Surya ,my love, my one n only love in my whole life.He was nice guy, I loved him with all heart.Yet,I did not realise when he was with me.I was the topper of my class,he was 2nd ranker.We will almost fight on everything. I hated him more.we were like the tom n Jerry of our class.Our day does not end with our fights.Tears welled in my eyes,when I remembered him.He was hearthrob.It was me who hated him.I don’t know what they find in him I muttered while walking on corridor.I bumped with someone,actually I don’t fear of anyone.But I closed my eyes at fear of falling.I felt some support in my waist n immediately opened my eyes .It was the first time ,I noticed surya so close to me.I was lost in his chocolate eyes….

In vizhigalil vizhinthu nan elugiren
Elunthume marupadi vizhugiren..

In parvayil mothida alaigiren
Alainthume maraipadi thozhaigiren

Or nodiyil unnai naan pirinthal porkalathai adaivan uyire.

En aasai ellam serthu or kaditham varaigiren anbe……

I was lost in him.I regained my old position n said him a thanks. He said that he saves all n doesn’t want my thanks.I glared him n went.His eyes oh god!myself I’m a nerd I was never interested in love.I have never had any boy friend too.

What am I thinking,pls stop I shouted at my mind.I walked to library, to take books.

Surya’s POV

Oh my god,what happened to me?? Why am I thinking about, I can’t forget her eyes.I always fought with her,she was my enemy.Enemy means not enemy kind of.I saw her walking muttering something, when she slipped,I caught her.I didn’t do it.My mind automatically did it. I’m going to library anyways, let’s forget her.

Girls POV
I was sitting n reading a book my mind travelled to his eyes. I shut my book in frustration.I went to class. Everywhere I was remembering his eyes.

Suryas pov

History was my favourite, I took a book about prithviraj chauhan n was reading it, when my thoughts were flooded with her mesmerizing eyes. Her eyes locked me in it.Surya,surya stop it you are going out of track,stop it.Don’t think about her.I shut my book n placed it back on library.

Guys its me ,I’m sorry I had little accident ,a kind of adventure,I was not able to update.I’ll update all by next weekend.pls support me I’m having my exams n pls forgive me guys.

Guess the pairs guys???

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  1. I like d story continue it ,i think u should write without adding any serial character

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