Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 20

Ola readers ! Diwali gift for you all is the early update of the two ffs and a new one also. Back to business…
Recap :
Episode 19

Shivaay and Omru had reached Oberoi Mansion. Omru had their heads down because they knew that the cheerful face will always greeted them wont be there. So they didnt want ro face the harsh reality and disturb their thoughts. But they stopped in their tracks when they sensed that Shivaay had stopped. They looked up and….

And that same cheerful face was standing in front of them with a faint frown on her forehead and seriousness evident on her face. Omru were shocked, because according to their plan , Anika , by now , should have left Oberoi Mansion. Not that they wanted her to do so , but because this was what they had decided and now they didnt even have the faintest clue of what was going on.
Rudra : O , why didnt you tell me the change in the plan ?
Om : Ru , batata toh tabh na jab pata hota .
Rudra : Matlab , plan mein change tha hi nahi ?

Om : Nahi tha , but lagta hai ki ho gaya.
Rudra : Toh ab kya ?
Om : Dont know. Wait for Bhabhi to give a hint. Thats all we can do.
They tried to wave their hands and make faces to catch their Bhabhi’s attention but in vain…Anika was only looking at Shivaay, crying away and Shivaay was hell angry and disappointed with her , because he couldnt believe that HIS wife , who was so attached to his brothers could be the one who kidnapped them. He went upto her and caught her tightly by her arms. Anika felt the small pain in her arms and the piercing pain in her heart.
Omru went upto her and said…
Omru ,”Bhabhi what…”

Shivaay lifted his hand , indicating them to stop. He was continuously staring at Anika and his grip was getting tighter and tighter.
Shivaay, ” Why Anika ? Why did you do this? ”
“Shivaay, woh I….actually the thing is that…”

“Stop..just..just stop it. You cant say anything because you dont have an answer for me.”
“No Shivaay, its not like that ”
“I dont care what it was like or what it is like. How could you hurt my brothers , when you know that they are the most important to me. How could you Anika ? ”
Omru,” Shivaay, once please listen to what Bhabhi has to say.”
Shivaay, “I dont want to listen to anything. Not a word more, Anika, just tell me did you write that letter ? ”

“Ye…Yes…yes Shivaay. I..I wrote that…that letter. But Shivaay, I didnt mean…”
“Enough. I didnt expect this from you Anika. I really didnt. I..I thought that you werent like the others. You were different Anika. You were Anika, Shivaay’s Anika , MY Anika. How did you change so much Anika ? No , you are not my Anika. Where’s MY Anika ? What have you done with her ?”
“No Shivaay, no…”

“You changed Anika. You changed. You tried to hurt my brothers , Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s brothers. I will never forgive you Anika , I will never forgive you. I started feeling that you are different, but I was wrong. For the first time in his life, Shivaay Singh Oberoi was wrong. I will never forgive you Anika. Never….”

He now held her hand , again very tight , and started dragging her out of the Mansion. By now , hearing all of Shivaay’s screams and sobs , the whole Oberoi family had gathered to witness the scene and had understood the reason of the quarrel – Anika had kidnapped Omru to take revenge from Shivaay. They all were equally shocked and couldnt believe it. Pinky was the only one happy and wasnt at all affected by the problems going on. Omru saw this and shot angry glances towards her.

Will Anika be able to explain herself ? Or will Pinky’s plan be executed ? What will happen with Mahi ? Keep reading Lovebirds.
Have a happy and safe Diwali and Bhai Dooj to all. Stay happy and blessed always….

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