I loved you mistakenly Swasan ss part -3

In Badi..
Swara was getting ready for music academy. Ragini had already got ready and now she was sitting in hall waiting for swara. She was looking a bit sad. Dadi and sumi were working in kitchen. Suddenly the door bell rang, Ragini got up and opened the door. Her face lightened up as she saw lakshya standing there.
Rag- lakshya ji. Where were you last night?
Lak- Ragini i called you na that i was with my old friend last night. Tum bhi na fijool me meri itni chinta krti rhti ho.
Saying this he touched her cheek for a second and then moved inside. Ragini stood there for a moment thinking about his small touch which was enough for her to blush hard. Lakshya sit on sofa and called her. She came to him and was about to sit beside him when dadi came there.
Dadi – re Lakshya beta. Ragini told me that you stayed at your friend’s home last night. Do you have any problem in staying with us?
Lak- no dadi. Actually my friend is insisting me to stay with him from now and i am also thinking that it will be good for me.

Dadi – did anyone say anything to you about staying here. I mean..
Lak- no dadi it’s not like that. Actually i am thinking about Ragini, i mean my family is not ready for our marriage and if i will stay here, then people will start gossiping about us. I don’t want anyone to say anything about Ragini.
Ragini was more than happy when she heard this. This made her thinking stronger that lakshya love her.
Dadi- it’s very good that you are thinking this much for your future wife.

Lak- no it’s not like that. I mean.. His monologues..
I think i should tell them that i don’t love Ragini and i don’t wanna marry her. I feel something about swara. Something like love but what to do. Should i tell them that with whom i am going to stay is not my friend, he is my brother but then i have to tell them about his fight with papa. Bhai told me to handle this matter wisely and in such way that no one should get hurt. But he even told me to short out this misunderstanding as soon as possible. I…
His thoughts were disturbed by Ragini.

Rag- it’s okay lakshya ji. You can shift to your friends house if you want.
Meanwhile swara entered in hall. Swa- who is shifting where ragini?

Rag- wo lakshya ji is shifting with his friend until his misunderstanding with his family couldn’t get solve.
Swa- Lakshya. Is your friend ready to bear you or you are moving there without his wish..
Dadi- don’t joke with your brother in law swara.
Lakshya came back to this world from his dream world where he had went after watching swara after hearing dadi’s words.
Lak(don’t wanna talk about being swara’s bil so directly replied to swara)-no swara. He is my best friend. He himself insist me to move in with him. After all i am so cool that everyone love my company.
Swa(don’t wanna give other chance to dadi to scold her)-oh really. That’s good.
Ragini was not happy with the idea of Lakshya going from badi but she couldn’t say or do anything about it.

Sumi also came there.
Sumi- ragini, shona. You both are getting late for music academy. Take your lunch boxes and hurry up.
Lak- don’t worry auntie. I will drop them by my car.
Swa- no we will go by ourselves. We don’t need your…

Rag- it’s okay swara. Let him drop up. We are already late.

Swa- okay.

Lak- then let’s move.
Lakshya stand up and went out. Swaragini bid bye to dadi and sumi and then followed him.
Swa(in ragini’s ear)- wanna spend more time with your prince. My little princess sis.
Rag(trying to hide his blush)- it’s not like that swara. Don’t teas me.
Swa- as you say little sis.
Swara put her finger on her lips. Till now they were standing near lakshya car and Lakshya was sitting in car on driver seat.

Lak- come on girls. Hurry up. You both can carry on your gossip in car also.
Ragini moved fast and took seat beside Lakshya. He wanted swara to sit there but he couldn’t do anything about it.
Swara just smiled on it and then sit on back seat. Lakshya started driving, he adjusted front mirror in such way that he could look swara. Ragini saw this but ignored it as doubt never had came in her mind.

On the other hand swara was busy in her own world. She put her head phones and started listening her favorite songs. She knew that Ragini wanted to spend some more time with Lakshya so she was searching a way to scape from there. The day was not sunny. The shade of sky was cloudy. Fortunately after the silent drive of 5 minutes swara came up with a idea.
Swa- Lakshya stop..
Lak- what happened swara??
Swa- are stop na. Look, how stupid i am. I forgot that i have promised one of my friend to meet her.
Rag- which friend swara.

Swa- you don’t know her. Actually she is my old friend.
Lak- so. Are you not going academy today?
Swa- yes i am but i will go there after sometime.

Rag- but swara…
Swa- oho. Why am i wasting my time. I have to go…

Lak- you can’t go like this swara. Listening…
Before he could say anything swara came out and told them to go. She will come after sometime. At last RagLak had to go. Ragini was a bit happy but Lakshya was fully irritated.

When RagLak had gone, swara started searching for a taxi so she could also go to academy but unfortunately she couldn’t get any. She started walking hurriedly on road with irritated face. Soon her irritation turned in tension as she realized something about weather. Now it has turned more dark. It seemed like it was going to rain badly. Before swara could think more a loud thunder broken and it started raining. Swara cursed herself for using that bad idea. She tried to stop one taxi coming there but again her bad luck worked better than her. Now she was almost drenched so she decided to go and stand under any shelter of any shop or something. Before she could go a high speed car passed from there and slashed dirty water on her which made her angry but she couldn’t do anything. Car has went away. Now she was fully drenched, there was no use to go to any shelter. She looked at her bag and got revealed as it was water proof.

She decided to walk in rain. After walking in rain for only a minute, swara found it hard. There was not any reduction in rain. It was still raining heavily. Suddenly a car came and stopped beside her. Swara got shocked, soon the glass of window slide down and revealed a known face to swara. Her lips covered with a beautiful big smile. Her eyes sparkled with shine. She was thinking what to say when that person started saying something.
Person – miss bose. Why are you walking like this in rain.
Swa- wo i was going to music academy but i couldn’t find…
Person – first come inside then talk. Look you are fully drenched.

Swara didn’t move and kept looking at that person’s face.
Person – do you like to get wet in rain like kids. Come on, hurry up
Swa- i am all wet, your car seat will…

Person – miss bose, come in. Why you are thinking about seat and all. Look you are getting more drenched while talking to me.
Swara get in the car hurriedly.

Swa- thank you sanskar. I was not able to find any taxi.
San- then you should have waited rain to stop somewhere in shelter.
Swa- i am already late for academy and i didn’t wanted to be more late.
San- oh so i think we should move fast. I also don’t want you to get late.
Swa- no sanskar. I don’t wanna trouble you.
San- what’s name of your academy. Sargam music academy na.
Swa- yes but..

San- that’s great. It’s on the way of my office. I am going that side only. And i can’t leave you like this in heavy rain for struggling.
Swa- thanks sanskar.

San- my pleasure miss bose.
Swa- my name is swa…
Before she could say anything sanskar’s mobile started ringing. He smiled on seeing on caller id. It was from his lucky. He received the call.

On call

San- hey lucky what’s up?
Lak- nothing special bro. I have just dropped Ragini at her music academy and now i am going to your office.
San- okay. I will be there in a while.
Lak- we need to solve this misunderstanding soon bhai. I can’t handle it more.
San- don’t worry lucky. I am with you na. Everything will be okay. You have no need to take any tension until your big brother is with you.
Lak- ah bade bhaiya. Tum ho to kya gam h. Now come soon.

San- and listen. It’s raining heavily so drive slowly and safely. Don’t over speed and don’t You dare to get wet in rain. I don’t want you to get ill…

Lak- bhai stop i am not a kid.
San- i know you are not a kid but still i am elder then you so it’s my respons…
Lak- ok ok. I get that. Now cut the call and come soon.
Lakshya hang up the call and here sanskar started driving.
Swa- seems like you love your little brother a lot.
San- yes i do. You know he is my best friend. He is the one who understand me more than anyone.
Swa- i also have a little sis so i can understand your bond with your brother.
San- oh that’s great. Btw miss bose…

Swa- my name is swara. Why do you call me miss bose.

San- oh sorry. Wo actually i have got habitual to talk professionally with people.
Swa- but i am not your co-worker or something.
San- okay okay. I got that. Now i will not call you miss bose from now. Now i will call you Swara only. Swara, beautiful name btw.
Swa- thanks. (in low tone)- don’t know why it’s sounds more beautiful than usual from your mouth.
San- did you said something.

Swa-no i don’t. I wa.. Aachchii…
Swara sneezed loud and sanskar made face like we usually make when we don’t like something.
San- it’s the result of your own doing. What was the need to get wet in rain. Look now you will get cold. You know that’s why i hate rain and winter. You should tc of…
San(making a real innocent face)- stop scolding me san. It was not mine fault that i didn’t get taxi.
San- i am sorry but look now you will have to suffer fron cold. I think you should go back to home and take reat…

Swa- no no no… I am okay. Don’t take my tension.
San-are you sure?
Swa- yes i am.

She start searching for hanky in her bag but couldn’t find it. Before she could say something, sanskar took his white hanky out and forwarded it to swara.
Swara hesitantly took it and wiped her face and mouth. Soon they reached at music academy. Till now rain had stopped. Sanskar stopped car in front of main door.
San- here is your destination miss bo…i mean Swara.
Swa- thank you so much sanskar.
San- stop saying thank you again and again swara.

Swa- what’s about your hanky.
San- take it. I think you will need this all day.
Swa- i know but people say that if someone take hanky from someone then a quarrel will start between them.
San- really?? I don’t believe in this all swara but still i dont wanna fight with you so plzz give me my hanky back some other day.

Swa- how will i give it back. I don’t even know you or your address.
San- oh this is the problem. Okay then take my no.

Swara took out her mobile and sanskar told her his no. (Ab late nhi ho rhi h academy k liye??)
After this swara saw some of her friends coming so she hurriedly tried to open the door of car and came out so she could enter in academy with them but unfortunately something went wrong with it and it didn’t get open. Sanskar opened his side of door and moved out. Swara’s frinds stopped there to have a look of that handsome guy who has came out from his expensive car. Sanskar came to swara’s side and opened the door. He forward his hand in front of swara. Swara felt her heart beating fast then usual. She gave her hand in his hand and came out. Swara’s friends got shocked as they saw swara coming out from the car. The thing which shocked them more was her hand in sanskar’s hand. Swara usually don’t show any interest in boys so seeing her with a handsome boy like sanskar whom they had never seen with her, was a shock for them. Swara came out,her eyes were fixed on sanskar face all the time. Soon her gaze shifted on her friends and she came to know about their thoughts just by seeing their expression. Shefron freed her hand from sanskar hand. SwaSan bid a bye to each other and then sanskar left from there. Swara moved towards her friends.
Sana(a bubbly sweet girl)- swara who was he?

Swa- who??
Kritika(another good friend of swara)- that cute boy with whom you came.
Swa- ya, He is sanskar.
Naina(arrogant,spoiled beautiful girl, jealous of swara as she think her as competition in beaty)- is he your boyfriend.

Swara was not ready for this question.
Swa- no he is not my boyfriend.

Naina- i knew that. How can that hot and handsome guy be your boyfriend. He is not your type of person. He is too cute for being your anything.
She was blabring without thinking what she was saying but swara was too shocked by her words. How can that stupid say that he can’t be her anything. Ya he is cute and handsome even hot, but how dare to notice him after all he was swara’s friend.
Swa- oh stop it naina. Don’t use little brain this much. He is my best friend. You don’t know that what i am for him.
Naina- what?? But i am seeing him first time with you.
Swa- wo actually he is too busy in his office and work. He don’t waste his time in making impression on girls like your dumb bf.
Naina- my bf is not dumb…

Kritika- yes he is not even as handsome as Sanskar.
Sana- hahaha…your right.

Swara- ok ok,Leave this all. Let’s go, we are really late today.
Swara’s monologue…
What the hell is this swara. Why did you reacted like that. You don’t know sanskar fully and you told that he is your best friend. Oh swara, till when you became so stupid. You don’t even know his surname and…. Stop it. Stop thinking about him and concentrate on your work.
Thinking this swara went in her class and got busy with her work..

Precap- sanlak’s plan to tell truth to Ragini and swara.

next and new part will be updated here tomarrow.

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