It was our dream.yes dream she was standing near door n I smiled like an idiot ruffling my hair.

Girl POV

What dream it was??stupidest dream i had ever.That too daydream. What is happening to me??I saw him ruffling his hair.oh god!he’s so handsome .I can’t believe my eyes.He smiled at me.I returned him a smile n asked him whether we can go classroom.

Surya POV
I nodded as she asked me whether we can move.Whole way ,we were staring other,when other would look up ,we would pretend to look something else.It was lunch time now.I badly wanted to be with her.So,I asked her for having lunch together.she nodded okk.My heart was thumping like a pressure cooker.

Girls POV

Omg! In one day how many things changed.I badly wanted to spend time with him,when he asked for lunch I nodded. I ran to the classroom to bring lunch.surya was taking his lunch.when I was about to go to my place.someone kept their leg n I tripped over it ouchhhh I screamed. Surya immediately came n lifted me up n took me to dispensary.This was the first time I was so close to him.His smell,I flung my arms around his neck n looked at his panicked face. Was he worried for me??

Surya POV

I saw her falling down n screaming with pain.My mind was unsteady,all I wanted was she must be safe.I took her in my arms n ran up to the dispensary.She was feeling so light in my arms.Oh my god,her fragrance is making me lose control.I remembered I have to do something to make her pain go.I made her lie on dispensary bed.She holded my hands n said don’t go pls!!n closed her eyes.

It was paining for me to see her like that.

She came out of the dispensary limping a little n smiling with the nurse.I smiled seeing her smile.Why I didn’t notice this smile b4??may be it was bcos ,she was my enemy.

Girls POV

I saw surya looking at me.I heard from nurse the concern he was showing.I smiled when she said he argued with them n then only left me as I said him not to go.I went near him n stumbled a little due to sprain.he caught me n encircling his hands over my waist.He pulled me closer n hugged me.Millions of butterflies were flying around me.

Surya POV

I hugged her when I caught her due to her stumble.I held her so close to me.She too hugged me back.When her hands went to my back,I felt foreign feelings emerging into me.I hugged her for note than 10 mins.she rested her head on my chest n closed her eyes smiling……

We slowly broke our hug n I asked her whether we can have lunch.she smiled n nodded.she came close to me ,my heart was fluttering ,she lifted her hands n turned my face saying some dust was there.I turned my face.when she gave a light peck on my cheeks n ran away saying come soon.

I smiled touching my cheeks n ran behind her.

Girls POV
I don’t know what took in me n I kissed him on his cheek.I don’t want to lose him.I saw Jane coming towards me,she warned me to stay away from surya.anger bubbled inside me.when she twisted my hand .I twisted her n made her fall saying never mess with me n about surya I’ll talk to him ,I’ll be close to him. Okk n went

Surya POV

I saw Jane twisting her hand, I went to help her.when she twisted her n made her fall.I was happy n Surprised to hear from her that she’ll be close to me.I don’t know why,but I can’t resist her now???

Surya n girl were having lunch.both eyes were locked in small eyelock.

Oru pathi kathavu neeyadi
Maru pathi kathavu nanadi

Parthu konda kathirinthom
Kaatru vesa kathirinthom

Nee enbathey nan thanadi
Nan enbathey naam aagumey…

Why less comments yar??its okk bcos I’m happy with one comment in receiving n I’m writing for it only. Waiting for ur comment parul.bye.

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