Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 19

Hey readers! Sorry to keep you waiting for long..
Recap : Episode 18
This episode has the twist in the tale. Happy reading!
After rescuing Omru , Shivaay got Anika’s letter which said that she was the one behind Omru’s kidnap. He drove rashly to Oberoi Mansion.
At Oberoi Mansion,
Mahi and Anika were standing at the beginning of the staircase and were talking about the next part of their plan.
Mahi : Are you sure Bhabhi ?
Anika : Yes Mahi. I have to do this.
Mahi: There is still time Bhabhi. Think over it once again. Shivaay needs you with him. Dont do this Bhabhi.
Anika: But Mahi, you know na how important is naam, khoon and khandaan to Shivaay? Then dont you think that he will break down after knowing this?
Mahi: I know Bhabhi that Shivaay will break down into a hundred pieces. But if you leave him and go, he will break down into two hundred pieces. He will think that he being illegitimate, is the reason of your leave from his life. Bhabhi, God forbids, but Shivaay can do any type of gangaaram to himself also.
Anika : No Mahi, dont talk this way.
Mahi: Bhabhi, please listen to me. I have seen his love and care in his ever-changing eyes. He cant stay without you Bhabhi. Dont leave him please…
Anika: And what about Pinky Aunty ?
Mahi: Bhabhi, once you tell Shivaay the truth, then that Oh My Maata Maa cant do anything. She was blackmailing you for the illegitimate secret which will be out to Shivaay. So, she cant do anything. And when you will be beside Shivaay, then he wont need anyone else.

Anika was silent. She just lifted her head and looked at the entrance. Then she looked at Mahi and smiled faintly.
She said , ” Thank you Mahi. Now I know what I have to do. ”

Shivaay and Omru had reached Oberoi Mansion. Omru had their heads down because they knew that the cheerful face will always greeted them wont be there. So they didnt want ro face the harsh reality and disturb their thoughts. But they stopped in their tracks when they sensed that Shivaay had stopped. They looked up and….
And what happened? Now what is Anika up to ? Apologies for the short episode. Next one will be up soon. Thank you for your patience. ??

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