Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 21

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Recap :
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Shivaay stopped when he heard Dadi.
Dadi, “Billu , what are you doing ? Why are you behaving like this with Anika ? What has she done ? ”
Shivaay, “Dadi, she kidnapped Omru ! ”
Dadi was too taken back to answer anything.
Shivaay,” And all that to just take revenge from me. ”
He was continuously thinking about what had just happened when he stopped just four metres from the door. Yes , Omru stopped him. He was surprised to see that his brothers were stopping him from throwing out that same bhabhi who kidnapped them. He couldnt believe it.
Shivaay, ” What happened Omru ? Why are you stopping me ?”
Om,” Shivaay, I m stopping you so that you can listen to what bhabhi has to say . Atleast for our sake listen to her once.”
Shivaay, ” Like really Omru ? She was the one who tried to hurt you and you are the ones favouring her ! ”
Rudra, “Bhaiya, kabhi kabhi jo hota hai na, woh dikhta nahi hai and jo dikhta hai na , woh hota nahi hai. ”
Shivaay, ” What are you trying to say ?”
Om,”We are trying to say that maybe there is a reason behind Bhabhi doing all this .”
Shivaay, “Yess, off course, there can be a reason. Oh ! There is a reason. Revenge from me.”
Rudra,” But bhaiya…”
Shivaay, “No ifs and buts Rudra. Move. ”
Shivaay dodged Omru and dragged Anika out . Just as he was about to leave Anika's hand, another hand caught his. He looked up and found the owner of the hand to be his Casanova bhai who, God knew why, was saving Anika now.
Shivaay, “Rudra what is wrong with you haan ? Why are you saving her when she has done wrong ? ”
Rudra,”Bhaiya bas karo. Leave Bhabhi's hand."”
And he took Anika's hand in his started taking her back inside.
Shivaay, ” Rudra, are you mad ? You are helping her, who did what we cant even imagine in our nightmates.”
Rudra,”No Bhaiya no. I m not mad. There is a big thing behind this. Its not like what you are thinking.”
Shivaay ” What big thing is behind this ?”
Rudra bit his tongue. Omkara shot Oh-shit glances to Anika. Anika’s expression became tense as if she were in the examination hall. The family looked utterly confused. Pinky had a smirk on her face as she thought she wouldnt loose yet.
Rudra,” Bhaiya, woh…”
He looked at Anika. Anika nodded negatively.
Silence conquered the hall.
Shivaay, ” Tell me the truth.”
Then one voice spoke up. Everyone looked towards the gate.
Voice,”Wait Shivaay. I will tell you the whole matter.”
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