I LOVED HIM AND HE…….Episode 1


Hey guys, its me aash. Sorry for not posting ALL ALONE. I am really busy these days. I will post it too, but I need some time to think about the plots. After that I will give you a really long part.
But today, I thought of sharing another one. A short one. Actually it was a dream that I saw and the bestest one so far. Enough talking now, and here’s the story.
It was a warm morning. As usual, I was enjoying with my friends. There were five of them, to be exact. All of them were strange. It was not like they were weird looking ones. All of them looked like normal human beings but what made them different from us was their superpowers. Other than that, they were normal humans. But one of them were different. He was well built having unusual eyes. He walked with his four limps, like a lion. He had black glittering eyes. One would easily fall for his eyes. It seemed like the whole universe could be seen through them.
We, that is my friends and me, were discussing on how to make him more human like. All of us were making suggestions. Contact lenses would be good to hide his strange looking eyes. He was wearing strange clothes too. So we made him wear casuals.

Then we discussed about his walking style. I got hold of his bicep tightly and made him walk with his two legs. (Imagine somewhat familiar scenes in movies where the heroine makes the injured hero walk.)
He was learning fast. We walked a few kilometres in that position. We never talked much.
All the girls were eying us, especially him. He was so handsome and hot that no one could ignore him.

Then later we reached a jungle. During the time, a man and a girl were following us. The man looked like her father.
Suddenly, he let go of my hand and asked me to go on and not wait for him. I was a bit surprised by his behaviour.
I turned back. I saw him talking friendly to the man and girl. But he never talked like that to us. He was laughing and complimenting them. He looked more attached to the girl. I felt bad. He left me alone, in the middle of the jungle, for her. Maybe he like her. I felt more and more sad thinking about it. Then I realized that I loved him. I don’t know when and where it happened. I couldn’t see him with another girl.

My eyes flooded with tears. I couldn’t control myself. I ran away from there with tears rolling down. I felt like my soul was being ripped back there.
The next second, I was on a beach. I had calmed down by then. I saw some serious fight happening. My friends were fighting some scary looking creatures. I saw him too!! But how did he get here so fast. The girl and the man was also there. Maybe he was protecting them.
Suddenly, to my surprise, they too turned into some hideous creatures. My friends (and him) fought them with all their might. I stayed away from the fight as I was a normal girl with no powers. I somehow knew my friends would easily defeat them.

At last, after all the struggle, they defeated them. My friends won and they were celebrating their victory. I too joined them. I hugged them and congratulated them. I felt so happy.
He too came to join us. I was so angry on him for leaving me like that.
“You left me, all alone in that jungle. Why?” I asked furiously. I felt so bad and angry about it that I stormed into him.
“I didn’t want you t o get hurt. I can’t forgive myself if something happened to you.” He said softly looking into my eyes. I could see the love and care in them. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I hugged him tight and cried hard. His left hand encircled my waist and the right one was on my head, consoling me………..
So how was it?? Feel free to share your opinion. You can say anything to me. Don’t think I will feel bad. It helps me improve my writing. And sorry for the grammatical mistakes.
Love you all.

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  1. Wowww diff love story dr

  2. sorry guys. I don’t know where this episode 1 came from. it’s just a short one with only one episode.

  3. interesting

  4. It is little difficult to understand …..
    But very interesting… Plzz can you write its intro….

  5. R dey wamp or werewolf?

  6. Awesome aash my dear…it’s really superb. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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