Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 22

Hello everyone! Sorry I’m very late. Was totally caught up in projects and exams. There’s a new cover because the previous pic got deleted and I didnt get it again…sorry for that.
Recap ? ?
Episode 21

Voice," Wait Shivaay. I will tell you the whole matter. "

Shivaay, " Mahi , you?"
"Yes Shivaay, me ! And I will tell you what is going on here. This whole confusion is created by this lady here, who is said to be your Mom. "
Anika, " Mahi no…"
Mahi, " No Bhabhi , this is it. What had we decided, haan ? We decided to tell the truth to Shivaay, right ? "
Anika just nodded in agreement.
Shivaay, " Truth ? What truth ? And why are you calling Anika bhabhi ? "
Mahi, " Okay , so I need to talk to Shivaay, alone…"
Shivaay, " Whatever you want to say, say it here, in front of my family. "
Pinky, " Shivaay, dont gos with him alones. God knows what he tryings to do ! "
Shivaay, " No mom, he wont harm me. Infact, he saved me from those goons sent by that Kamini. Okay Mahi, I m ready to listen to you."
Shivaay and Mahi leave for a room while the others stay in the hall.
In the room,
Shivaay, " Now say Mahi, what do you want ? "
Mahi, " I dont know how I will make you believe me, but I need to tell you the truth. Your Mom, Mrs. Pinky Oberoi, is the one behind all this gangaaram. "
Shivaay, " I dont believe you. My mom ? What has my mom done ? She can never do anything wrong. "
Mahi, " I know Shivaay that you will not believe me. But the truth is, that…."
"Speak it out Mahi. "
"That you are illegitimate. You are my Maa Kamini's and your dad Shakti's son. We both are brothers. "
" Mahi, have you lost it ? I m Mom and Dad's son and not that Kamini's son."
"Why do you think so ? "
"Because I cant be that Kamini's son. I m not cheap like her."
"NO, you think this because you cant get out of your Naam Khoon Khandaan ideology. And from your childhood you've been taught that your parents are Mr.Shakti and Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi. "
"Listen Mahi, I dont even have a small sense of belief in your words and my Mom or Dad cannot do such a rubbish, cheap thing. You better mind your words . "
" I knew it Shivaay. I knew that you wouldnt
Listen or believe me, because that gangaaram lady…"
" Enough. Enough of nonsense I've heard. If you hadn't saved my life, once upon a time, I would have slapped you by now. I dont want to hear any of your shit, please leave while I’m still patient, cause if I get impatient, I don't know what will I do with you. "
" I knew Shivaay, that you will not believe me. But one thing I ll tell you, its not Anika bhabhi's fault. Don't throw her out of the house. There's a lot more to it, than you think. She cares so much about you, thats why she did all this…"
"Mahi, leave. "
Mahi turned out and left the Mansion. Anika rushed to Shivaay , as she thought that Shivaay would be broken after knowing the truth. Shivaay told Anika all that Mahi had said and asked her to stay in the room and take rest — he wasn't  going to throw her out.
Shivaay went downstairs and was surrounded by a round of questions.
" I dont want to talk about anything", Shivaay said, and doing his signature hair settle step, he left the Mansion. 
As its obvious, Shivaay isn’t believing Mahi, or is he showing that he doesn’t believe. Anika is still in Oberoi Mansion. What is Shivaay up to ?
Find out in lovebirds….

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