I have loved you always!!!! Episode 2


Hey guys, Mia is back with the next episode.

Recap: Introduction of kumar family and a bit about our heroes.

The episode starts with the whole family still sitting in Aditya’s room and chitchatting and enjoying. Suddenly Raj’s phone beeps denoting the arrival of a message.Noone notices it except Raj and Aditya.

Raj : ok everyone now I need to go as I am feeling sleepy.

Avantika: yes beta ok good night.

Aditya: (naughtily)Are itni jaldi kya hai thhodi der aur baat karte hain naa

Raj: (understands)Nahin yaar I will go now I am feeling sleepy

Aditya:(naughtily) Haan haan ab to tujhe neend ayegi hi Afterall kisiko pyaari si meethi si sweety jo mil gayi hai

Avantika and harish : Sweetyyyy…..

Raj shockingly glares at him listening sweety

Aditya: Sweety which sweety mom i said sweetdish sweetdish jo mil gayi hai

avantika and harish: sweetdish which sweetdish we did not eat any

Raj: Glares at him and says no no masi he is talking about cake.

Avantika: Oh ok ok beta you go and sleep good night you must be tired

Aditya: haan haan goodnight see sweet sweety dreams and winks at Raj while Raj who was going out of the door gives him a kill you look and thinks about something and smirkingly comes back and sits with Aditya

Raj: Waise I was thinking that since we have sit together after such a long time lets talk only.

Aditya understood that something is going in his mind and so to stop him from doing anything says

Aditya: Ok mom now I too am feeling sleepy.Bye good night

Raj: are nahin nahin mere bhai ab to I too have joined back now lets talk.(to Avantika) waise masi you know

Aditya : (cuts him off) Arey mom tomorrow we have to go to college, ayush has to go to school and dad has to go to office bhi naa so now lets sleep

Avantika: Haan haan ok b..
Raj cuts her off

Raj: Arey kya tu kab se tension lene lag gaya college ki fikr mat kar kal thhoda late chale jayenge. Tu woh chhod(to Avantika) Achha masi waise apki favourite employee ka kya haal hai

Avantika: She is fine beta but why are you asking

Raj smilingly looks towards Aditya while Aditya gives him a dare not speak look.

Raj: nothing masi just like that woh aaj kal dikhti nahin hai naa isliye

Avantika: Haan beta actually she has gone to her grandparents house and would only return soon

Raj: Ooh so she will miss Adi’s birthday (dramatically)very sad

Avantika looks at him confused while Aditya gets startled and glares at him angrily.

Aditya : Chalo mom ok bye we will talk tomorrow now I am really sleepy.

Avantika: Ok bacho good night
Harish: Same 2 Same Bye kiddos
ayush: Bye good night big bros

after the trio went Raj too says good night to Aditya and starts moving out.
Aditya: Tu kahan jaa raha hai haan pehle bata to sahi mom se tujhe kya baat karni thi and that too about her favourite employeeee

Raj: Are tujhe bada interest aa raha hai uske baare mein jaanne ke liye kya baat hai bro what happened

Aditya : Uuu he picks a pillow and starts chasing him and beating him with it.

Raj: while running sharam karle I will tell your girlfriend Tia that you were talking about some other girl and then see what she does of you.

Aditya catches him and beats him playfully.

Finally they sit together and something came in Aditya’s mind and he asked Raj
Aditya: Arre btw what was there in that video that you were not allowing dad to see it.

Raj: Khud hi dekh le

They started seeing the paused video.In the video Raj further speaks:
and may you have lots of girls drooling over your charm just like your mom’s favourite employee.

Aditya’s eyes widened while Raj laughs looking at him .
aditya started chasing him and says
Aditya : You mad guy if mom dad would have seen this video what would have I told them about their so called favourite employee???

Raj: (Smilingly) Arrey very simple just tell her the truth

Aditya:(confused) Truth?????

Raj:haan truth, tell her that mom she is my classmate. When we were in 8th standard that time she proposed me and from that time only she loves me but its one sided love I don’t love her. I have told this to her but she says she still loves me and moreover she is not very good at studies and I thought after 12th Isse pichha chhut jayega but I don’t know how she worked hard and gained good marks. Then in first year I got Tia as my girlfriend and told her that I love Tia but that insane girl is still behind me.Leave all that she belongs to such a rich family but she does part time job in our restaurant just to stay near me.But I really don’t love her.
He says all this like he has cramed this for years
Aditya looks at him with shocked eyes

Raj :(laughingly) hey don’t see me like you gonna kiss me(dramatically) I am a guy and moreover your brother.

Aditya: uuu …..today you are so dead just say goodbye to your sweetyyy.

They run in the room and finally sat on bed when tired

Aditya: oh haan waise what did your sweety message you and that too at this time???(teasingly)huh ..huh bata bata

Raj: Ek minute pehle main to dekh loon

He takes out his phone and reads an email and a smile came on his lips.

Aditya(seeing him smiling sings) :pyaar huya ikraar hua……

Raj: Arrey yaar there is nothing like that I told you naa I even don’t know who she is and you are saying about love. She is a decent girl and just said good night and to take care of myself and to wish you and finally that she won’t disturb me tomorrow so that I can make my bro’s birthday special

Aditya: Oho abhi se itni undersanding kya baat hai

Raj: (blushes) Chal ok bas bas good night bye goodnight kal college bhi jaana hai

Aditya: Haan haan sure sure bye goodnight
Raj leaves to his room and both dose off in their respective rooms
Next morning both Raj and Aditya got ready for their college and came down for breakfast.Both were looking handsome in their attires.Raj was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans while Aditya was wearing blue blazer and jeans and yellow tee shirt.

After having breakfast they left for college in their car.

At college:
Aditya got off the car while Raj went for parking it.

Aditya was standing and waiting for Raj near the college gates when a girl came from behind and covers his eyes with her hands.Aditya smiles.
—– ——— ————- ——— —— —-
In parking lot

Raj is finding a place to park his car and when finally he finds one just at the nick of the moment a girl comes and parks her scooty there.Raj gets angry and comes out of the car and goes towards the girl.

The screen freezes at the angry face of Raj and smiling face of Aditya.


Here is my second episode guys.I hope you liked it I have almost given whole intro about boys and a little backstory of pankhuri.
plz plz plz do comment you liked it or not. From next episode finally their stories will start.

Credit to: Mia

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