Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 12

Heya readers! I know I told you that the next update will be late but I have updated before my problems start so that you can go with this for some time. I have also written an article on humour on this website itself and if you have the time then please read it. Link:
Recap: Shivaay aids Anika and she indirectly hints about seperation. Om and Rudy hear her crying and enter the room.
They entered the room and sat down on either side of their darling bhabhi.
Rudra : Bhabhi, Bhabhi, Bhabhi. Why are you crying when your cute , smart and handsome devars are here.
Om: Shut up Rudra. Bhabhi, ignore him. Tell me why are you crying.
Rudra : Yes bhabhi, why are you crying. Oh..oh…oh.. i know it. Bhabhi is crying because today, today officially O , you will become paraya dhan.
Om( irritated ) : Will you shut up Rudra? Bhabhi , you say, what happened . Did Shivaay say something ? I will talk to Shivaay.
Anika : No Om. Shivaay did not say anything. It is just the thing that I had never thought about my marriage or rituals or anything. But today , I am going to complete my rituals that also after marriage. I never thought that my fate will be merciful enough to let me enjoy these moments. So just when I thought about you all, tears came to my eyes.
Rudra : Bhabhi, now this will go on forever.
Anika: What do you mean?

Rudra : Bhabhi, now we will keep on celebrating every occasion, so if you cry then you will keep crying your entire life.
Anika: Shivaay also says the same thing.
Rudra and Om cough hysterically.
Rudra : Omg! Bhabhi, you have turned my bhaiya into an ishqbaaz.
Om: Shut up Rudra. Bhabhi, you dont cry. Everything is fine. I believe that a person gets good treatment only if he treats others like that. You have done so much for us , so you deserve this. Please dont cry Bhabhi.
Anika gives a small smile and seeing her smiling , Omru leave the room with satisfaction. Just as they leave , Anika stats talking to herself.
Anika: I am sorry Omru. I had to lie to you. You both loved me most of all and made me comfortable in this house and family, and today I had to lie to you. But how will I tell you, how will I tell you that your Shivaay is illegitimate, how will I tell you that he is that cheapdi Kamimni’s son , how will I tell you that Mahi is his brother, how will I tell you that I have to leave this house forever just to ensure that Shivaay will remain happy. I cant tell you all of this. I cant , I am sorry.
Anika knew she had lied to Omru, but she didnt know that her lie was caught. Omru were standing near the door and had heard all that Anika had said. They quietly entered the room and sat down beside their bhabhi with tear-stained faces.

Omru : Bhabhi, what you said just now ? Whatever you said, is it true?
Anika : Omru, did you both hear everything?
Om: Yes bhabhi, we heard everything. We knew that you were hiding something from us . Why are you doing this with Shivaay? Why dont you tell him the truth?
Anika: No Om, I cant tell him the truth. He will get shattered. I cant let that happen. He is proud of being an Oberoi and I dont want that to go away from him.
Rudra : But bhabhi, Shivaay bhaiya deserves to know the truth.
Anika: I dont know anything Rudra. I just dont want him to shatter. Just tell me , tell me do you love me ?
Omru : Off course, bhabhi.
Anika: Then , then promise me that you will help me execute my plan to leave from here and prevent him from knowing the truth.
Om: But Bhabhi,
Anika: No ifs and buts Om , promise me.
Then Omru had to promise Anika and they discussed the plan with a heavy heart after which they got ready for the sangeet.

This is all for the time being. I will appreciate your views on this part. I dont know how long the next update may take but till then,
Keep calm and keep on watching Ishqbaaz.

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