Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 7


Heya readers! Sorry couldnt reply to all your comments but trying my best to do so. Here goes the next part…
Anika : Shivaay, please leave me now. Someone will see us.
Shivaay: Let them see. You are my wife and I am your husband and we are allowed to do such things and many more also..
And Shivaay smiled a wicked smile.
Anika: Shivaay, not here please. It is the pool.
Shivaay : Okay. I am going to the room. Wait, I am taking you too with me.
Saying so he proceeded to lift Anika.
Anika: Shivaay, wait. I have some work. I will do that and come.

Shivaay : Okay, come fast. I am waiting.
Saying so, he came out of the pool and went straight to his room where Gauri was waiting outside for him.
Anika came out of the pool and walked towards the room, thinking about the deal done with Pinky. She was crying and her whole face had turned crimson.
Meanwhile, Gauri helped Shivaay to decorate his room with flowers and aromatic candles and make it romantic. They made a heart on the floor and wrote Anika inside it. Jasmine, roses and lilies adorned the room with bright candles and heart-melting aroma.

Gauri : Bade bhaiya, now its time for me to go. Bhaujai will be coming soon. I hope this idea works well. Aal thee bast ( Yes, this is Gauris language )
Shivaay : Thank you so much Gauri. I am glad that Om married you and i got such a nice sil.
Gauri: Bade bhaiya, e seel (sil) kaa hota hai.
Shivaay : Arre Gauri, Rudra ki bhasha mein sil matlab sister -in- law, matlab bhai ki biwi.
Gauri: Accha. Ab hum chalte hai. Bhaujai ko mana lijiyega.
Thats the end for the time . Catch you up soon. Remember that failure is the stepping stone to success.

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  1. Pallavi.m

    pls expose pinky soon i dont want seperation….ishqbaaz ke episodes dekhne ke baad ab rone keliye bhi mere pas aasu nahi hai

    1. Pui

      Separation has to happen …
      Sorry cant help it ..

  2. poor Shivaay & Anika
    awesome episode but too short
    update soon

    1. Pui

      I agree poor Shhivika ??

    1. Pui

      Thank u

  3. amazing

    1. Pui

      Thank u ..

  4. Superb but not separate them IB made me cry now I have no tears

    1. Pui

      Tysm Anshi ?

  5. Lauren

    Amazinggggg….post nxt soon

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much di ?

  6. Niriha

    Awesome…but short update pls expose pinky soon waiting for next part

    1. Pui

      Thanks dear…

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome dear…. But too short. And what is meant by that last line???

    1. Pui

      Thank u di..
      The last line has no reference to the story. Its just a summary of my condition

  8. Jerry_36

    Too good. Post soon.
    Love yaa ?

    1. Pui

      Ty ty Jerry! Luv uh 2 ?

  9. Dhar

    Awesome epi sode, plzz post the next update ASAP loved it to the coree

    1. Pui

      Thank you so much Dhar.
      Glad u liked it !

  10. Awsm please post next one asap

    1. Pui

      Thank you Shreya

  11. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. Pui

      Thank you Alekhika

    1. Pui

      Thank you !

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

    1. Pui

      Thank you !

  13. Sagithya

    Awesome… Pls don’t separate shivika n expose pinky na…. Excited for the next part… Post a longer one

    1. Pui

      Thank u di!
      “Seperation ko kaun taal sakta hai ?” ?
      My pleasure u liked it

  14. Anoushka

    Please yaar don’t separate them I have no tears to cry expose pinky soon well nice update but too short

    1. Pui

      That u have to wait n watch..

  15. Mrunal

    awesome update…
    short but sweet…

    1. Pui

      Thank u dear ..

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