On the other side, Sanskar and Lakshya were sitting in hall of sanskar’s house sipping their coffees. Lakshya was thinking to tell about swara to Sanskar but he was not able to gather that much courage. He knew that his brother loved him a lot and help him in any condition but he also knew that sanskar will first scold him for doing this. He will scold him for hiding his feelings from Ragini, swara and all.
Sanskar was working on his laptop with concentration but his brother’s tensed face was not ignored by him. He knew that his dear little brother want to say something to him.
San- Lucky?? Are you okay. It seems like you are tensed about anything.
Lak- no bhai. Nothing like that…

San- you don’t need to hide anything from me brother.
Lak- wo bhai wo… Wo i am missing home. I wanna go and meet our family. I am missing ma, papa, chachi ji, chacha ji, bhaiya bhabhi, uttara and even my bedroom and washroom.
Saying this lakshya changed the topic. Sanskar also believed him as he also missed his family like anything.
Lak- bhai, how are you living away from us from 5 years. I mean come on bhai. Why are you so stubborn and papa is also like you.Can’t you both just leave your whims and end this cold war.
San- are you mad lakshya. There is not any war going on between us. I love and respect him like before only. It’s just that… Let it be lucky. I know one day he will forgive me for all what i have done and call me back in our house.
Lak- i am waiting for that day eagerly bhai.
Saying this lakshya came near sanskar and hugged him tightly like telling him that soon that day will come but suddenly they heard a gasp. They looked up and found a man standing there looking at them weirdly. SanLak departed from each other.
San- raju, why are you standing there like this. Go and do your work.
Raju left from there making weird faces.
Lak- who was he?
San- you can call him caretaker of my house from a month. He is Malti kaki’s son. Badi ma sand him here to take care of me and my house.
Lak- what ma sand him?
San- ya that’s why i don’t say anything to him even after his small mistakes. I think even he don’t know you. I will tell him that your my brother.
Now Raju was standing out side of sanskar’s house.
Raju- aaj kal k logo ko bhi pata nhi kya ho gaya h. Is umar me log shadi krte h biwi late h or pata nhi hanare sanskar sahab kise le aaye or upar se use akele me gale lagaya hua tha… Ram ram ram pata nhi ka chal rha h. Badi malin ne to bas sanskar sahab ka khyal rakhne ko kaha tha pr chhoti malkin ne to un pr nazar rkhne ko kaha tha. Unhe chinta thi ki sanskar sahab kisi ladki k chakkar me pad jaye. Mujhe un pr nazar rakhni hogi. Un dono pr nazar rkhni hogi.
At badi….
Swara was tired after using her mobile for two hours for searching sanskar. She had seen many profile but couldn’t find her sanskar’s profile. At last, she closed her account and went for dinner. After dinner she came in her room with ragini to sleep. They both lay down on bad. Ragini fall in sleep soon while swara was praying durga ma to help her.
Swa- i know i have done wrong by telling lie to my friends but plzz help me durga ma. Plzz give me any clue by which i can search sanskar and plzz make his mind like this that he accept my proposal to come with me on lunch with my friends plzz durga ma”
Swara also slept thinking and praying this all only.

Precap- dont know.
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