Surya was awestruck to see his angel.She was so beautiful….

Naan in alaginilae deivam unarugiren
Undhan aruginilae ennai unarugiren…

She was wearing a beautiful half saree with black blouse n skirt n pure snow white cloth draped around her in a perfect way.Her hair in a neat French plait.Her jhumkhas swinging to n her fro,as she walks n her anklets sounding her arrival n her beautiful glass bangles dashing each other making a melody .

He looked into her kajal filled eyes,locking her.She was lost in him.she saw him wearing her favourite colour dress n his hair perfectly set.He was looking dashing. She asked him can we go??he said yes. She saw him with a cycle n guessed sid would have told him. She sat in front snuggling closer to him.His heart parameter raised. He rode the cycle .This was new to him,everything every single action around her.She filled him in every way. She laid a little on him,when cycle stumbled.she sat straight thinking he was unable to balance her weight.He understood it n came slight closer to her n holding her by waist he pushed her back .she blused very hard.He too was …Surya was experiencing new feelings.Girl was very happy.She turned slightly n saw his face n she was near to give him a small kiss,when speed breaker came n she pecked him just near his lips.He was stunned.He stopped cycle in beach. He didn’t speak with her.She thought she had taken over advantage n she has been rejected by him.Her eyes welled with tears n she said sorrrrryyy….

He said That didn’t go as planned.what??? She can’t understand anything.He came close to her n pinned her to a boat .she slipped n he fell over her n net fell closing them. Surya said I wanted to kiss you first,I’m a man na but you took it.She smiled n blushed thinking his words.He placed his lips on hers to be stopped by her.She said no no not so soon.she ran pushing him. He was chasing her,when someone stopped him.It was his aunts daughter .She loved surya,she wanted to be with him.But girl came in between.Girl stopped running n saw behind her,surya was not found when she walked she saw him arguing with someone.

As she neared him,she was able to hear their conversation.That stupid was claiming rights over her surya.Her surya yes hers.She went near him, holded his hands n pulled him towards her.She slowly cupped his face n placed her soft lips on his.. Surya was too shocked .He slowly wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her closer.Her chest brushed his well toned muscle.His one hand travelling in her belly n other hand in her neck pulling her more closer.Her lips giving him access. She was fully lost in him.His aunts daughter went away in anger.Surya was leading her to boat.Unwilling to break their kiss,she pulled him more closer n her hands travelling around his well toned muscle in his shirt.They heard a gun shot.It was gang of rowdies. Surya pushed her in boat,she pulled him too n closed the net.She was beneath him breathing heavily,

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