Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 14

Heya readers! Sorry for being late. I had been tackling a load of work and couldn’t focus on the plot of this ff.
Recap: Anika gets to know the truth from Tia about Shivaay being illegitimate and not Om. The sangeet night is over and Anika has something up her sleeve.

After the sangeet night, Shivaay gets an emergency call for a business meeting.
Rudra :Kya bhaiya, Meetings in such important days. Not fair.
Shivaay sighs and leaves immediately. After two hours or so, he returned back. Directly heading to his room, he was imaging his moments spent with Anika. But Anika was not in the room. He checked the bathroom and called for her in the poolside , but there was no trace of Anika in the house. Dejected, he went to Rudra and asked him,
Shivaay : Rudra, where is Anika ?
Rudra (teasing) : Oho Bhaiya, today so much of excitement for seeing bhabhi.
Shivaay : Shut up Rudra. Tell me where is Anika.
Rudra : Bhabhi’s friend had an accident and so she has gone there.
Shivaay : Alone? At this time ? Why didnt you tell me? Are you mad ?
Rudra : Bhaiya, I may look dumb but I am not. It was an emergency and Bhabhi didnt want to disturb you, so she went to her friend. Dont worry, O has gone with her.
Shivaay : Okay, let me also go and see.
Rudra : No bhaiya.
Shivaay : No , why ?

Rudra( buttering ): Bhaiya, you work so hard in office, you must be very tired na. Come I will massage your shoulders. O is there with Bhabhi. Nothing will happen to her. If someone creates problems, O’s dhai kilo shayari will kill them. You dont worry.
So Shivaay and Rudra went to the kitchen to cook to relieve their stress. But the tale is not so simple. Anika and Om had not gone to a hospital for an accident, but they had gone to Goodluck Chawl. In the place where Anika and Om were, after lots of conversations and discussion with someone looking like Shivaay,
Anika: Please help us . Its for Shivaay. Please, dont refuse us.
Om: Yes, please help us , please.

Voice : No, I will not help you. Saala everyone is behind this Shivaay. Everyone treats him like God. No one thinks about me.
Anika: Mahi, we think about you, that is why we didnt hand you over to the police. Mahi please, please help us. You and Shivaay are brothers and that spirit of your brotherhood was evident when you saved Shivaay from the goons, when you treated Omru as your brothers, when you stood for Priyanka, when you didnt wish harm for the Oberoi family and most of all, you didnt take advantage of me. Even if you didnt come with good intentions, you cared for us. You are not like others, you are not a bad person, you are good at heart, just you dont show it, just like Shivaay.
Mahi: Yes, Yes Shivaay is my brother. And I want him to know that we are brothers. Now I realise why everuone loves you so much. Even after knowing my truth, you did not harm me. You were Shivaay’s Anika, Dadi’s bahu and Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka’s bhabhi but now you have become Mahi’s bhabhi also. My own mother did my gangaaram. You are also not like others. You are very special. You are such, who cannot be praised in words. Shivaay is lucky to have you as his wife.
Anika: Mahi, I believe that no person is bad. Its just the circumstances which force us to act bad. I know the pain of fighting the whole world alone.
Mahi is in tears and hugs Anika.
Om: Hug without me?
He too joins them.
Mahi: Thankyou so much for changing me. Yes bhabhi , I will help you in your plan.
All three of them smile.
Please let me know your views through your comments. Till then,
Keep calm and read Lovebirds!

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