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I was lost in his thoughts, he was my enemy but I never even bothered to look him.But after looking him I’m feeling weird feelings bubbling up in me. May be a crush thats what people say .I shifted my eyes from book to door.He was walking with Jane clinging to him.

I felt very angry,wait why do I feel angry?? Stop it my stupid mind. I gazed him once more,before submerging into his eyes as he locked mine.

Surya POV

For past hours, I was thinking about her,her thoughts were disturbing me .I slided my shirt when I saw something struck on it. It was her chain.I smiled remembering once again her cute lips shivering, her eyes closed n she in my arms.I took that chain n about to return to her,but felt not to do so.As I was walking towards class, Jane was clinging to me.I walked as I saw her smiling n reading book n shifted her eyes to me.she was about to bend,when I locked her eyes with mine to freeze moment.

This is first time I’m noticing her or maybe I’m gazing her.I saw some kind of feeling in her eyes when she saw Jane clinging to me.was she???

Girls POV

Jealous ,I was jealous but I don’t know why??why am I even feeling jealous for that makkhi.I would always call him makki n he would call me chipkali.I retired my thoughts about him, when aarav called me.aarav was like my bro.

Suryas POV

I saw aarav talking with her.Why the hell is she laughing with him?She even pulled his cheeks.aarav introduced some one to her.he shook his hands with her.She was feeling uncomfortable, when I immediately went n separated them. They gave me a questioning look.When I said that princi has called me n ms.chipkali.I didn’t want to be late. I pulled her hands n dragged her.

Girls POV

He suddenly came n dragged me saying princi want to meet us.I saw his hand on mine,I felt goosebumps all over me.I pulled him into empty hallway n hugged him hiding my face.

Surya POV

She pulled me suddenly n hugged me.I’m felt shiver over my spine.I was about to separate us,but she said pls don’t .I didn’t know why I let her hug me?why I listened her words?I never felt like this.

Girls POV

I hugged him as I saw manik standing there. He was stalking me.I wanted to get away from him. I slowly whisphered reason n he said okkk n looked at manik, who left glaring me. He was about to separate us,when I said pls don’t. I don’t know why I said those words?why??

We both felt awkward after hug.My cheeks burned a little upon his gaze on me.We both went to princi room.As we entered ,I saw diya standing there with red eyes.I immediately dragged her n asked her matter.She told that she had been caught while stealing q paper.When I asked ,she said that she was blackmailed.I was sure it was him.I said to her I’ll help her in this.

Princi said that we are going to participate in quiz competition n said us no fights like previous yrs.

My mind travelled into last yr.

When a question is asked,we would argue I said it first n create a ruckus n finally won.

Surya POV

I saw her smiling may be she was remembering last years quiz competition, we fought like tom n Jerry n we won.like she would say I said it first n myself I would say I said it first.

She was walking to me. I thought was she going yo hug me again.my stomach knots funny isn’t it??she gently pulled my hands n pointed at diya n said I need ur help in this.I was shocked ,why she asking me help???oh my god! Its ninth wonder n 8 wonder is she talking politely to me.

I was about to say no, but her face made me say yes.I saw relief spread over her eyes.she thanked me n hugged me 1 again.This time I tightened my grip on her.My heart fluttered ,as I moved her hair strand n bended down,she closed her eyes n it was our …..

Parul as you said,I won’t include any serial character.okk enjoy reading all…

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